How many times to use a keyword in a article on your blog?

This is a much debated topic. How many times should a keyword be used on a blog post for that article you want the keyword to be found for on search engines. My answer would be 4 times. Now you might think that I have some great reason or maybe a book to write about way I am saying this but in fact I dont. This was tested experience. Whenever I would use the keyword more than 4 times the post did not get the search engine results wanted, when used less than 4 times it just did not get rated for that keyword. But every time I use the keyword 4 times including that keyword in the title, that post could be found for that particular keyword. Not just that but it rates higher on search engines.

So for you niche blog to get higher on search engines. You would want to use the niche keyword in almost every title and then 4 times per article. Your site would then be found much easier for that specific keyword.

The end of Ebay

Ebay may be changing one of the things that drive the site. One of those things that makes ebay what it is in the first place. You can always tell on ebay the quality of the seller’s products by looking at their Feedback. But this is about to change. Ebay will remove neutral and negative feedback. This means you can only say good things about those who you buy from even when they lied and you did not get what you paid for. To me this is the worst thing ebay could do to the sellers. Here is a quote from the ebay website

“Sellers will no longer be able to leave negative or neutral Feedback for buyers. This change will occur in May, 2008.”

See what I mean?

Do you leave your blogging friends behind?

As you go on your journey to grow your blog you sometimes make friends. You and your blogging friends help each other’s blogs grow, you link to each other until your blog finally lifts off and goes way past the level of your other blogger friends. Do you just leave them and go make friends with bigger and better bloggers?

Obviously the answer is no, yet you still find people that leave those behind who helped grow their blogs. They leave their blogging friends behind that spend so much time on their blogs and made it to be what it is.

I know me blogging about “blogging friends” seems a bit corny but the fact is, you should never leave anyone behind if you can help it. People invest time in your blog by commenting and reading your posts, time that they wont get back. That time is gone forever and if they spend it on your blog you really should consider doing everything you can to make it worth their while.

If you have reached a new level in blogging and your blog has grown past the level of your blogging friends you really should know that without those friends you would not have made it. After all it is your blogging friends that most of the time stumble your posts and bookmark it because they know that, its those things that bring the traffic in the first place.

My point is dont leave people behind that contribute to your blog. Dont leave your “blogging friends” behind. That is the worst thing you can ever do to your blog.

What is the deep web?

The deep web is the hidden internet. The part of the internet that you can not see. That is what this blog is about. Some say the hidden web is 3 times bigger than the internet that you can see. Some even say the deep web is so big that we cant really measure it. That is what I want to explore. I will share my journey as I go deep into the internet and explore places rarely blogged about.

Firefox and Stumbleupon

Dont you think that Firefox should come standard with Stumbleupon? Without these two things the internet experience would just not be the same. I mean who needs search engines if you have stumbleupon and what other browser that’s not based on Firefox has about:config? This is just a fact that these two tools have changed the internet. Not just that, I bet you without stumbleupon you would have had many early nights with not much entertainment. Stumbleupon has given webmasters traffic and browsers something to do in between those coffee breaks. That is why I will blog a entire month about Firefox and Stumbleupon. If you are still using IE and you’re not a stumbler you must be locked on to the rss for the next month.

So happy Firefox and Stumbleupon month. Please join me and blog about Firefox and Stumbleupon for a month. I guess I am two days early but the geeky excitement has been working over time one me.

Trustsource cash advance

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What does a professional blog need

This is about the first post on this blog ever. But dont be fooled because I have other blogs that actually make money. Every blogger that blogs about blogging has to start somewhere but what would be beter is if that blogger has been blogging and have a few successful ones. So here goes my list of much needed things you need for blogging.

Contact form

You need a contact form, I have had so many comments on my blogs about people trying to contact me. Having a contact form will make it much easier for your advertisers to get hold of you. As well as people asking questions.

About page

This is one thing blogged about constantly by most bloggers so I guess I dont have to give to much detail here since you might all know without a about page people will not know who you are. Sort of like this blog that does not have a contact page yet.


A Footer is not always needed but it makes your blog look complete. You can also ad your advertise links in your footer since many people who wants to find out about advertising immediately goes to your footer to find it.

Rss feed button

You must have a rss feed button. People are so lazy and most of the time they dont even know where to find the button.

Working comment section

If your comment section does not work your blog is basically none existant. That is what sets a blog apart from a normal website. The fact that people can leave comments and that its easily available and readable is one of the most important thing about your blog.

Thank you for reading, please leave some comments.

Linkworth does not get you in trouble with Google.

A lot of people complain that they are making less money now that P4yperp0st has been banned from Google. But you know that Linkworth does not get you in trouble with Google. Linkworth is still one of the great affiliates to use. I have been using Linkworth since last year and not once has my pr gone down because of it. The reason I like Linkworth is because they actually reply to your emails. They approve your blogs quickly or tell you why its not approved. They dont miss payments and they do in fact get you work. You should really try out Linkworth to blog for money.

I just realized that this blog is not registered with them.

Benefits of using WordPress for your blog

WordPress is made for bloggers. Any blogger would want to use WordPress for their blog because of the great features and plugins. But why is this platform better than any other??

The answer is that WordPress is made for blogs. Your blog automatically gets added to technorati if you use WordPress. WordPress saves your articles every few seconds while typing and already has comments system built in. The best thing about wordpress is that you can use it from the moment its installed with no tweaking. Although changing to a better theme will do your blog wonders.

Do you rss?

I know the title sounds a bit funny but the fact is most people still dont use rss feeds to stay up to date. Although there are many great programs that you can track website updates with, there are still many that does not take advantage of this feature of the internet. Getting a great rss reader and adding all the sites you like to it will help you save time. How many times have you checked a website and then there are just no updates. Getting and using a feedreader will help you see what and when sites update. That means no more going to the site to see if there is something new. Just open your rss reader and see what is happening on the sites you like.

Thunderbird is a great rss reader if you dont have one.


If we write about Health we do so according to our knowledge, if you seek medical attention or answers it is always best to ask your doctor.

We can not be held accountable for your actions.


Reliance on the information this site contains is at your own risk.

Blogging can teach to socialize

Before I started blogging I use to be a introvert. But since then I have had to learn how to socialize online. Blogging has teached me some communication skills that I did not have before I was a blogger.

1. It teached me to communicate first.

When you start blogging you will soon notice that you have to be the first one to start a conversation on someone’s blog before making friends with them. They cant start the conversation because they have no idea that you are there.

2. It teaches you not to be afraid of having your say

Sometimes we think we can really say what we have to say. Or give our opinions. Maybe you have are nervous that you dont sound relevant or fit in. Low self esteem.

Blogging will teach you how to overcome that. When you say something irrelevant you wont have to look 100’s of people in the eye and feel like a total mishap. With blogging everyone will just ignore your irrelevant comment. This gives you the chance to learn how to fit in a conversation instead of being the odd one out.

3. Blogging can teach you that you dont have to take all the crap that comes your way.

Maybe apart from blogging you always get picked on at work or by colleagues but blogging will teach you to stand your ground. When someone is on your blog trying to destroy the peaceful enviroment you will have to shut them up. This learns you the skill of standing up for yourself and shutting people up that does not contribute to the growth of your communication skills.

4. Blogging can encourage you

For someone with a real low self esteem blogging can be a great way of increasing their self worth. All bloggers suck at blogging when they start. But someone with a low self confidence will just fit in with the rest of the new bloggers and if he or she tries to communicate the chances are that they will be received friendly, this will build their confidence to communicate and they will start to enjoy being social on and offline.

Thanks for reading, please join the feed and stumble this post if you find it interesting.

What the heck is A-list bloggers?

Ok I know, I am not stupid but if you think about it, how does one make or become a A-list blogger? Do you have to be linked from some other famous blogger or do you just declare yourself a A-list blogger. Most people dont have the answer for that. Is it because your blog is listed on the top 100 on technorati or 45n5? I dont think so. Dont let the word A-list blogger fool you. There is no such thing. In fact what would happen if I called myself a A-list blogger? You dont have any way to prove me wrong. How does a A-list blog get measured? Money? Ha most blogger that make money blogging dont care about ranks. I dont. Do I blog for money? Sometimes and on some blogs. So my question still stand, how does one become a A-list blogge, are we all just on the same level?
So what you say makes a A-list blogger?

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