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1. Stumbleupon


Its not wrong to promote your site using social bookmarking utilities and websites, as long as you do not pay people to promote it more than you can do on your own. Be honest, use one account and if people like what you have stumbled they will give it a thumbs up. Some say stumbleupon give more traffic than digg.com, this may be true but there is one thing about stumbleupon that i like which is the traffic that comes from stumbleupon is more stretched out, Meaning you get traffic for longer.

2. Digg.com


Digg is a social network where people vote stuff up and the more diggs something has the higher up it goes till it makes the frontpage. When something hits the frontpage its called the digg effect which sometimes crashes servers and gives you instant traffic, but that traffic might not last. Digg is a great way to get traffic to your site. Again use one account if you are going to digg you own articles. Dont use fake accounts because they check you IP anyway. Rather be more honest, if people like it, they will digg it up. At least it spares you the embarrassment if they dont like it. Then no one will see it.

3. Yoono

Yoono is a bookmarking service. If you install the toolbar you basicly share your favourites. Like for instance, Say we bookmark our own site, and we have say hellkom.co.za as another bookmark, then when someone visits hellkom.co.za they might see you site in the toolbar if enough other people has your site bookmarked as well.

4. For bloggers

Leave comments, but dont just leave any comments, leave quality comments, do it on sites that you really read. There is a rise in people making comments just to get there site on there. Thats not nice, especially those short comments that dont mean much. I used to do this until i learned its wrong. Interact with other bloggers, give feedback if someone comments on your site.

5. Write quality content

You cant have a website without having some good content and images without description wont help unless you describe the images or have some good meta tags. Make sure to have unique content. Sometimes we just want to get the content out there not caring how good the articles or posts are, rather make it quality then you will keep the visitors that come from search engines.

6. Start a referrer program

You can start a referrer program to get incoming links, that will raise your page rank as well. A good way to do this is get incoming links that has the same topic as your site.

7. If you have a entertainment site

Start a myspace for you site. It worked for kontraband.com they have a myspace account and the traffic is coming in as you can see on their links section, myspace is one of them that brings in the most traffic.

Here are the others I have not tried

8. www.mybloglog.com

9. www.rateitall.com

10. If you have a site that recently started and its kind of a social networking site, why not submit it to www.killerstartups.com.

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