No traffic is useless traffic






Sometimes while reading blogs I find people saying that certain traffic is useless. For instance I have read many people saying entrecard and stumbleupon traffic is useless. Also people sometimes claim that traffic from is useless. I used to agree until I actually learned that no traffic is useless. Its what you make of the traffic that you have that counts.


What is useful traffic?

Any traffic

What is useless traffic?

Actually I dont know, according to me its what you make of the traffic that you get that depends if you see it as useless traffic. But I see a lot of people blogging about it. So I will try and give my reasons why I believe no traffic is useless.

Visits = rank

Many places where you can register, like blogging services etc determines your rank by how many hits your site gets, therefore every visitor your site gets pushes your rank up on that certain blogging service. A example of this is: When I was a member of Amatomu ( a south african blogger site) which uses every visit to your site to determine how you rank, I used traffic from entrecard to push me into the top 100. And when you get in the top 100 your site gets more traffic and subscribers. Because entrecard pushed up my rank I got more visitors from Amatomu and since I got more visitors from Amatomu I got more stumbles which in turn gave me more traffic and so it went till I got kicked from Amatomu for having to many blogs. Not only did then Amatomu and Entrecard help me there but that pushed up my Alexa rating which gave me more advertisers and even more traffic. So we see how we can use blog traffic and even big bounce rates to increase the value of your blog by using one thing to gain at another


Every visitor you get that uses Alexa toolbar pushes your Alexa rating up a bit more thus resulting in a lower Alexa rank which could make you more money from advertisers since people still use Alexa to determine if they would like to advertise on your site. I have seen a lot of people say that installing the alexa widget on your site will also help your rating with Alexa but to be honest I dont know if that makes a difference, Maybe someone can share in the comments if it really does work. But I do know any traffic with Alexa toolbar is traffic worth getting.


I dont believe any stumbleupon traffic is useless, as I said its what you make of it. I actually like stumbleupon traffic more than Google traffic. Even though Google traffic brings clicks to ads. Stumbleupon people are those that already know how the web works and you dont need to beg them to subscribe or comment because if your content is good enough they will join your rss feed and subscribe. They will also comment. Many people say stumble users dont subscribe but I have gained many subscribers that liked something I have blogged about. Stumbleupon users most likely also have the Alexa toolbar or Firefox plugins installed since most of them have their own blogs as well. That is great because as I said earlier it pushes up your Alexa rating (or actually down which is how Alexa works). If they like your site they will also bookmark it on sites like Reddit or Digg since most people are loyal users on other communities apart from stumbleupon, they would want to submit great content to those sites that have not been found by other users on those certain sites. So having a Digg, Reddit or Sphinn button will also increase the chances of turning Stumbleupon traffic into even greater traffic than it already is.

Trust me, no traffic is useless. People browsing your site is not useless traffic but that is why we blog for people to read it and to have a impact on them.

Another thing about Stumbleupon is when someone reviews your site and for everyone else that reviews your site you get a link back from their profile page to your blog.


Adding a small technorati "add me" button will help you. You might not think it would but people do click it. Even those stumblers that’s on a rush to get to the next site. If they enjoyed your post they will click it.

Pay per impression

There are advertisers that pay per impression. Now that does not sound to bad does it. For every single visitor to your site you get paid a small amount. Although the pay per impression affiliate companies are not everywhere, in fact I dont have one at the moment that I use but there are lots of people using these and the do work for certain blogs.

Audio ads

If you want to kill your blog use Audio ads. But if you have a blog that gets traffic where readers are not important as passers by then by all means go for it. I dont know who would have such a blog where you dont really need the readers but have the traffic but I would advise you to use audio ads only at cases where you have no other options. The point is that you can make money from any traffic using these kind of ads.

Get them hooked

Another way to go by is to type the best content on the internet and get them hooked on your blog. This is everyone’s goal but do you really do your readers justice by writing a paragraph a day? To get your readers hooked you need outstanding content which is getting harder now days because everyone has a blog and produces great content. So to get people hooked on your blog you can use "series" of posts. You just better make sure that part 1 is very good. There are probably more ways to get people hooked on your content but this is just the one I can think of now.


No matter what traffic you call useless, most of the time someone will stop and comment on your blog, then its always good to have the " notify me of future comments" . When people comment they usually want to know what they guy after them says, maybe he tells the guy how wrong his comment is. And people know that. So whenever they leave a comment and that option is there, most people take it. Displaying recent comments or top commentators will encourage people to comment even more when they quickly pass by your site. Why is this? Because the top commentator plugin and the recent comments plugin both contain their Blog or website’s url. Not just that but there is something about these two plugins that I will share in a later post that will make you smile. So dont forget to subscribe.


People want to win, whether its a link or another prize, they want to win. Lets say you have entrecard on your site, why not write directly under that, that you have a competition. People known as chain droppers wont all pass by. Entrecarders love competitions as I have come to know. Attracting so called "useless" traffic with competitions will not only increase your comments and readers but it will also increase your backlinks if that is part of your competition resulting in even more traffic. So it might not be "useless" after all.

Link bait

We all know what link bait is. But having linkbait on that certain page you see people enter your site will also increase the chances of them going further into your site instead bouncing.


I have stumbled through many sites and sometimes it’s nothing but the brilliant design of a site that makes me look further. I mean I dont even see the content. I just see theme. I might be a sucker for site designs but if I go further into a site because of the design and layout I bet you there must be more people that will check out a site and not just bounce because of how the site looks. Having a great theme or design will increase your chances of turning that bounce rate into history.

Email and Rss subscribe

The more visible these buttons are for those who only come to your site for one article or a stumble the greater your chances are of getting some subscribers. Once again I would use myself as a example. If I stumble and I read a great article I usually join the rss feed for more great content

Where they came from

Even if there is a high bounce rate you can still see where the users came from. That is a indication that the content you have might be of interest and if you keep on in that direction you can even increase your traffic more by analyzing where users come from.
Where they are going to

Using mybloglog and similar places or tools you can see where users went from your site, what they clicked on. That is a indication of their interest. Knowing the interest of your readers gives you the opportunity to write better content.

People, mybloglog, blogcatalog

Having a bunch of faces on your site might be annoying to regular users but for someone who just bounce your site that might get their attention. As I wrote here on a short post

Tell a secret

Saying something like "10 secrets to more traffic" is always a good idea and placing it where you know the bouncers would see it would also decrease your bounce rate. I guess this is the same as link bait.

Give something away

Offering free wordpress themes around the places people usually bounce from for instance getting Entrecard chain droppers to go further into your site you can put links under your card that says something like "theme of the day" which will attract people to click on it. It works for me. Whenever I visit a site and I seem to be stumbling through or when I used to chain drop while checking out how things work on Entrecard and I see something like that I would click. Free stuff attracts people and especially free wordpress themes. I dont need themes, I cant even design wordpress themes but I still like browsing through them.

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Most Do follow is No follow on Do follow blogs.

What I mean with the title is that after WordPress 2.3.2 most Do follow plugins on WordPress have stopped working. That means if you advertise that your blog follows comments and someone sees in fact that they are not they might get a bad impression from your blog. How exactly and what exactly happens when you upgrade I have no idea but the fact is you should double check if you have a do follow blog. I installed some plugins on Firefox that shows where no follow is and I was really surprised to see on most Dofollow blogs actually have nofollow.

Not using Ubuntu yet? Well I bet you cant do this.

Since dumping Windows I have learned a lot about Linux and Linux productivity. Ubuntu to be specific. You should really try it if you are still using Windows. There must be 100’s of apps I might be missing here which is great. i just wanted to point out these that I really like and did not have in windows as standard or as updates. Except the updates of course which in Windows make you shut down your pc while they waste your time.

Now I am in no way saying other linux distributions cant do this. I am using Ubuntu and that is what I am blogging about.
Window managers

Windows comes with windows. I know that sounds stupid but Ubuntu comes with Gnome and Kde and with the click of a few buttons you can have almost any window manager that suits you. From Kde’s windows look to Gnome’s contrast look. Sure with Windows you can install some stuff that contain the usual spyware, adware and viruses but in Ubuntu you can have all the above window managers each with 100’s of themes. And guess what, this is all free and just takes a click of a few buttons. Anybody can install it if they can read.



Unlike Windows you can update your version of Ubuntu while working on your computer, No upgrades to buy nothing like that. No just a few clicks and you have the brand new version.


Can you install Windows or Mac and within 1/2 run your own server with WordPress installed? Maybe you can download Xampp but its just not the same as Ubuntu where you can just click a few buttons and all is running.

System tray


I bet you cant shut up your Windows system tray, and all those apps that just start when they want to. Its ridiculous. When I first installed Ubuntu and Pclinuxos I was amazed at it. The computer would just start and then its ready. No closing hundreds of questions, kill the antivirus that i dont want anyway, start all the firewalls. No Ubuntu just starts. That’s it. The only time when I have noticed anything bug me in the system tray was when there was updates which I dont mind installing since there is no 100 questions about how legal my OS is. I can just click and go on with my browsing.



I dont know about Windows Vista since I am quite satisfied with my Os at the moment but I know when I used to work with Windows Xp I had constant issues of finding that download program that I was satsified with. And what do you know? When I installed Ubuntu I found Kget.

Sound and Video

Can you say choice? There are so many good video players in Ubuntu and especially in the repositories. You can pick and choose for days. If you dont prefer to go through them you can always use Mplayer and Amarok which by the way Xp is far from. Amarok is the music player everyone should use. I wont even start to explain, maybe I will do a post on Amarok later.



Just one thing. I was a windows user and this is just so great. Maybe all the serious linux users wont think much of this because it might be all old news and stuff but imagine how easy things would of been if you could just load dos and type firefox. That’s it. No c:////windows/crap Just type firefox and it opens. Well that is what terminal is. Just type the name of the program and it opens. No hassle. No need for 100 icons on your desk either. Just a quick launch, type and go.



window size was small that’s why the text is crossing. I had to take a screenshot that fits.

Etherape is a network checker or whatever you call it. It shows you where your computer is connected to. Sometimes it shows you even where people on your network connection is connected. Dont ask me about the technical stuff I just know I can see where my computer is connected to and it rocks. Especially when uploading something to cpanel, one can see when it gets stuck. I have a really slow connection so having a look can tell me what is biting the speed.



As I said I have a relatively slow connection and sometimes I just want to read something and I want to do it fast. Elinks is a text browser but you can see your desktop background which gives it a different feeling than the usual notepad look and feel.



Yes yes, I know you get screenshot apps in windows as well but they are not installed with one or two clicks and neither are they as cool as snapshot. Snapshot is by far my favourite screenshot app.

Thank you for reading please leave some comments. Tell what’s your favorite apps Ubuntu or linux.

The truth about Uhuru, the night of the long knives / Die nag van die lang messe

Please stop your stupid useless, good for nothing, no content competitions and write some content

Every week I read about some useless competition. Just another useless competition of someone to damn lazy to write a article. If you dont want a damn blog go to stupid bloody myspace and join the circus over there.

Every week I read about some useless competition. Just another useless competition of someone to damn lazy to write a article. If you dont want a damn blog go to stupid bloody myspace and join the circus over there.

But when I see another stupid contest or competition on my rss reader I think I will blow up my screen. Seriously if you start writing content, no let me rephrase that.

IF you start writing any content you wont need to give away your house and your balls just for some low budget visitors. Start writing content. If I see one more stupid contest I will unsubscribe your 1 month old soon to be another useless parked domain.

Please grow up and blog something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple things you must know about blogging but you might not know it.



If you want friends be friendly

If you cant be friendly at least some times dont expect any great results for your blog. The first thing about blogging is communicating with your readers. That is one of the most important aspects you need to learn about blogging. If you cant be friendly to anyone, you cant make a living out of blogging. See your readers as your customers or even better, see them as your partners. You just have to be friendly to be a successful blogger.

What do I mean with being friendly?

Well if someone links to you, thank them, if someone tells you that you have a nice post, thank them. If someone asks for help, try and help them as far as you can. If you see another blogger making big mistakes and they might get banned from certain affiliates warn them. You might not just gain readers for your blog but you might gain friends as well.

I dont think I need to explain what being friendly is, except that it can take you far in your blogging career and in life.

If you want comments comment

When I started blogging I never knew I had to do so much work for a blog to get comments. My idea was put the blog up and the comments will start flowing in. Well it was not like that until I decided to make friends online and go read other people’s blogs and comment on their blogs and support them. Then only did I start to get comments. You also need to comment on your own blog, if someone comments, comment back to show them that they’re speaking to a person behind the comment system and not just to someone that is far to unavailable to read their comments. People want to know that there is someone on the other side before they can feel part of a person’s community. So communicate back to your readers

Quality is better than quantity.

People find quantity but they come back for quality. SEO and pagerank can not keep your visitors on your blog only good content can. And quality focused content is what makes visitors stay. Hard work in blogging gets visitors. When I was on Amatomu (a south african blogging service) I used to post as much as I can to keep ahead of the others but this was not the right thing to do, it made the quality of my posts to suck. I got visitors but no comments and no real communication from users. But when I started to really give some good information and offer my readers quality or nothing, that is when my blog started to grow. If you dont have something worthwhile to write about, rather write nothing or ask someone to do a guest post for you.

Blogging full time means blogging full time

Some people might want to blog full time but blogging full time is exactly what it means. No holiday and long hours of work. To become a full time blogger you have to put at least 16 hours a day into your blogging career and your blog for the first three to six months or maybe as long as it takes to get going.

Your blog is your brand

Your blog is your brand, advertising and having one logo or colour scheme for all your blogs will help your blogs or brand tremendously. Focus on keeping your avatars the same all the same on all social networks, maybe with your blog’s logo on it. Later on people will start to be familiar with your logo and blog’s brand and will come visit your blog easier. The more you see a brand in front of you the more you trust it. Like most big companies their name is printed on everything. Sometimes the brand is the product. Make your blog the same and print that logo everywhere you can. Submit your logo to as many places as possible where you are a user and can add a profile pic. Use it till you see it on every site you visit. Brand your blog and turn it into a name everyone knows.

No one can kick you from the internet

I have recently been kicked unfairly from a blogging service. The fact is sometimes people will just not like you and they will remove you from their sites/services or whatever it is that you are part of. The best way to handle this is just to go on with your blog. Its not the end of your blogging career. They might be able to kick you from their site but they cant kick you from the internet. Just check, if you can access your site, anyone with a internet connection can. Never let rejection get you down when blogging. Not even trolls in the comments. You can make it if you dont worry about the criticism of others. Anyway criticism can sometimes be a good thing, take what you can learn and what is true and apply it, ignore that which is just there for the sake of trolling.

Spending more time on other blogs makes your blog grow even faster

This is a weird thing but the more you invest time in other people’s blogs the more time they will invest in spending time on your blog. As I said blogging is a two way thing. Spend more time writing quality comments and actually reading other blogs and you will see the results coming straight back to your blog in the form of either the author of the blog or those that read your great and helpful comments.

Good blogging is not determined by how much money you make

You will always find people hanging around those who makes the most on the internet. That does not mean they write the best articles and that does not mean you cant learn from other people. Money only means they have been blogging for some time and they know what they are doing. Although most people that make money online blogging for a living do write great articles but now and then you will find someone with no content of help claiming to make thousands which they might but its not to say their content is as great as the money they make or even better than your blog because you make less.

Traffic comes with blogging but traffic stays with brilliant blogging

One mistake I have made in the past was to find something that people were looking for and just post random crap about it. The content was not outstanding and it just lowered the quality of my blog. Although visitors came for those articles, they vanished from my site just as fast. Typing brilliant blog posts might take longer but it’s worth it. Rather focus on great blogging than traffic and keyword targeting with no real quality behind it. Traffic will come if you concentrate on what you are typing and love what you are doing. That is what makes the difference from someone coming back to your blog or not seeing that person or traffic again.

Your next post is determined by your previous post

This is not exactly a fact but rather a tip. Look at your previous post and make your next blog post better. Always try to keep improving whether it’s by search engine optimization or by using better grammar. (Unlike my grammar)

Building a community takes more than a week

When I first started to blog I though I would have thousands of readers and friends leaving comments and being part of my community but the truth is far from that. Building relationships takes time and sometimes it takes a long time. You have to be part of someone else’s community before expecting them to be part of yours. You have to give input into the lives and blogs of other before you can expect the same. Building a community does not mean you have a bunch of fans that just want your signature. If that is your reason for blogging go do something else, become a actor. Blogging is being part of a community. Without investing time in other people, you cant expect them to invest time in you.

Make money online is much different than making a living online

Anyone can make money online but not everyone can make a living online. The difference is huge. If you want to make money online get Google Adsense and put it on your blog, its as simple as that but to make a living online you have to work full time, and when I mean full time its like no camping etc. Making a living online is harder than having a day job. Sometimes I think I should go back to normal working but then the perks of blogging full time win as usual.

Blogging is a two way thing

There are two sides of blogging. Output and input. If you cant handle people giving input rather go play games. When someone adds something to your post that they see might add value, that does not mean it’s incomplete, it means they are giving input. Exactly what you are supposed to expect from the output of blogging. ( if I can call it that)

Social bookmarking sites are there for a reason

Social bookmarking sites exist for you to find brilliant articles of interest. You might have typed one and no one found it yet. So why not take it one step further and submit it yourself. If no one likes it, it wont go far but the chances are that someone would like your blog post and someone with similar interests will be looking for something similar as you have typed. Social bookmarking sites goes along with search engine optimization. They should be seen as equally important as each other.

SEO does not mean be a dictionary

Dont over do search engine optimization in your typing and writing. It looks stupid if over use certain keywords. You dont have to use words like “search engine optimization” to much. Usually 4 times a article is enough to get some Google traffic.

Your blog can only go as far as you’re willing to take it.

As I wrote here


Advertising makes some people feel like they are not winning with their blogs and traffic but infact it should be the other way around. The richest bloggers in the blogosphere also advertised some time in their life and most still do. Advertising is not about not having enough traffic but its about getting your brand out there and getting noticed by people who you would not otherwise get their attention. Advertising is a positive thing for your blog whether you get no traffic or 1000’s of hits a day. You might have great content but people’s not finding it. Advertising can be a great solution to get your blog going.

Title is as important as content

On most social bookmarking sites the title is the only thing people get to see. Mostly people will come if the title is good. A good title can even make your content look better as long as your content resembles your little. Your title is therefore your most important sentence on your entire post and should be more focused on before posting your content. I used to just give a word as a title until I realized the importance of a title and the effect it has on those who read it. A title is like the voice of your post or the ring to your phone, if its not hard enough you dont pick it up.

Make three months

Trust me on this one, I have had many blogs and they dont all make three months. I start niche blogs to make a bit more cash and sometimes I just choose the wrong topic. In blogging there is a three months mark, which if you get past that your blog has been made or rather made it. Surviving three months is enough to call yourself a blogger. There is more than 120 million blogs online since last time I checked technorati and if you go through some of them the authors just abandoned them after about one or two months.

The only way I can explain is like this:

Imagine going in a rocket to space, the ozone barrier or whatever you call it is the hardest part to get through ( not sure what it’s called) Anyway blogging is like that, the three months mark is like trying to get to that part and break through it. Afterwards you are in space or in the blogosphere. Go on make jokes I know this is a funny way to explain it but I dont have another way to put it.

Be yourself

This is important. One can only act like someone he is not for a certain amount of time. I always wanted my blogs to be written in a certain style that was just not me. Being yourself opens the door for some personality in your blog instead of making it look like you’re reading some book in a library. It shows that someone is behind all these words. A real person.

Take your time and Dont fear

Sometimes you see people that started with you but their blogs is already in the top 5000 on technorati but your’s dont even have a pagerank. Sometimes people blog for 6 months with no results and sometimes it just does not look like your blog will ever be anything big if you look around. The fact is the internet is big and with millions of people online you just have to change your stragedy and double check that you can be found. Crap content will get better with time. Your writing skills and knowledge about your niche or area of blogging will increase.

My point is you have nothing to fear when it comes to blogging. Your blog will make it if you just keep on blogging.

Another thing bloggers fear is that someone will post the article that they are busy with before they post it. You might get a really great idea for a post but you rush it because you are afraid someone else might come up with the post before you. I write this out of experience and I am sure you can relate somehow. This is no way to do it though. Take your time, there is enough place for two people to write about the same thing on the internet. The best is not to but if you’re post accidentally matches that of a top blogger and makes you look like a copy cat when you thought of the post yourself. So what. At least you know you came up with the idea.

Dont go with the flow

One thing that will make your blog stand out from the others and one thing that you need to do early in your blogging is dont go with the flow. When everyone writes about a certain topic it comes like a avalanche, one top blogger blogs it and the rest follow. Writing something and being original separates your from the norm. Make your blog stand out and get your own blogging ideas, even if it seams weird or stupid. You might get some unexpected visitors and amounts of traffic.

Well this is the basic stuff I have learned so far. Or rather some of it. I hope it added value to your blogging and blogging knowledge

Thank you for reading this post. Please leave some comments or whatever you would like to add to this post. And feel free to join my rss feed.

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Does your blog annoy people?






I tried to make a list of things that annoy people when visiting a blog. Most of these have personally annoyed me and some I have simply seen people ranting about.



People get really annoyed with blogs that dont accept comments. Especially comments from outside people. For instance if you have a account and it’s set that you can only receive comments from those who also use blogspot.


Register to comment is also one of the things that annoy people. Why do you have to register on someone else’s blog to just make a comment. Most people just move along when they see that they have to register to leave a comment and that just leaves the person who’s blog it is with a empty blog. Except if you have one massive user base.


2. To personal


No need to share all your information, we dont want to know what you dog had for breakfast. There is a exception if your blog is about you and its your personal diary but otherwise just skip the fine details you would not phone someone for. If you wont phone someone and tell them ie something personal its pretty much not worth blogging about it. As I said if you have a personal blog its fine.


3. Flash and popups


Wow back in the day when the internet just discovered flash. Well that’s over now. Keep it clean. And those popups, No one reads them. In fact the only thing someone will remember from a site with a popup is the popup. They wont remember your great content or any of that. People seem to remember things better that they dont like than what they do like. Having a popup clearly tells your visitors that your are just blogging for the money and not really for the great content which you want to share.


4. Memes


What? Some people just over do memes.


5. Widgets


Have you ever waited for a site to load and when finished you realize you’ve waited for a widget bazaar? Some widgets are nice, actually you get a lot of nice widgets but when you display all of them at once the wall of widgets does not impress your readers no matter how nice all 100 of them are.


6. Pride


Yes Pride. Sometimes you get to a blog and the guy just thinks to much of himself. Sometimes these "bloggers" have a entire fan club but the one thing that is lacking is useful content. I can think of a few that brag about their blogs but there is nothing you really can learn from or it or actually nothing except for how much money they made and not showing you how to get there yourself.


7. Rude Author


Some bloggers are just rude. When someone comments on your blog, they have taken time out of their day to actually read your content, so even if they troll on your blog, just keep in mind that they actually visit your blog and try not to be rude to them. You can always gain troll readers by being friendly. Not just that sometimes they might have a point. Being rude to commenters is no way to build a better blog. If you have nothing good to say rather keep it for yourself. There is nothing wrong in disagreeing but do it in a friendly way.


8. Poor design and layout


Sometimes you just gotta go sidebar hunting when you arive at a blog. Sometimes you might think the sidebar is the content. If you cant design a working blog theme just use a free template. There’s hundreds of great ones out there and you can use a GPL theme and just customize it a bit instead of having your blog look like whale hunters in Japan. Users know the content usually is in the middle somewhere but having 40 sidebars will most probably confuse them as well. Try and keep the most sidebars to 3, maybe 4 if you are desperate. As I said earlier, people will remember the bad stuff on your blog more than the good stuff. Keep it clean and tidy.


9. Videos


Do not load a video when your blog starts, I dont think I need to explain this. People know where the little play sign is, if they want to play a video let them have the choice. That is what makes the internet so great, choice. If you want to keep your readers give them this option when trying to shove videos on your page and force them to play it.


10. Blogs that blog against certain bloggers


I dont like certain bloggers. Actually I really dont like certain bloggers. But never blog saying how much you hate or dislike other bloggers, it might just backfire on you. I guess you have the right not to like certain bloggers but keep it for yourself. Its the safer way to go.


11. Insulting blogs

Want to gain readers? Some people get offended easy and adding anti- someone pictures might get you some hate mail. Insulting blogs do annoy some people. Some people simply just get intimidated when being on someone’s blog who’s really insulting.


12. Updates and old blogs


I really dont like getting to a old blog where the newest posts date back to when the internet first started. Those posts should really not be on a blog but it should be on or somewhere where we can preserve them for future generations.


13. Rant only blogs


Stop complaining. You might get a visitor once or twice but after about the third time they come back and see that you are still complaining, they will just vanish on the world wide web.


14. Slow loading


People hate slow loading blogs but sometimes they just need a faster connection. Some blogs really are slow but some people just cant help it or the dont know how to make it faster. If you can try and keep your blog loading times as quick as possible. There are tools out there that will help you and show you why your page takes that long to load. I dont have any now but if you look you can find some great ones.


15. To much embedded crap

I know I said widgets but often I see to many other stuff like small gif’s or everywhere where your blog is part of and some of those small images can make it look like your page is loading quite long, showing the hour glass and waiting for some small gif that’s not planning on loading anyway. I really get annoyed with that sometimes. You just gotta hit the stop button. I guess my blog does this sometimes, well it used to I try keeping everything at a minimum now.


16. Only sponsored posts

Its good making money online blogging but keep it down a bit if you want to keep your users. Especially those casino blogs or sponsored posts that has absolutely nothing to do with your blog. To many sponsored posts show your greediness for money and lack of attention to your readers.


17. Text that blink or fonts that are to tiny

Dont do it. Never make text blink.


18. To many pictures loading

Use flickr, not everyone has 2mb connections and you can rather embed small thumbnails than the enter picture. Well one would be fine actually but some people embed 100’s of pictures when the site or post really is not a photo blog. I have a excuse there, this blog is part photoblog.


19. To many ads

As I said we all have to make money but having ads everywhere puts the greediness in front of your readers once again. At least let them know where the content is. Make a arrow saying "the actual content of the site" pointing to what you have written to guide them the way through the 100’s of ads if you have that.


20. Content thief

Dont even start with this. Small bloggers write brilliant posts and then some bigger bloggers come and steal the idea. When everyone has read the big bloggers post they see the small blogger and think he is a fake copy but infact big bloggers if I can call it that do it often. Just because everyone’s blogs is not in the top 500 on technorati does not mean you can steal their content. Dont steal someone else’s content. Just give them the credit and gain friends instead of enemies.

I guess I am going a bit overboard with this now and I guess there must be more reasons your blog might annoy people. I have just written these here I thought I would like to share with you.

Thanks for reading, please leave some comments.

Make money online with blogspot?



Having a blogspot might work for personal blogs or even any kind of non professional blog. But lately almost every second blogspot blog is a make money blog.

Here is what I see wrong with that.

1. Branding

If you plan to make money online one of the first things you need is your own brand in the form of a blog with its own domain. You cant build a brand with a non existant domain. You might get far with blogging on blogspot but not as far as you would with your own domain. You can build your own empire with your own domain but with blogspot you cant even sell the blog. There might be people that will buy a blogspot blog but its not the same as having something you can call your own that will sell as it should.

2. Why should people believe you if you claim to make money online but you have a blogspot blog?

Face it. Most people fake it until they make it but does it really have to be that obvious? If you claim to really make money online why not get your own domain with some of that money which would be the first thing any bright money making person would do in the first place?

3. Its unprofessional and cheap

Lets say you give your business card out. Would you put your blogspot blog on there? I dont think so. You know its unprofessional. It’s unprofessional if you want to be a professional blogger for you to have a blogspot blog.

So if you use blogspot and you want to blog about money, the least and most professional thing you can do for your blogging career is to get your own domain as soon as possible.

4. People are lazy

Just think how long you have to type to get to something like that is way to long. The chances are that someone would remember it and do all the hassle to go back to your blog is not likely. Except if you maybe have brilliant content. Which if you have you would of had yourself your own domain by now.

5. Time

You spend so much time writing for your blogspot blog, dont you think you deserve a great domain name of your own for the content your work so hard on? Getting a domain of your own will give you a sense of satisfaction, maybe you get that with your blog on blogspot but I wouldnt. Having your own domain from the start also saves your time and hassle, when your blog is fully grown on blogspot it can sometimes be a drag to get your stuff in wordpress, although the new wordpress does it for you it’s still better just to do it from the start. You can save your readers time as well, not just that changing your domain later will cause problems as people have to learn a new name for something they are used to.

So do yourself a favour this year and get your own domain. You wont look back, in fact your will be glad you did. You owe it to yourself.

Feel free to troll, comment or join my feed. Thank you for reading.

History bits: Somerset West

Somerset West was initially bought from local tribes and a cattle post was established here by Dutch soldiers in 1672.

Somerset West was initially bought from local tribes and a cattle post was established here by Dutch soldiers in 1672.

A town developed around the Lourens River (originally “Tweederivier”) and the farm of Vergelegen (Dutch: “remotely situated”), an 18th century farmhouse built in the historic Cape Dutch style by Willem Adriaan van der Stel, governor of the Cape and son of Simon van der Stel, who gave his name to the nearby town of Stellenbosch. Willem Adriaan was later sent back to Holland after being charged with corruption and cruelty towards local farmers. The farm is now owned by a subsidiary of the large mining company Anglo American, who have restored the farmhouse to its original magnificence and continue to produce some of South Africa’s best wines there. The farm is open to tourists.

The town was named Somerset after an English governor of the Cape Colony during the 1800s, Lord Charles Henry Somerset, with the suffix ‘West’ being added after 1825 to differentiate it from Somerset East, another South African town in the Eastern Cape. In the 1830s, Sir Lowry’s Pass, named after later governor Sir Lowry Cole, was constructed to link the town with outposts further east over the Hottentots-Holland mountains.

In the 1960s, the AECI factory between Somerset West and Strand was the second largest dynamite factory in the world. Today the town boasts the largest concentration of millionaire residents in the country

War with blogging, Akismet made me spam.

First of all, Akismet has marked my comments as spam. I have left some great comments on blogs and they never appear.

First of all, Akismet has marked my comments as spam. I have left some great comments on blogs and they never appear. So if you have Akismet installed I will only try once to comment on your blog unfortunately I wont be going back to a blog where i cant communicate. Except of course if you show my comments like Blogosis( has a great competition) who actually takes the time to find comments that are not spam. Akismet really sucks with this. I have not read up about them or anything but if they block me( I honestly do not spam) I wonder how many other people they are blocking that’s posting great comments.

I have emailed them but I am still waiting for a reply. I refuse to use other details.

On the other hand I got to lazy to blog and started posting a bit of everything on my blog. If you have been blogging for some time now you will notice that it does happen to anyone. You blog and blog and then one day you get tired of all the blogging and you just want to have fun. I guess half my readers are gone by now but it does not matter, I will blog for those who stick around then.

I have about 200 affiliates that I want to blog about , places that you can register and make money from or with your blog. My search engine optimization techniques are slowly starting to work as well, getting more traffic from search engines now than ever before but I guess that might just be because I obviously have more content now.

I also found another great South African blogger Clement Nyirenda

He has been leaving some great comments on my blog recently and I just want to thank him.

Also, my pagerank has vanished but that does not matter because as I said i get more traffic now than ever from search engines.

Tip of the day: Increase those tags. Trust me.

Do you leave your blogging friends behind?

As you go on your journey to grow your blog you sometimes make friends.

As you go on your journey to grow your blog you sometimes make friends. You and your blogging friends help each other’s blogs grow, you link to each other until your blog finally lifts off and goes way past the level of your other blogger friends. Do you just leave them and go make friends with bigger and better bloggers?

Obviously the answer is no, yet you still find people that leave those behind who helped grow their blogs. They leave their blogging friends behind that spend so much time on their blogs and made it to be what it is.

I know me blogging about “blogging friends” seems a bit corny but the fact is, you should never leave anyone behind if you can help it. People invest time in your blog by commenting and reading your posts, time that they wont get back. That time is gone forever and if they spend it on your blog you really should consider doing everything you can to make it worth their while.

If you have reached a new level in blogging and your blog has grown past the level of your blogging friends you really should know that without those friends you would not have made it. After all it is your blogging friends that most of the time stumble your posts and bookmark it because they know that, its those things that bring the traffic in the first place.

My point is dont leave people behind that contribute to your blog. Dont leave your “blogging friends” behind. That is the worst thing you can ever do to your blog.

The end of Internet Explorer?

Today Microsoft announced that they will no longer have support for Internet Explorer and that they only started IE to beat Netscape to the game but now Netscape is no more and Microsoft has claimed v

Today Microsoft announced that they will no longer have support for Internet Explorer and that they only started IE to beat Netscape to the game but now Netscape is no more and Microsoft has claimed victory in the browser war. But Firefox has the final word on that.

“We made Internet Explorer with the sole purpose of destroying Netscape. That job is done. It was a long and hard-fought battle, but the better browser won,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “What point is there now to having a browser product? We won! WOOHOO!”

What???? Did I just read that correctly?