Keyword density

How much should you use a keyword in a blog post?

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How many times to use a keyword in a article on your blog?

How many times to use a keyword in a article on your blog?

This is a much debated topic. How many times should a keyword be used on a blog post for that article you want the keyword to be found for on search engines. My answer would be 4 times. Now you might think that I have some great reason or maybe a book to write about way I am saying this but in fact I dont. This was tested experience. Whenever I would use the keyword more than 4 times the post did not get the search engine results wanted, when used less than 4 times it just did not get rated for that keyword. But every time I use the keyword 4 times including that keyword in the title, that post could be found for that particular keyword. Not just that but it rates higher on search engines.

So for you niche blog to get higher on search engines. You would want to use the niche keyword in almost every title and then 4 times per article. Your site would then be found much easier for that specific keyword.

The end of Ebay

Ebay may be changing one of the things that drive the site. One of those things that makes ebay what it is in the first place. You can always tell on ebay the quality of the seller’s products by looking at their Feedback. But this is about to change. Ebay will remove neutral and negative feedback. This means you can only say good things about those who you buy from even when they lied and you did not get what you paid for. To me this is the worst thing ebay could do to the sellers. Here is a quote from the ebay website

“Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.”

See what I mean?

What does a professional blog need

There is a few things a professional blog needs. Most of these things are basic but still sometimes we forget to use them. Check out the post on:

What does a professional blog need?

And dont dare look at my about page.

Do you leave your blogging friends behind?

As you go on your journey to grow your blog you sometimes make friends. You and your blogging friends help each other’s blogs grow, you link to each other until your blog finally lifts off and goes way past the level of your other blogger friends. Do you just leave them and go make friends with bigger and better bloggers?

Obviously the answer is no, yet you still find people that leave those behind who helped grow their blogs. They leave their blogging friends behind that spend so much time on their blogs and made it to be what it is.

I know me blogging about “blogging friends” seems a bit corny but the fact is, you should never leave anyone behind if you can help it. People invest time in your blog by commenting and reading your posts, time that they wont get back. That time is gone forever and if they spend it on your blog you really should consider doing everything you can to make it worth their while.

If you have reached a new level in blogging and your blog has grown past the level of your blogging friends you really should know that without those friends you would not have made it. After all it is your blogging friends that most of the time stumble your posts and bookmark it because they know that, its those things that bring the traffic in the first place.

My point is dont leave people behind that contribute to your blog. Dont leave your “blogging friends” behind. That is the worst thing you can ever do to your blog.

What is the deep web?

The deep web is the hidden internet. The part of the internet that you can not see. That is what this blog is about. Some say the hidden web is 3 times bigger than the internet that you can see. Some even say the deep web is so big that we cant really measure it. That is what I want to explore. I will share my journey as I go deep into the internet and explore places rarely blogged about.

Firefox and Stumbleupon

Dont you think that Firefox should come standard with Stumbleupon? Without these two things the internet experience would just not be the same. I mean who needs search engines if you have stumbleupon and what other browser that’s not based on Firefox has about:config? This is just a fact that these two tools have changed the internet. Not just that, I bet you without stumbleupon you would have had many early nights with not much entertainment. Stumbleupon has given webmasters traffic and browsers something to do in between those coffee breaks. That is why I will blog a entire month about Firefox and Stumbleupon. If you are still using IE and you’re not a stumbler you must be locked on to the rss for the next month.

So happy Firefox and Stumbleupon month. Please join me and blog about Firefox and Stumbleupon for a month. I guess I am two days early but the geeky excitement has been working over time one me.

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