Entrecard – Blog traffic and what I have learned in the last 24 hours

With Entrecard the rate people pays credit only works when people click on your card on your site. That why only people at the top get to stay at the top which gives a beginner no chance. You can earn credit but its useless because most sites turn you down anyway because they want huge traffic by advertising someone which might not work. You get one credit per click on someone’s card I made 600 credits in a day which means I wasted enough time with my slow connection to actually click on the cards. While there is some traffic you need more than just entrecard for traffic and if you want traffic that means something well type nice content. I have to say entrecard is on a whole new level if you compare it with blogrush. I like entrecard except the one fact of how your pay for advertising gets calculated. So no traffic? You wont get that much with Entrecard except you already have traffic.

Take control of your blog

This is not Christmas anymore, if people try to change the way you blog by rubbing their opinions on you dont change the way you blog. If you want to have 100 widgets loading, why not? You might not get that much traffic but if you dont enjoy your blog, you will have a hard time making it grow. I blog about Christianity and people dont like that, I like blogging about the bible and people dont like that well you know what? People might not like what you write about but somewhere there will always be someone with the same interests as you. As long as you can prove what you are writing about go ahead. Your blog does not belong to the internet it belongs to you. Blogging should be the way you want to blog. Otherwise it would just be a normal website to impress every single visitor. And I dont think that is what blogging is about. Blogging is about sharing what you want to share. Dont always go for what it seems what people want. Go for where you want your blog to go. People will come you will find those who have the same interest to become regular readers of your blog.

This is not school, this is blogging.

If you have a domain its called your domain for a reason. If you type something that you want to delete later then go ahead. You are the one in control of your domain. And if some people decide to be trolls let them be but I wont take it on this blog. If I think you are bringing down the quality of my blog I will delete your comments. I dont care what you say. If I write something that might not be correct or friendly and I want to delete it, I WILL DELETE IT. I can do whatever I want and you cant just click a button that says mark this as inappropriate, you know why? BECAUSE I HAVE the right to say what I think and what I want just like you have to write to comment about it and I have the right to shut you up.

The atmosphere of you blog is built around the comments you get and if you let trolling take over your blog that is the impression it will leave on other visitors. So I WILL DELETE WHATEVER I WANT. This is not facebook.

Purple horses with heads of birds

I had this dream of these creatures with heads of birds running through the streets in a place I grew up bit it had snow on the mountains. I woke up all freaked out and there was this old lady that sailed on her back and I could see her vision as she was sailing on her back. There was someone walking with me and warned me of things and teached me but when the things attacked we had to run. ?

What the heck? Strange way to wake up.

Run for your life. This is South Africa with the worst crime in the world

I cant see why anyone would want to come to South Africa. The entire country’s news says run for your life. Yes it is probably the most beautiful place on earth. But its really not worth the risk. Rather stay in your own country its safer. Dont come to South Africa until they have sorted out the crime. Dont come to the world cup unless you read in the news that things are going better. If you are from somewhere else than South Africa, read the south african news. On local news sites. And if all you see is the crime like usually you might as well stay at home.

This is one messed up country we live.

If you go look on eblockwatch.co.za you will see some more crap happening in the country that dont even make it to the news. South Africa is obviously getting more dangerous and those who can should go somewhere else. It’s really disturbing to read the news, all you see is murders in South Africa. I thought the country would get better and take control of crime but things have not improved. If they have it cant be seen yet. There are some good things happening like the robbers who got shot. Now i dont mean killing people is great but somehow these people need to get away from society.