Please stop your stupid useless, good for nothing, no content competitions and write some content

Every week I read about some useless competition. Just another useless competition of someone to damn lazy to write a article. If you dont want a damn blog go to stupid bloody myspace and join the circus over there.

Every week I read about some useless competition. Just another useless competition of someone to damn lazy to write a article. If you dont want a damn blog go to stupid bloody myspace and join the circus over there.

But when I see another stupid contest or competition on my rss reader I think I will blow up my screen. Seriously if you start writing content, no let me rephrase that.

IF you start writing any content you wont need to give away your house and your balls just for some low budget visitors. Start writing content. If I see one more stupid contest I will unsubscribe your 1 month old soon to be another useless parked domain.

Please grow up and blog something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simple things you must know about blogging but you might not know it.



If you want friends be friendly

If you cant be friendly at least some times dont expect any great results for your blog. The first thing about blogging is communicating with your readers. That is one of the most important aspects you need to learn about blogging. If you cant be friendly to anyone, you cant make a living out of blogging. See your readers as your customers or even better, see them as your partners. You just have to be friendly to be a successful blogger.

What do I mean with being friendly?

Well if someone links to you, thank them, if someone tells you that you have a nice post, thank them. If someone asks for help, try and help them as far as you can. If you see another blogger making big mistakes and they might get banned from certain affiliates warn them. You might not just gain readers for your blog but you might gain friends as well.

I dont think I need to explain what being friendly is, except that it can take you far in your blogging career and in life.

If you want comments comment

When I started blogging I never knew I had to do so much work for a blog to get comments. My idea was put the blog up and the comments will start flowing in. Well it was not like that until I decided to make friends online and go read other people’s blogs and comment on their blogs and support them. Then only did I start to get comments. You also need to comment on your own blog, if someone comments, comment back to show them that they’re speaking to a person behind the comment system and not just to someone that is far to unavailable to read their comments. People want to know that there is someone on the other side before they can feel part of a person’s community. So communicate back to your readers

Quality is better than quantity.

People find quantity but they come back for quality. SEO and pagerank can not keep your visitors on your blog only good content can. And quality focused content is what makes visitors stay. Hard work in blogging gets visitors. When I was on Amatomu (a south african blogging service) I used to post as much as I can to keep ahead of the others but this was not the right thing to do, it made the quality of my posts to suck. I got visitors but no comments and no real communication from users. But when I started to really give some good information and offer my readers quality or nothing, that is when my blog started to grow. If you dont have something worthwhile to write about, rather write nothing or ask someone to do a guest post for you.

Blogging full time means blogging full time

Some people might want to blog full time but blogging full time is exactly what it means. No holiday and long hours of work. To become a full time blogger you have to put at least 16 hours a day into your blogging career and your blog for the first three to six months or maybe as long as it takes to get going.

Your blog is your brand

Your blog is your brand, advertising and having one logo or colour scheme for all your blogs will help your blogs or brand tremendously. Focus on keeping your avatars the same all the same on all social networks, maybe with your blog’s logo on it. Later on people will start to be familiar with your logo and blog’s brand and will come visit your blog easier. The more you see a brand in front of you the more you trust it. Like most big companies their name is printed on everything. Sometimes the brand is the product. Make your blog the same and print that logo everywhere you can. Submit your logo to as many places as possible where you are a user and can add a profile pic. Use it till you see it on every site you visit. Brand your blog and turn it into a name everyone knows.

No one can kick you from the internet

I have recently been kicked unfairly from a blogging service. The fact is sometimes people will just not like you and they will remove you from their sites/services or whatever it is that you are part of. The best way to handle this is just to go on with your blog. Its not the end of your blogging career. They might be able to kick you from their site but they cant kick you from the internet. Just check, if you can access your site, anyone with a internet connection can. Never let rejection get you down when blogging. Not even trolls in the comments. You can make it if you dont worry about the criticism of others. Anyway criticism can sometimes be a good thing, take what you can learn and what is true and apply it, ignore that which is just there for the sake of trolling.

Spending more time on other blogs makes your blog grow even faster

This is a weird thing but the more you invest time in other people’s blogs the more time they will invest in spending time on your blog. As I said blogging is a two way thing. Spend more time writing quality comments and actually reading other blogs and you will see the results coming straight back to your blog in the form of either the author of the blog or those that read your great and helpful comments.

Good blogging is not determined by how much money you make

You will always find people hanging around those who makes the most on the internet. That does not mean they write the best articles and that does not mean you cant learn from other people. Money only means they have been blogging for some time and they know what they are doing. Although most people that make money online blogging for a living do write great articles but now and then you will find someone with no content of help claiming to make thousands which they might but its not to say their content is as great as the money they make or even better than your blog because you make less.

Traffic comes with blogging but traffic stays with brilliant blogging

One mistake I have made in the past was to find something that people were looking for and just post random crap about it. The content was not outstanding and it just lowered the quality of my blog. Although visitors came for those articles, they vanished from my site just as fast. Typing brilliant blog posts might take longer but it’s worth it. Rather focus on great blogging than traffic and keyword targeting with no real quality behind it. Traffic will come if you concentrate on what you are typing and love what you are doing. That is what makes the difference from someone coming back to your blog or not seeing that person or traffic again.

Your next post is determined by your previous post

This is not exactly a fact but rather a tip. Look at your previous post and make your next blog post better. Always try to keep improving whether it’s by search engine optimization or by using better grammar. (Unlike my grammar)

Building a community takes more than a week

When I first started to blog I though I would have thousands of readers and friends leaving comments and being part of my community but the truth is far from that. Building relationships takes time and sometimes it takes a long time. You have to be part of someone else’s community before expecting them to be part of yours. You have to give input into the lives and blogs of other before you can expect the same. Building a community does not mean you have a bunch of fans that just want your signature. If that is your reason for blogging go do something else, become a actor. Blogging is being part of a community. Without investing time in other people, you cant expect them to invest time in you.

Make money online is much different than making a living online

Anyone can make money online but not everyone can make a living online. The difference is huge. If you want to make money online get Google Adsense and put it on your blog, its as simple as that but to make a living online you have to work full time, and when I mean full time its like no camping etc. Making a living online is harder than having a day job. Sometimes I think I should go back to normal working but then the perks of blogging full time win as usual.

Blogging is a two way thing

There are two sides of blogging. Output and input. If you cant handle people giving input rather go play games. When someone adds something to your post that they see might add value, that does not mean it’s incomplete, it means they are giving input. Exactly what you are supposed to expect from the output of blogging. ( if I can call it that)

Social bookmarking sites are there for a reason

Social bookmarking sites exist for you to find brilliant articles of interest. You might have typed one and no one found it yet. So why not take it one step further and submit it yourself. If no one likes it, it wont go far but the chances are that someone would like your blog post and someone with similar interests will be looking for something similar as you have typed. Social bookmarking sites goes along with search engine optimization. They should be seen as equally important as each other.

SEO does not mean be a dictionary

Dont over do search engine optimization in your typing and writing. It looks stupid if over use certain keywords. You dont have to use words like “search engine optimization” to much. Usually 4 times a article is enough to get some Google traffic.

Your blog can only go as far as you’re willing to take it.

As I wrote here


Advertising makes some people feel like they are not winning with their blogs and traffic but infact it should be the other way around. The richest bloggers in the blogosphere also advertised some time in their life and most still do. Advertising is not about not having enough traffic but its about getting your brand out there and getting noticed by people who you would not otherwise get their attention. Advertising is a positive thing for your blog whether you get no traffic or 1000’s of hits a day. You might have great content but people’s not finding it. Advertising can be a great solution to get your blog going.

Title is as important as content

On most social bookmarking sites the title is the only thing people get to see. Mostly people will come if the title is good. A good title can even make your content look better as long as your content resembles your little. Your title is therefore your most important sentence on your entire post and should be more focused on before posting your content. I used to just give a word as a title until I realized the importance of a title and the effect it has on those who read it. A title is like the voice of your post or the ring to your phone, if its not hard enough you dont pick it up.

Make three months

Trust me on this one, I have had many blogs and they dont all make three months. I start niche blogs to make a bit more cash and sometimes I just choose the wrong topic. In blogging there is a three months mark, which if you get past that your blog has been made or rather made it. Surviving three months is enough to call yourself a blogger. There is more than 120 million blogs online since last time I checked technorati and if you go through some of them the authors just abandoned them after about one or two months.

The only way I can explain is like this:

Imagine going in a rocket to space, the ozone barrier or whatever you call it is the hardest part to get through ( not sure what it’s called) Anyway blogging is like that, the three months mark is like trying to get to that part and break through it. Afterwards you are in space or in the blogosphere. Go on make jokes I know this is a funny way to explain it but I dont have another way to put it.

Be yourself

This is important. One can only act like someone he is not for a certain amount of time. I always wanted my blogs to be written in a certain style that was just not me. Being yourself opens the door for some personality in your blog instead of making it look like you’re reading some book in a library. It shows that someone is behind all these words. A real person.

Take your time and Dont fear

Sometimes you see people that started with you but their blogs is already in the top 5000 on technorati but your’s dont even have a pagerank. Sometimes people blog for 6 months with no results and sometimes it just does not look like your blog will ever be anything big if you look around. The fact is the internet is big and with millions of people online you just have to change your stragedy and double check that you can be found. Crap content will get better with time. Your writing skills and knowledge about your niche or area of blogging will increase.

My point is you have nothing to fear when it comes to blogging. Your blog will make it if you just keep on blogging.

Another thing bloggers fear is that someone will post the article that they are busy with before they post it. You might get a really great idea for a post but you rush it because you are afraid someone else might come up with the post before you. I write this out of experience and I am sure you can relate somehow. This is no way to do it though. Take your time, there is enough place for two people to write about the same thing on the internet. The best is not to but if you’re post accidentally matches that of a top blogger and makes you look like a copy cat when you thought of the post yourself. So what. At least you know you came up with the idea.

Dont go with the flow

One thing that will make your blog stand out from the others and one thing that you need to do early in your blogging is dont go with the flow. When everyone writes about a certain topic it comes like a avalanche, one top blogger blogs it and the rest follow. Writing something and being original separates your from the norm. Make your blog stand out and get your own blogging ideas, even if it seams weird or stupid. You might get some unexpected visitors and amounts of traffic.

Well this is the basic stuff I have learned so far. Or rather some of it. I hope it added value to your blogging and blogging knowledge

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