Why I dont read other blogs about blogging.

There are many blogs out there that show you how to make money and how to have a succesful blog. But the other day I read a comment on a blog somewhere. That really made me think about how I read tips the same way other people read them. Lets say for instance you read one of these A-list blogger’s blogs and they give “you” a tip. If you think about it, 30000-50000 other bloggers got the same tip from the same blog. Now they also know the tactics and when they see it they will know that you got it at the same place and all you are doing is a marketing scheme or whatever the tips was about. Then that shows just how unoriginal your blog is.

You get my point ?

So how do people make money on the internet?

Well it all starts with a blog. Most people that claim to make money online either has a really old and long running blog or they are talking nonsense or they have more than one blog which is my case as well.

When you want to make money on the internet the idea is to not aim for $1000’s the first few months. Maybe you can make that much money if you keep on and dont give up blogging. But when you start aim for something simple, like $50 for the first month.

I guess I have to stick with the title now and tell you how bloggers make money on the internet.

A blogger runs a blog like this. He updates it every now and then with great content. Then people otherwise known as readers come to your blog to see your interresting articles that you may have written.

When they come to your blog they will also notice these ads all over your blog, now these ads depend on where you sign up. If you sign up with Google Adsense you will have the code embedded and that will generate relevant ads next to your articles you have written. So when one of those readers come to your blog they see more interresting things to click on. And when they do you make a small amount of money for everyone that clicks on those ads. Simple.

So the more people or readers you have coming to your blog, the more money you can possibly make.

Now that is the most simple way I can explain it.

Do you have a business blogging plan to make money online?

With any business you need a business plan. The same goes with blogging, especially full time blogging. You need to plan how you are going to achieve certain blogging goals. Dividing a goal into “getting there” parts will be way easier than running around and blogging all day with no plan.

When you have a plan you know if you blog is growing and if you are actually climbing the blogging ranks. If you dont have a plan you dont actually know if you are half way to your goal or if you have not even started.

If you dont have a plan how do you track your progress? I have been blogging for some time now. I have some other blogs as well and I have a goal, but today I realized that to get to that goal I would have to set up a plan, almost like a business plan. You know write the vision and make it plain.

So if your dream is to become a full time blogger you really should have steps layed out on how to get there. Even if its 100’s of small steps.

happy blogging

Make money online blogging in South Africa. Bloggers get rich.

South Africa is not yet flooded with sites of all sorts. Starting a site and embedding things like Google Adsense or Adbrite, you might make more money online than you think. This is because the dollar is as of now R8 per $1. So every dollar you make which is not that much amounts to R8. The average blogger that blogs for money makes around $50 a day. Now that might not sound like a lot but if you turn that into south africa rand it equals R400 a day. Which is not that bad.

Google Adsense, the more ads you have on your page the less money you make online

Using Google Adsense still makes money online, and the great thing about Google Adsense is that you can almost use it on any site without adult content. But there is one thing that many people still dont know about Google Adsense. The more Google ads you have on a page the less you make per click.

So if you have one ad on your site, you would make more if someone clicked once on that ad than you would make if you have 3 ads on your site which is also the maximum for Google Adsense that you may use on your site.

So the more ad spaces and the more ads displayed means less money. Even if someone would click on one ad every time a visitor would come to your site, it would still mean less money than if you have one ad on your site that someone would click.

So its best to test out which ad gets clicked the most on your site if you are using Google Adsense and take out the other ads.

Messing with the theme, make more money online

People expect certain functions on a blog at a certain place on the blog. Usually the post are in the middle and then links on the right, here and there a ad. But what if you changed that, let the ad be in the middle, and the content on the side with maybe a feature article in the middle below the ad. That would change the normal habit of just clicking in the middle. But it will also increase your payout and you will make more money online because people will click where they expect content. Especially in South Africa where people are not that web savvy yet. Mess around with the theme and make the ads part of the content. That way people will actually click on it on purpose.

Use what you can or what you have to make money online or to make a living online

If you can design you can make lots of money doing freelancing on the internet. You really only need a website. Even a blog. The market is so filled with people looking for freelancers that the people that is doing freelancing almost dont get a break. Many freelancers, especially in South Africa are loaded with work. And in a country like South Africa that is a good thing. Money does not just come flowing to your in a country like South Africa.

But many people think now they cant design, there are more ways to make money online or rather make a living online. Everyday people require writers, copywriters, email readers, photographers and you can get those jobs all through the internet.

There are many companies online that freelancers can go to and register, as well as the potential customers so then these companies introduces the freelancer and the contracter or client.

I will feature some places you can register in a later post.

Make money on the internet slowly

Making money on the internet the legal and decent way can take some time. But that is time worth the wait. Making money online is a long process, it can take months before you see your balance go up. But once you start to make money the chances are that it wont go down again. You need a few things to make money online some of which are

Make money online in South Africa with Adbrite

While there are not many things available to South Africans to make money online, you can always use Google Adsense. But if you are not interested or maybe banned from Google Adsense you can use Adbrite. Adbrite has a lot of ways to make money from your blog. Including is full page ads, mouse over ads and the normal banner and text ads. Adbrite does use the content no your site to generate ads but rather people bid on ads. You can choose who advertises on your site or you can just leave it on automatic. The best way to use Adbrite is just to leave it on auto ads. That way its less work. But there are some weird ads especially those flickering ones which you would want to remove from your site. Its easy to reject certain ads which gives you more control about what ads display on your site or blog.

Blogging is a slow process. Three things we have to wait for on our blogs.

When you want a successful blog there will be a lot of waiting and blogging can become really painstakingly time consuming. But in the end it will be worth the wait.

When you want a successful blog there are a few things you have to wait for. I will try to explain some of them here.
Wait for traffic from Search Engines.

There are ways to get instant search engine traffic but for small niche blogs this might not be that easy. Especially if you have a very small niche blog. Waiting so long for search engines to send you some traffic can come very discouraging.

6 things to use your blog for


You can use your blog to showcase your cv and when someone asks for your cv you can jsut send them a link. Or you can send them straight to the download link instead of having to email it for them and hope they get it.


You can use your website for a journal what most people do. They write their personal stuff in it and just blog about their personal lifes instead of having a book form journal. This is actually how some of the first blogs started.


You can use your website to upload all your photos for your familly and friends to view


If you are a designer you can use your website to display all your designs

Contact place

If you are a traveler who does not stay in one country longer than a week you might want to use a website as a place for everyone to contact you. Sort of like a homebase.


You can blog full time. With all the opportunities online now days you can blog full time and make money and a living from working on your blog

Dont be put of by better bloggers

When you have a niche blog you sometimes will stumble upon other sites that might be better than your own site and you will think to yourself that they have filled the gap and its almost discouraging to see that unfortunately that market has been filled. But dont give up just yet.

The internet is big enough for the both of you. Learn from them and apply it in your blog, even your competition if you have maybe a local blog, learn from their mistakes and things you see where you can improve your blog.

Never feel as if your blog will never get where that one blog is that you look up to so highly, if you keep on blogging your blog will eventually get there as well.

The success in blogging is to keep on blogging and not giving up, no matter how bad your blog is, it can only get better as you learn your way around your niche.