Blogging off topic

One of the things you must know by blogging off topic is that you will lose readers. But blogging off topic might just be the best thing your blog can get.

If you stick to one topic all the time but you have other interests, why not try and blog about those interests. I was surprised by the amount of new readers I got when I started to blog about other topics than blogging.

Knowing where you are taking your site is the first step to not being focussed on the wrong statistics. Rss readers are important but if your goal is a multi topic site you might want to consider getting a theme where people can subscribe to the individual topics.

My blog is like that, you may notice you can subscribe to the categories on their own. That way if your interest is only blogging you can be subscribed to only the blog posts about blogging.

Just a thought.

Tell me what you think.

Speed Racer – trailer

The quality of the trailer is a bit crappy but the best I could find to actually post. The movie seems rather cliche and a little adolescent (more for kids) but hey first have to see it. One up is Christina Ricci plays in it I have always thought she was a good actress good looking and everything but after her photo’s in BlackBook magazine she is really really hot very sensual. So the movie isn’t that exciting visit the site and judge for yourself me I’m not holding my breath but it won’t be the first time I’m wrong.

What Happens in Vegas – Trailer

What Happens In Vegas is definitely my type of movie allot of comedy a little romance good looking woman and an actual interesting plot. These days there are very few good comedies out there all a little on the bizarre and vulgar side. This however looks brilliant. A guy and girl go to Vegas separately met up wake up married on parting words she gives him a quarter he puts it in a slot machine and they win $3 million wow then a judge says the first to want to divorce losses they’re share in the money. That is a recipe for mayhem two strangers married trying to force the other to leave first. And a bonus the female lead is Cameron Diaz I just love her! She is gorgeous, sexy and sassy plus she can act. They got Ashton Kutcher as the male lead. Well he is a bit of an goof I believe thats not acting just being himself. Still he has always delivered and he is easy on the eye the ladies would appreciate that.

Iron Man – Theatrical Trailer

This looks good. When I saw the poster I thought another action hero bunch of crap, I was wrong this actually looks like it would be good. It’s about a man that sell weapons who is taken prisoner then he makes this suit to escape then improves it. A lot of action, a lot of stunts and special effects.

War Inc – trailer

War Inc. is a movie about a assassin played by John Cusack. Boy does he play allot of assassin’s especially the funny kind. Plus they have thrown in Hilary Duff in a unusual role for her as and sexy pop star. With a bunch of other brilliant actors and what seems to be a very funny script this is going to be a very good movie not to be missed.

If you want friends be friendly

Have you ever read someone talking about blogging friends? How does one make these friends? I have to agree being friends with someone you have never even seen does sound a bit weird but a lot of people that are blogging friends and have great impact on each other’s lives, most of them sometimes dont even know how the other person looks. That is the great thing of blogging. You make friends and they stick with you and help your blog grow. The thing is you cant just sit around and wait for these blogging friends. No one will just come up to your blog and start being your friend. You have to give into other bloggers lives and blogs before you can make these type of blogging friends. The point? If you want other people to help you grow your blog you first have to help them.

6 Benefits of having your own website

Make money

one of the more obvious reasons is to make money, you can start a business, a blog or whatever interests you, you can later change it to suit you better.

Showcase you cv

You can have a website to showcase your cv, instead of sending people your cv in only text, send it to them as a url as well. That will impress them more, especially if you are a graphic designer. I have seen some of the most impresive cv’s online in the form of a websites. Some payed blog jobs only look at your blog to give you the job. For webdesigners you dont even need a cv all you need is a website.

Express yourself

With you own website you can start a blog and type what you want, some social networking sites and some blog hosting places wont let you type certain things. For example express yourself politically with no filtering.

Use your website as your central place on the internet.

With so many widgets to choose from and rss feeds you can turn you own website into a brilliant start page directly to the links and things you use daily.

You can also embed more than one search engine at a time and make the site like you want it. You can even use iframes since you are not building the site for other people or search engines but for yourself.

Keep the domain for later.

You can always look for a great domain name and park it even if you dont use it. Later on when all the domains are taken in your country you can sell it for a lot of money.

Stay in touch with friends.

A lot of social networking sites allows you to feed your profile and comments. Why not intergrate it into your own website.

Use it as a business card

Put all your contact details on there and only give people your url to see everything they need to know about you or your business.

Blogging with passion the way to make money online

If you are blogging for money online and do not actually have a passion in what you are writing, you might as well stop. If you consider and think by yourself if you would blog without any money. If you dont make any money, would you continue blogging? If your answer is yes, then you have a chance of making money.

Unless you enjoy what you are doing and blogging about you will not be able to blog for years about it. It takes years to get a good income from blogging.

Blogging takes a lot of patience and a lot of waiting for things to happen. Blogging about something that you really dont have that much interest in will let you look at your stats all the time. But if you enjoy what you are doing then you wont check your stats every 5 minutes because you wont really care if you are blogging for 5 people or 100 people.

Blogging because you have interest in a topic is a great way of growing knowledge and getting to know more about that topic as you learn you blog.

Hobby blogging usually turn into real good cash because if you have passion about that certain hobby you would usually have new posts to write about. Excitement is the key to growing a blog and blogging really great articles. Some might disagree but if you are not excited to blog your next post and you feel you have to write it you are forcing yourself to write great content that really is not there.

So relax, enjoy blogging and focus on your passion in blogging.