Dairy.com a great use for a great name



Dairy.com is launching as guess what… A diary.

Diary.com is in beta stages and could be the answer for moving your entire dairy online and having access to it from anywhere in the world

On Dairy.com upon registration you’ll be given two types of diaries. One for private and one to share your stuff with the world. This is kind of how blogging started but anyway.

You can pretty much use Diary.com as your personal blog by the looks of it. Dairy.com looks like a social network and a personal diary online put together in one great green site.

Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.

That is the message tweeters are so often used to. Many leaving this great social network, others just waiting till the message goes away.

There are so many twitter addicts, i have no idea what they do in times like this. The thing that gets me is how does twitter make money. I am no social media php developer or whatever it may be called but I just dont see how such a big social network can run without any ads. Sure there have been posts about them getting ads and all that but its been a few months and they still not have any ads on.

Anyway I am just wondering how a social network that uses so many servers and bandwidth can run without ads and still be successful.

Fromtheold new design

Because of the size of the old look and feel we had to get another not so heavy on the bandwidth and faster loading theme.

We went for a minimal look to focus more on content and the articles we publish.

We are also upgrading quality of content and authors now should have their own usernames that blog here.

If you would like to blog on fromtheold feel free to use the contact page.

Also expect some new articles about blogging and WordPress as we will be moving some sites here.

Sophie Monks music video 'One Breath Away'


I wanted to hear how she sings. I’m so used to all these talentless woman who are famous for they’re looks that I was surprised that Sophie can actually sing. And pretty good as well. The song is a bit sappy and the actual music was on the tacky side but her voice is stunning. Ah I can smile again she isn’t just a pretty face.

Desperate Housewives photo shoot promoting season 5
















Ooh!This looks fun!Desperate Housewives is my favorite tv series. They are going skip 5 years and take of from there. So exciting I love how they almost always manage to do something no one else has. I can’t wait to see what has happened to everyone. I went and read about the upcoming season and don’t want to spoil things but I believe there are going to be a couple of surprises.

desperate_housewives_019 desperate_housewives_020  desperate_housewives_02 desperate_housewives_03 desperate_housewives_04 desperate_housewives_05 desperate_housewives_06 desperate_housewives_07 desperate_housewives_8 desperate_housewives_9 desperate_housewives_010 desperate_housewives_011 desperate_housewives_012 desperate_housewives_014 desperate_housewives_015 desperate_housewives_016 desperate_housewives_017 desperate_housewives_018

95% of Helderberg in one photo


This is most of Helderberg captured on one photo. Also taken with a Canon 450d with a Sigma 18-200mm lens. In the front is Gordons Bay and then to the left is Somerset West and Strand. I think i missed a part of Strand though.