Add link – is another place you can submit your site. Maybe not just another DMOZ but its another place to get a backlink to your site or blog. Jayde looks more like a business directory, just had a quick scan. I have not submitted my site to this directory but its worth sharing. I guess. It looks as it its quick to add your site. so i am adding my site to while i write. Jayde

Add link – DMOZ

Dmoz is a crap directory. Although people claim it pushes up your searches on google i dont actually think this is true. Dmoz is another one of those useless directories you can add your link to. They might not ever add your link to the directory but everyone else except me says it works. So for the first “Add link” post check out Dmoz

No true

From their website

“Help! Akismet is catching a regular comment as spam!

Don’t worry, if you see a regular comment on your Akismet page, just click the “Not Spam” checkbox and submit and the comment will be sent back to Akismet as a mistake. The system will learn from your submission, though it may take a day or so in some cases. False positives, as they’re called, are extremely rare and we watch them closely.”

Well my comments has been blocked for some time now. I am getting kind of annoyed with Akismet. I dont see how they are removing my comments from spam, even though a lot of people have unmarked my comments as spam, it’s still blocked.

I am not one for revenge but this is annoying me so much.

Straight from their website’s stats

4,757,362,270 spams caught so far

3,598,488 so far today

91% of all comments are spam

That means they have blocked 428162604 comments so far that are not spam.

And that means they have blocked 323863 comments that are not spam today.

Why destroy our history


I can remember as a child that we were taught of the Boer war and always saw it as a great tragedy for South Africa because I believe that is were it started. We were a country with great promise full to the brim of potential and minerals now. If you think of America when it was found it was much like us a native land with native people that was colonized by people trying to find a new beginning. Where as America fought against the united kingdom and won we did not we became a British colony. Look at history all the countries that where own by Brittan at one point is struggling. As soon as they let the country find “independence” the hardship really starts. Look at India it was the wealthiest country in the world if just left who knows how they would have turn out but instead they had to work for years to repair the damage done to their people. Same here except one thing the whites stayed bitter for what their woman and children had to endure the blacks only saw what the boors done to them and forgot all the hardship the English made them go through. That is one of the reasons when I see they want to take down the monuments from that time to replace it with black leaders i do not think they realize they are taking away from our history. Our countries history not the whites history it was all who suffered during the war not just the boere. We can see it clearly now with all the stories they make of that time.

Back to Britain they take from countries for example the biggest diamond ever found in the world was found right here where is it Britain and some of Egypt’s greatest treasures is in the British museum. they personally set back many countries by years. Now it is the new empires time America. They impose rules on the trade so that they get the most out of it they can get products and no one can compete. Its a different way of crippling a country. I’m of topic again, what I want to say is when I was in england I saw statues contributed to the boerwar not in memory of the thousands of woman and children who died but in memory to the brittish soldiers they called them “heroes” saying on the plake that they died trying to bring “salvation” to south africa. What a load of crap I was furious dumbfounded how could they say such nonsense they didn’t come here to “save the people” they came to enslave the people and take all africa’s gold and diamonds or at least keep it in they’re control.

I know what most are thingking: Its history forget about it. But how can we when the world is so terribly misinformed and the people are trying to destry the truth right under our noses. Yes the black heroes should have a place but why do they insist on wanting to get rid of the past. We will never be rid of the past it happened we cannot escape it. What we can do is live with it learn from it and accept all that has happened to this young country.,,2-7-12_2098399,00.html

Because you find one does not mean you should get it. Available domain names

Finding a great domain name does not mean you have to go and get it. There will always be great domain names available. The ones you really should be going after is the dictionary domain names. I see great domains names everyday. And they are all available but in South Africa and South African domains are not that easy to sell since most of South Africa is not that tech abled yet. You can if you have money gather 100’s of domains and make them for sale but it might take years before someone actually buys them from you. Dont get me wrong, get those domain names but not all of them. Get the ones that you know will sell later on.

Redirecting your domain names versus Putting a blog on your domain.

I have some domains I dont really use. I just keep them for the sake of having a good name. But that really is a waste of both money and well the obvious good domain. So the question comes up. Do i redirect the domain name or put a blog on it? I think putting a blog on your domain name is using the domain to the fullest. Having a great domain name with a blog on it, even if you just blog a few times a week on it will help your domain grow in worth and it will help you to easier sell it.

On the other hand redirecting your domain name can be good for your current blog but only if that domain is already index that you are directing. Otherwise it would be of no use because you would have a domain pointing to your blog but no one will know. Not even search engines.

My answer to the question would be to use it as a blog.

What is affiliate marketing?

Many times I write about stuff and call it “affiliate marketing with” or something like that. That is just a keyword thing. Affiliate marketing really is something specific.

With many hosting companies you will find that at the bottom there is usually a link “affiliates” That is where it starts.

Affiliate marketing is when you promote another company’s products or services in order for you and them to make money. You make a percentage or a piece of what they get by referring people to them.

Affiliate Marketing is basically referring people to place you are connected to and you get a share of the profit if the deal is successful.

Affiliate is the place you are affiliated with and marketing I think does not need to be explained.

Dont remove the footer

The thing about free themes is that they cost us nothing. But just think of it from the guy that made the theme. He spend hours making a nice theme for bloggers. All he really wants is one small link back to his site. That is not a lot to ask considering he could of charged for the theme and you could of had a uglier theme. If you pay for the theme I guess its fine to remove the footer but if you have not payed for your theme why not consider keeping the link?

Dont share your domain name

If you ever get a great domain name, you should never share it or ask for help giving out your domain name. Not even if you think you can trust people. If you have a great domain name just register it. That his quite obvious but I have seen people giving out their domain names asking where to register it. Maybe they dont know or maybe they just trust people to quickly I dont know. But never do that.

Is Tdnam still any good? (Domain Name After Market)

The other day I was about to sign up for the domain name after market. But then I realized I can get better domains than this on ebay. They are irrelevant and hard to spell. So instead of going for the over priced domains on TDNAM, its way better if you are real desperate to just go for ebay domains.

Did you know there are still thousands of great LLLL.nets available? Last night I found two great ones that I have not registered.