Noordoewer on the Namibia border in Namibia

Noordoewer is a well known stopping place when you travel to Namibia. Noordoewer is just after the border when entering Namibia from South Africa. If you drive past Nooroewer there is nothing but rocks for miles. It looks like mars without the red.

There is a nice place to stay in Noordoewer and its the best place to stay if you’re headed towards Etosha.

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Worcester is in the Western Cape, South Africa. Just outside of Worcester is Brandvlei dam which is also a great place to visit.

Worcester is a well known stop on the way to Johannesburg.

Worcester is about 190 years old. It was founded in 1820 when two farms called Roodewal and Langerug merged. They named it after Marquis of Worcester who was the brother of the guy that started Somerset West, Lord Charles Somerset who also has a great part in Stellenbosch.

Worcester has many guest houses, hotels and accommodation.

Karoo. The heart of South Africa.

The word “Karoo” comes from the Koisan, otherwise known as the Bushmen. The Bushmen is the tribes of people who have lived there almost since right after the great flood. The Karoo is almost as dry as a desert but it has Karoo plants. The Karoo has a great amount of wild life and animals of every sort and kind can be found there. A lot of times when we think about the Karoo we think about dry forsaken empty landscape with no life and no people but that is far from the truth.

There are two parts of the Karoo. The Great Karoo and the Little Karoo.

Sutherland, South Africa

When I first heard about Sutherland I was very interrested in finding out how it looks. I could not wait to see the stars and walk through the little town. Sutherland is in part of the Karoo if I am correct. We drove hours from Cape Town and when we finally arived in Sutherland we could not believe how such a nice little town can be so hidden.

That was until we started seeing people. The Accommodation where we stayed, there was this weird guy. It seems that people from Sutherland dont see people that often and we were staying in a guest house. The guy that owned the guest houses wanted to have conversations everytime he walked past.

The one night we were braaing he just kinda joined us without even asking. The folks in Sutherland seem a bit strange. So if you are headed that way to go look at the stars check your accommodation and make sure where you stay that its ok.

The place itself feels like you are taken back in time. Its great, no noise of cars or the rush of city life. Nope, in Sutherland its relaxed and not much happens there. I mean its nice. Photography in Sutherland is also great. Sutherland has a lot of old building that are great to photograph. I guess that’s about it for now

Why buying a motorhome in South Africa might be a good idea

Buying a motorhome in South Africa might be a great idea because of the increase in House costs. Think about it. How much do you pay for your house? Do you like your neighbours? Well the thing is, living in a motorhome can be way better than having a house. Now I am not talking about those small motorhomes or those oversized caravans people talk about. I am talking about a real motorhome. Something with enough space for you to actually move around in, and maybe more than one room.

Phoning around and asking how much it is to park your motorhome for a night at almost any camping site in South Africa, you will find out that its around R100 wich is fair for a parking spot, seeing you get water and electricity with it. But this means that at the end of the month you wont be getting that huge water and electricity bill. Buy the time the end of the month comes you have probably payed your motorhome parking spot which means you dont have that.

Think about tax. How much do you pay monthly for your house in tax. That money could of gone for luxuries and upgrading your motorhome or something.

My point is living in a motorhome can be more of a luxury than in a house.

Camping spots and your motorhome. What to look for before you book your camping spot

Traveling in your Motorhome in South Africa can have its downsides but mostly its enjoyable. One downside is when you get to a camping site and you realise that a few things you must have is just not there. So you booked for a week and you cant really stay because of one of these issues:

No electricity

Many camping sites or rather most camping sites have electricity but now and then you get to a camping site that does not have electricity, And if you have a luxury motorhome and want your things to work you better phone the camping site before the time and find out if they have electricity.

Toilet pump dump

Driving for with your motorhome and you get to your camping site, maybe you want to let those toxic things you left behind go out into the sewer but you realize that there is no place you can empty your toilet tanks. Always make sure if you are planning on emptying your toilet tanks that there is a place to do this.


Water is one of the basic things in life you need to survive. But the funny thing is, we have come to a place that has no water. No a tap or anything. Yes, these people did not tell us. So for the most important part of your motorhome trip, make sure you have enough water and if you go to a camping site, just ask. You might sound a bit stupid but its worth the risk.

10 Things you can use to promote your site

Typed some time ago, never posted.

1. Stumbleupon

Its not wrong to promote your site using social bookmarking utilities and websites, as long as you do not pay people to promote it more than you can do on your own. Be honest, use one account and if people like what you have stumbled they will give it a thumbs up. Some say stumbleupon give more traffic than, this may be true but there is one thing about stumbleupon that i like which is the traffic that comes from stumbleupon is more stretched out, Meaning you get traffic for longer.


Digg is a social network where people vote stuff up and the more diggs something has the higher up it goes till it makes the frontpage. When something hits the frontpage its called the digg effect which sometimes crashes servers and gives you instant traffic, but that traffic might not last. Digg is a great way to get traffic to your site. Again use one account if you are going to digg you own articles. Dont use fake accounts because they check you IP anyway. Rather be more honest, if people like it, they will digg it up. At least it spares you the embarrassment if they dont like it. Then no one will see it.

3. Yoono

Yoono is a bookmarking service. If you install the toolbar you basicly share your favourites. Like for instance, Say we bookmark our own site, and we have say as another bookmark, then when someone visits they might see you site in the toolbar if enough other people has your site bookmarked as well.

4. For bloggers

Leave comments, but dont just leave any comments, leave quality comments, do it on sites that you really read. There is a rise in people making comments just to get there site on there. Thats not nice, especially those short comments that dont mean much. I used to do this until i learned its wrong. Interact with other bloggers, give feedback if someone comments on your site.

5. Write quality content

You cant have a website without having some good content and images without description wont help unless you describe the images or have some good meta tags. Make sure to have unique content. Sometimes we just want to get the content out there not caring how good the articles or posts are, rather make it quality then you will keep the visitors that come from search engines.

6. Start a referrer program

You can start a referrer program to get incoming links, that will raise your page rank as well. A good way to do this is get incoming links that has the same topic as your site.

7. If you have a entertainment site

Start a myspace for you site. It worked for they have a myspace account and the traffic is coming in as you can see on their links section, myspace is one of them that brings in the most traffic.

Here are the others I have not tried



10. If you have a site that recently started and its kind of a social networking site, why not submit it to

What to do before you advertise your blog



1. Figure out what your blog is about and make it clear to others People that know you might want to read your personal stuff about your dog and your slippers. Even regular readers wont mind if something is off topic but if you advertise your blog, those people dont know you and if they cant figure out why they are visiting your site you have just lost the point in advertising. Just remember the reason you advertise your blog is to reach a goal and also get a bit of visitors as a bonus.


2. What is your goal If you dont have a goal stop right there. You dont need to advertise if you dont have a goal. Heck you dont even need to blog if you dont have a goal. But if your goal is traffic from advertising in newspapers and magazines you need to have some linkbait. You cant just advertise and write nice stuff about who you are because people dont care who you are. Your goal needs to have a few points to it. Maybe you want to increase advertisers on your blog but then you have to advertise with the advertising as the link bait. Something like: "Get your site seen by thousands of whatever people in your niche." Get the picture? Not having a goal and advertising with nothing to reach will in the first place not be useful and will show you no results. I guess you should get the drift by now.


3. Show your best posts on the front page All your posts might not be that great, maybe like all my posts arent great but if you want to advertise make sure you can put your best posts on the front page. If you cant then you can always get a magazine theme for wordpress. Most of them allow you to promote your best posts to the front page.


4. Keep at least one advertising space open You might have a great blog but if you advertise make another space for when people come to your blog. You might get some new advertisers. Mostly when people have no extra advertising space they skip asking or inquiring about advertising. Some people might disagree with this but you can leave your comment.


5. Local If you advertise local but you have a international blog, explain to people what the benefit is of advertising or visiting your blog. Display a small banner displaying the area you live in. Those who visit your blog might feel more comfortable and familiar about the fact that you feel close to them. Dont ask, this really works.


6. Contact Make sure your contact page works, if you advertise and you need people to contact you, you must provide a way other than leaving in your comments. I dont have one now but whenever advertising I make sure people can find me and know where to contact me. Well…. not where to find but where to contact.


7. Shop If you have a shop make sure people can see it and that it is part of your site and not some foreign page that looks entire different from your blog. Also get your shop ready and make it clear what you sell by advertising some products on your frontpage. This does not always work. Depends on the blog you have. There is probably tons of other things you can do but I just wanted to share these. Be sure to join the feed or leave a comment. Thanks for visiting.

Stop being such a serious blogger

Imagine you have no readers. Or you get banned by google, your site crashes and you have to start from scratch. Yes that will suck and it will also remind you to make regular backups.

Now imagine something smaller like posting to many off topic posts or not using images in your post. Big deal right?
Well it is for some people, especially people in the blogging about blogging niche. Yes the overcrowded one.

To me it makes no sense to rant on about using images, replying to your commentators and all that stuff. If you enjoy blogging wont you automatically do those stuff. If you really know what you are talking about do you really have to care about who is linking to you? Well to a certain extent yes, but dont over do it.

Nowadays people focus more on the structure of blogging than the blogging itself and it does not take long before someone like that realizes he really does know what he is talking about and does something else.

Especially discussions in comments. People get so serious. Why? Its not like you will get elected for pope or anything.

Blogging should be fun and if you make money with it great. Even if your blog is your only income, that’s great but there is a certain point where it almost starts looking like a obsession where everything has to be perfect and when a other blogger makes a mistake you really dont have to write a blog post about how wrong they are. Just comment in their blog and maybe you will see why they say certain things.

Back to the point. Blogging is a hobby and can also be a job. But in blogging there is so much politics. If you stay out of that policits you can be a more happy and successful blogger.

I have had people actually do a entire blog post on their blogs just to show that I dont have a about page. I dont care, i have one now but if I did not I would not care. Big deal, so they think my blog sucks cause I did not have a about page, but its not the end of the world is it?

Enjoy blogging and dont get to serious.


Blog, What is blogging?


A blog is the short name for the original meaning “weblog”. A weblog is where posts or articles from a person or many people are displayed in date order. “Blog” can also be a action or a verb that means do post to a blog or update a blog

Many blogs blog about a certain topic, meaning they post articles every now and then or mostly daily about a certain topic or subject, this is also called niche blogging . On the other hand other people use blogs as something personal, where they blog about personal things and share it with friends or the world on their blogs.

Normally a blog exists out of text, images, links, videos and the normal articles and blog posts. But one of the most important parts of a blog is the comments. Blogging and comments goes together, if you have a blog without comments you probably have a website only and not a blog. A blog should be interactive.

You also get micro blogging which has really lifted off in the past year. Technorati tracks already more than 113 000 000 blogs worldwide.


Most people still use WordPress to blog, WordPress is still considered as the leading open source blogging platform for many. Althouth with the release of Drupal 6 some people have turned there but WordPress still rules as the blogging cms platform


Many people have gotten a name in the blogging industry or blogging world and now live of their blogs. This has caused a explosion in the Make money niche.

The make money niche is niche blogs that blog about the “make money online” niche. While most of these bloggers make a quick buck or two the most of them still cant live from their blogs.


A few years ago big corporate companies could easily whip out a small blog and he could not be found. But blogging has become more famous than almost any other publishing platform and more people read blogs today than people that read newspapers and news on the tv.

The competition in blogging for a living is huge.

This post will be edited as time goes by.

Blogging off topic

One of the things you must know by blogging off topic is that you will lose readers. But blogging off topic might just be the best thing your blog can get.

If you stick to one topic all the time but you have other interests, why not try and blog about those interests. I was surprised by the amount of new readers I got when I started to blog about other topics than blogging.

Knowing where you are taking your site is the first step to not being focussed on the wrong statistics. Rss readers are important but if your goal is a multi topic site you might want to consider getting a theme where people can subscribe to the individual topics.

My blog is like that, you may notice you can subscribe to the categories on their own. That way if your interest is only blogging you can be subscribed to only the blog posts about blogging.

Just a thought.

Tell me what you think.

Speed Racer – trailer

The quality of the trailer is a bit crappy but the best I could find to actually post. The movie seems rather cliche and a little adolescent (more for kids) but hey first have to see it. One up is Christina Ricci plays in it I have always thought she was a good actress good looking and everything but after her photo’s in BlackBook magazine she is really really hot very sensual. So the movie isn’t that exciting visit the site and judge for yourself me I’m not holding my breath but it won’t be the first time I’m wrong.

What Happens in Vegas – Trailer

What Happens In Vegas is definitely my type of movie allot of comedy a little romance good looking woman and an actual interesting plot. These days there are very few good comedies out there all a little on the bizarre and vulgar side. This however looks brilliant. A guy and girl go to Vegas separately met up wake up married on parting words she gives him a quarter he puts it in a slot machine and they win $3 million wow then a judge says the first to want to divorce losses they’re share in the money. That is a recipe for mayhem two strangers married trying to force the other to leave first. And a bonus the female lead is Cameron Diaz I just love her! She is gorgeous, sexy and sassy plus she can act. They got Ashton Kutcher as the male lead. Well he is a bit of an goof I believe thats not acting just being himself. Still he has always delivered and he is easy on the eye the ladies would appreciate that.

Iron Man – Theatrical Trailer

This looks good. When I saw the poster I thought another action hero bunch of crap, I was wrong this actually looks like it would be good. It’s about a man that sell weapons who is taken prisoner then he makes this suit to escape then improves it. A lot of action, a lot of stunts and special effects.

War Inc – trailer

War Inc. is a movie about a assassin played by John Cusack. Boy does he play allot of assassin’s especially the funny kind. Plus they have thrown in Hilary Duff in a unusual role for her as and sexy pop star. With a bunch of other brilliant actors and what seems to be a very funny script this is going to be a very good movie not to be missed.

The Accidental Husband – Trailer

A good Romantic Comedy that is a tipicle chick flick 🙂 just my sort of movie. With Uma Thurman as the leading lady this would be an excellent movie.

If you want friends be friendly

Have you ever read someone talking about blogging friends? How does one make these friends? I have to agree being friends with someone you have never even seen does sound a bit weird but a lot of people that are blogging friends and have great impact on each other’s lives, most of them sometimes dont even know how the other person looks. That is the great thing of blogging. You make friends and they stick with you and help your blog grow. The thing is you cant just sit around and wait for these blogging friends. No one will just come up to your blog and start being your friend. You have to give into other bloggers lives and blogs before you can make these type of blogging friends. The point? If you want other people to help you grow your blog you first have to help them.

6 Benefits of having your own website

Make money

one of the more obvious reasons is to make money, you can start a business, a blog or whatever interests you, you can later change it to suit you better.

Showcase you cv

You can have a website to showcase your cv, instead of sending people your cv in only text, send it to them as a url as well. That will impress them more, especially if you are a graphic designer. I have seen some of the most impresive cv’s online in the form of a websites. Some payed blog jobs only look at your blog to give you the job. For webdesigners you dont even need a cv all you need is a website.

Express yourself

With you own website you can start a blog and type what you want, some social networking sites and some blog hosting places wont let you type certain things. For example express yourself politically with no filtering.

Use your website as your central place on the internet.

With so many widgets to choose from and rss feeds you can turn you own website into a brilliant start page directly to the links and things you use daily.

You can also embed more than one search engine at a time and make the site like you want it. You can even use iframes since you are not building the site for other people or search engines but for yourself.

Keep the domain for later.

You can always look for a great domain name and park it even if you dont use it. Later on when all the domains are taken in your country you can sell it for a lot of money.

Stay in touch with friends.

A lot of social networking sites allows you to feed your profile and comments. Why not intergrate it into your own website.

Use it as a business card

Put all your contact details on there and only give people your url to see everything they need to know about you or your business.

Blogging with passion the way to make money online

If you are blogging for money online and do not actually have a passion in what you are writing, you might as well stop. If you consider and think by yourself if you would blog without any money. If you dont make any money, would you continue blogging? If your answer is yes, then you have a chance of making money.

Unless you enjoy what you are doing and blogging about you will not be able to blog for years about it. It takes years to get a good income from blogging.

Blogging takes a lot of patience and a lot of waiting for things to happen. Blogging about something that you really dont have that much interest in will let you look at your stats all the time. But if you enjoy what you are doing then you wont check your stats every 5 minutes because you wont really care if you are blogging for 5 people or 100 people.

Blogging because you have interest in a topic is a great way of growing knowledge and getting to know more about that topic as you learn you blog.

Hobby blogging usually turn into real good cash because if you have passion about that certain hobby you would usually have new posts to write about. Excitement is the key to growing a blog and blogging really great articles. Some might disagree but if you are not excited to blog your next post and you feel you have to write it you are forcing yourself to write great content that really is not there.

So relax, enjoy blogging and focus on your passion in blogging.