Time to panic – Zuma tells us not to panic

After half the cabinet left on Tuesday because of Mbeki being fired Jacob Zuma the country’s new not so hopeful announced we should not panic. The guy that is running for president with eish 783 charges against him.Yes the same guy that avoids court like a cat avoids being pissed upon. The same guy who’s second hand sidekick is now in jail. He now tells us not to worry and not to panic.

Now some bloke no one has ever heard of called Kgalema Motlanthe is given the task to drive this rat race further into the shit hole. They appointed him as president for a while until the boss can take over.

As soon as half the broken empire told the rest of the nation they are quiting we soon saw the rand tumble like a downhill bicycle race. More like a scene from jackass if you ask me. Yes those bunch of jail breakers quit their lazy ass jobs. Does anyone give a crap except worry about who the next people will be and drive this place further into a deep shit hole.

So at this time the madness really hits us and the minister of finance decides to stay again. Maybe the new gov em meent told him he’d get another farm when they finally rip the rest of the white population off by that dreadful shit we call BEE and AA.

Anyway. This is all a bunch of crap. We’ll just have to see how the next bunch of nitwits wipe out the rest of the economy.

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Happy-Go-Lucky movie trailor

This is one of the most light hearted movie’s I have ever seen. Poppy is a happy and very positive person but not a lot of people understand her. When things start to go wrong in her life everyone waits to see if her positive outlook would hold.

Personally I love British comedies and I think I would love to see this one for myself. We have enough negativity in the real world we don’t need to see it on screen. So this is a nice change 🙂


Firefox is pissing me off. why does it keep on hanging. I loose all my work everytime it hang every 5 minutes.

Firefox is making me think of immigrating my browser to something lighter. I am using Firefox and its on Ubuntu. But every time certain videos load Firefox hangs. Not just that when I do certain things it just hangs. Like it cant handle the stress of a few tabs. I am hearing that there are some browsers faster than Firefox that does not load. One of these is built in Macs called whatever. I am so annoyed right now. I cant do a decent job with Firefox, I refuse to use IE or anything Microsoft has to bloat my computer. But what the heck do I use that does not crash every 5 minutes.

What a restaurant can teach you about blogging.

Tools ref44.png In a kitchen you need special tools for everything you need to do. With certain tools you can not just use them no matter how great they are. Because they will just not work for what you are trying to do. You cant cook in a fridge no matter how great the fridge is, it just wont work.



The same goes with blogging. You really should use something like WordPress that is MADE for blogging and not something else that you can use for blogging but its not made for blogging. A good example of this: When I started blogging I preferred to use Drupal, which is a great cms but its not made especially for blogging. Its made for websites in the general. So since I am not a genius when it comes to Drupal I did not know how people can leave their url in the comment when they leave a comment. That resulted in less comments because why would they comment if they cant leave their url or email address. Like I mentioned I am not a genius when it comes to blogging I did ask for help on Drupal.org but not getting it I had to change my entire blog to something that had everything I needed like the comments. So going with Drupal which is made for blogs I learned it and now I would not use anything else to blog with. Because the tool fits the needs and the end result is better because I used a tool made for what I wanted to do. Dont get me wrong please, I use Drupal for many of my sites. Drupal is the best CMS for websites out there, but WordPress is by far the best BLOGGING cms or whatever you call it.



Timing ref45.png Knowing when to bring food out and when to ask your guests questions is very important. You dont want to interrupt them while they are busy. Especially if they are still reading the menu. You should give them time to read the menu first before asking them what they want. Posting your content at the correct time does matter. You can post in the middle of then night but then you might miss the immediate buzz that posts get when they are fresh. Posting content at the correct time is very important. Also posting seasonal things when its the season. Posting things relevant to Christmas when its Christmas will also give your blog a seasonal boost. Just like restaurants have seasonal traffic. Clean ref46.png Of course a restaurant has to be clean, would you go to a filthy restaurant? I wont. If those things are on the wall and floor just think what would be in the food. You see if you have really ugly and annoying ads all over your site that would show a preview of what the content would be like. Annoying flashing ads show a dirty blog that wants to make money more than focusing on great content.



Multitasking ref47.png Working in a kitchen you must be able to multi task. You have to check the timers, do ten things at a time, prepare 100 meals in a short space of three hours. Kitchen multitasking can also be stressful since you might not know where to grab first and you also have to check that nothing gets burned and the temperature is correct for all things that are busy cooking. If you are a new blogger the work is even harder. Because you are not used to it. Blogging involves multi tasking. Checking your emails, reading your comments and moderating, checking your ads and stats, coming up with great content and writing that content, making new friends, promoting your blog on social bookmarking sites, focusing on getting traffic. There are so many things you need to do. Especially went it comes to full time blogging. Then this becomes your job! Spices ref48.png Without spices we have to understand that some foods just wont taste that great. Some foods are made for the spices they come with. A great example of this is chicken tika. It would just be plain chicken without the tika spice. If you write long paragraphs with no spaces or bold or italics you might not get the attention your blog deserves because people can only focus so long on content without the "spice" You have to make it easy for your readers to actually read your content. Make things bold where you can, add spaces and write certain things in italics to separate them from each other and to avoid one long paragraph looking the same through out.



Hot or Cold ref49.png Nobody likes Food that must be hot and is cold or food that should be cold that is hot. Imagine serving someone frozen pie. The chances are that they would ever come back to the restaurant is basically zero. Knowing when exactly the food is the correct temperature is sometimes hard because everyone has different levels they like their food. But knowing more or less when the food is ready is very important. Knowing how often to post is not that hard if you look around on your niche, just look at the posting regularity of other blogs in your niche that is doing great. And use their time frame of posting for your blog as well. Posting to much would make your visitors annoyed, sort of like over heated food, and not enough posts would be like food that just has not come to the table quick enough. Usually big blogs post 2 or 3 times a week and maybe throw in a snack between the meals.


Healthy ref50.png Making food with to much oil is bad for you. Serving oily food in a restaurant might just be the last time you will see those visitors you serve it to. No one wants a plate where the food floats around in cooking oil. A plate full of oil shows a bad cook or chef. Do you know what you are talking about on your blog or are you a chef that does not know your spoon from your cup? Trust me, not knowing the topic you blog about can make you look a bit unprofessional.



Space ref51.png Dont you just hate it when entering a restaurant and you finally get to your seat to discover that the guy behind you basically sits with you at the table because there is just no space to move? Or a really small restaurant has way to much tables to make more money but then it’s really cramped? Well the same goes for your content. You need to have some open spaces in your content. Maybe not on your frontpage but when reading a article on your blog people do not want 100’s of things in the middle of the content. Put it on the side and they will go there if they have the need to, but dont try to rub things in your visitors faces by shoving it in your content.



Tasting reff11.png Have you ever watched a movie where the chef in the kitchen tastes his food and making weird noises saying how great it tastes? What if he does not taste it first? How would he know that it’s ready for hungry people to consume? How will he even knows that his recipy has worked if he does not at least taste a spoon full? The same goes for blogging. You have to know what works for your audience. You have to taste it yourself and see if that is really what they want. You should really check if those things you have contained in that one article really works or if you are using your readers as lab rats. You should see if that what you are writing about now really works, check your stats and if it does not bring you visitors change your recipe. Change the way you do things and test it before going final.



Washing up reff2.png Dirty dishes makes a kitchen look cluttered, Inside the restaurant it makes your tables look dirty and unattended to. When having a restaurant clean tables should be one of the highest priorities because people compare how things look on the outside of a kitchen with how it looks on the inside of the kitchen. Even the bathroom. If the bathroom is dirty in restaurant you can expect the kitchen to look the same. You cant just leave your comments to let them be. You need to reply to those who have digested and eaten your content, and actually took the time to post a comment. You also have to remove spam comments from your blog as soon as you see them because this looks like dirty dishes as the example above. Clean comments makes a clean and inviting blog.



Eating reff3.png Have you ever had a steak or meat, so hard that you were even embarrassed you actually took people to that restaurant you got that food at? Have you ever ordered something that you just could not swallow? I know I have. That is why it is important to find out first who your audience is before you prepare your content. Finding out who your audience is will give you the opportunity to prepare that content in a easy way for them to digest it. A good example of this is: when you write about blogging tips and you start talking about <h1> which is better on search engines than normal text and all that stuff that’s actually got to do with more than just basic tips. If you have just basic readers that wants tips like: write a list and get more traffic. You will be missing it. Provide the relevant content for the audience you are targeting.


Clean hands reff4.png Having dirty hands while preparing food is just wrong, as well when eating food your hands should be clean. Bringing in your daily life with you, all those germs and then someone has to eat it? Clean hands is equal to original content. Do you live from someone else’s content? Do you write about what other people write all the time. Do you copy content that you really dont have permission to copy it? The reason I use germs and clean hands to compare these types of bloggers is because they are parasites and live from other people’s content much like some germs do.


Sauce reff5.png Would those chips taste that great without ketchup? I thought not. Even if the chips are some of the best ever made, if you are such a big fan of ketchup as I am you would still want that bottle of ketchup. Some things just taste better with sauce, even though it might be great without it, it will just not be complete without it. Same goes for blogging. If you have images in your posts, its just that one thing that makes great content complete. Using those images to express your post will benefit your blog more than you will think. They say a picture says a thousand words, now if you can find that perfect picture that would say a thousand words about your content you have found the correct image.


Passion and inspiration reff6.png Inspiration and passion is what drives most chefs to do what they do. Standing for long hours in a hot kitchen working with people that in most countries speak another language than that of the country. For instance in the UK most people working in the kitchen speaks Russian for some reason? Ok back to the point. Passion and inspiration is what drives most chefs. They like what they do. (most of the time) It should be the same with blogging.



What kind of food you serve reff7.png On most if not every restaurant you will see somewhere close to their logo what their restaurant is about. What food they serve or such. A example of this would something like esvl’s pizzeria. By looking at that you know what my restaurant would serve and who would benefit from it. As well who would be my potential visitors. In this case they are all after pizza and that is what my restaurant is about. ( I dont really have one) Here is where your about page comes in hand. Your about page tells people what they can expect and if they would find anything they are looking for. Your about page is basically your logo’s slogo saying this is "type" of restaurant and food you will find.



Dress code reff8.png Having all the waiters wearing the same clothes might be a great but degrading idea. It works for the restaurant if you think about it. Whenever you see someone with a shirt that represents the restaurant. Your writing style matters. Stick with it and people will get to know exactly when its you writing.



Noisy kids running around reff9.png Have you ever been to a restaurant where little kiddies run around screaming the heads off people. Like they dont have parents or maybe they ate them and now they are like little bulls chasing down every form of peace in the restaurant. Well this reminds me of those trolls that just comes to your blog to troll and show you how wrong your post it. Instead of saying something positive they start a argument. Making it unpleasant for everyone else.



Microwave reff10.png Do you know even restaurants microwave frozen stuff to get it on your plate. When I worked in London we constantly would defrost something that has been in the fridge for a while and then 5 minutes later it would be on the plate ready to eat. Repost your old stuff. Change the date and make it new, dont change the entire article, just some of it. Especially things that you really liked about your previous posts or articles that you can fix, give them some work and you can take a old idea to create a new article.



Bugs reff111.png Most restaurants pay thousands of $ or R or GPB to keep bugs out of their food and out of their restaurant. Rats steal your food and mess up your restaurant. You need pest control if you want a successful restaurant. Splogs and Spam will kill your content and your blog. You need to make sure that you at least have some form of fighting against them. There is a plugin that you can download where you add "copyright" messages in your posts. Use that, use akismet or spam protection. Protect your blog.



Charge money.jpg Have you ever gone to a restaurant and just not get a bill? Well you might not of got one but someone had to pay for the chef’s time spent making the food, someone had to pay for the rent of the building, and someone has to pay the waiters. The same way as above people can not expect you to make a living from your blog without some form of monetization of your blog. If people just hate any kind of advertisement embedded on your site they are unreasonable. As unreasonable as someone going to a restaurant and not expecting a bill.



Tips ref52.png Tipping the waiter in some countries is a mark of respect and appreciation for their service, while in other countries its enforced and unacceptable if you dont tip. Having a paypal donate button is not the end of the world. If you enjoy a blog you should tip them if you can. Tipping someone one a blog will ensure more great content from them and is a great encouragement.



Welcome ref53.png I dont know about other countries but I know in South Africa and UK when you enter a restaurant you get guided to the seat that would be best for you and your company. When someone enters your website place the best content where they can see it. Make it easy for them to find what they are looking for and try to show and guide people to your best content.



Regulars ref54.png When someone goes to a restaurant for years it’s really the restaurant’s duty to get to know them. They should always look after their regular customers. Regular customers is more important than any other customer because if they leave they take a part of your business with them. A restaurant should always be loyal to his regular customers. Its really your duty as a blogger to get to know those who regularly post comments and visit your blog. Get to know their names and more about them. Visit their blogs and support them.



Location earth.jpg You cant open any restaurant in the middle of the desert. Crap example but location for a restaurant is very important.This could be the make or break for your restaurant. This also determines the kind of people that would come in there and should be according to their budget. While the budget story might have nothing to do with blogging the location does. Having a name like www.I-would-like-to-make-a-living-online.com just sucks, rather use something that has personal meaning. For example Fromtheold.com might not make sense but it has personal meaning to me and its not like the weird domain name above. Also you cant use blogspot. That’s like borrowing a restaurant name.



Music ref55.png Going to some of the restaurants in the area where I live I find that they really love their music. But sometimes they just overdo the music. Who wants music in a restaurant so loud that you cant hear others speaking? Two words – AUDIO ADS. Dont use them.



Specials ref56.png Restaurants often have specials, here where we live there is a pizzeria that has a all you can eat special and that attracts aadvertise their specials in newspapers and magazines. lot of hungry people. Often they even Having a competition on your blog would be the same has ha restaurant having a special. You can attract a lot of traffic by giving something away for free or having a competition.


Roast ref57.png Roasts take long to make and require you to have patience. You need to know just when to pull it. Making a Roast would require you to focus on other things as well, while the roast is cooking. The roast will be ready when everything else is finished. The Roast usually should be the last thing you add to the plate. Dont rush a great post. If you have a great idea, dont rush do get it out there. Sometimes we mess up a great post because of being over excited and not waiting till the post is totally finished and ready to digest. I do that as well sometimes. I have a great post but because I just want to get it out there I publish it when it is not really ready to be published. Then I think if there is something wrong I will fix it later. But you really make sure nothing is wrong before you post it.



Shop ref58.png Some restaurants have a small section where you can maybe buy something. For example when I worked just outside of London in a bar, they sold cd’s with the restaurant’s music on it. A lot of people bought it. And so they took their brand outside of the Restaurant. Many bloggers have shops, they sell tshirts or caps with their logo on it. They even sell other things like custom logos or maybe something collectible. Getting your own shop on your blog might just increase the chances of getting your brand out there and making some extra cash with something you dont really have a niche for.



Keep it coming ref59.png Isn’t it great as a waiter when your customers say: Keep it coming. It means you are doing something right. Just keep bringing them what you have been bringing them and they will be happy. So when you get comments of people saying they like what you wrote, just keep on writing.



Tea break ref60.png Every waiter deserves a tea break. In some countries like South Africa and UK it’s illegal not to get a tea break or lunch break. If you are working on a long post, take a break for a hour or two, when you come back you might have more inspiration than straining yourself and writing one post finished. I sometimes stretch one post out in a few days.



Mints at the till ref61.png Here in South Africa in some restaurants it is a custom to have mints at the place where you pay for your meal, or sometimes they give it with the bill. They also have the custom of thanking you when you are finished eating and asking you to come again. This is both great manners and good people skills. Also when you walk out of the restaurant you still have a full belly with a nice refreshing taste in your mouth thinking of the great food you just had. When you post something, thank those who read it and ask them if they would like bookmark it.



Closing time ref62.png Remember to take a break sometimes. Close down and go on holiday. If you made it till here through this long post, thank you for reading. (well also if you skipped to this part.) Please bookmark or social something this post if you liked it. Oh and dont forget to join the rss feed. (I am tired so there might be some spelling mistakes.) Did i miss something? Feel free to add comments.

No traffic is useless traffic




Sometimes while reading blogs I find people saying that certain traffic is useless. For instance I have read many people saying entrecard and stumbleupon traffic is useless. Also people sometimes claim that traffic from digg.com is useless. I used to agree until I actually learned that no traffic is useless. Its what you make of the traffic that you have that counts.


What is useful traffic?

Any traffic

What is useless traffic?

Actually I dont know, according to me its what you make of the traffic that you get that depends if you see it as useless traffic. But I see a lot of people blogging about it. So I will try and give my reasons why I believe no traffic is useless.

Visits = rank

Many places where you can register, like blogging services etc determines your rank by how many hits your site gets, therefore every visitor your site gets pushes your rank up on that certain blogging service. A example of this is: When I was a member of Amatomu ( a south african blogger site) which uses every visit to your site to determine how you rank, I used traffic from entrecard to push me into the top 100. And when you get in the top 100 your site gets more traffic and subscribers. Because entrecard pushed up my rank I got more visitors from Amatomu and since I got more visitors from Amatomu I got more stumbles which in turn gave me more traffic and so it went till I got kicked from Amatomu for having to many blogs. Not only did then Amatomu and Entrecard help me there but that pushed up my Alexa rating which gave me more advertisers and even more traffic. So we see how we can use blog traffic and even big bounce rates to increase the value of your blog by using one thing to gain at another


Every visitor you get that uses Alexa toolbar pushes your Alexa rating up a bit more thus resulting in a lower Alexa rank which could make you more money from advertisers since people still use Alexa to determine if they would like to advertise on your site. I have seen a lot of people say that installing the alexa widget on your site will also help your rating with Alexa but to be honest I dont know if that makes a difference, Maybe someone can share in the comments if it really does work. But I do know any traffic with Alexa toolbar is traffic worth getting.


I dont believe any stumbleupon traffic is useless, as I said its what you make of it. I actually like stumbleupon traffic more than Google traffic. Even though Google traffic brings clicks to ads. Stumbleupon people are those that already know how the web works and you dont need to beg them to subscribe or comment because if your content is good enough they will join your rss feed and subscribe. They will also comment. Many people say stumble users dont subscribe but I have gained many subscribers that liked something I have blogged about. Stumbleupon users most likely also have the Alexa toolbar or Firefox plugins installed since most of them have their own blogs as well. That is great because as I said earlier it pushes up your Alexa rating (or actually down which is how Alexa works). If they like your site they will also bookmark it on sites like Reddit or Digg since most people are loyal users on other communities apart from stumbleupon, they would want to submit great content to those sites that have not been found by other users on those certain sites. So having a Digg, Reddit or Sphinn button will also increase the chances of turning Stumbleupon traffic into even greater traffic than it already is.

Trust me, no traffic is useless. People browsing your site is not useless traffic but that is why we blog for people to read it and to have a impact on them.

Another thing about Stumbleupon is when someone reviews your site and for everyone else that reviews your site you get a link back from their profile page to your blog.


Adding a small technorati "add me" button will help you. You might not think it would but people do click it. Even those stumblers that’s on a rush to get to the next site. If they enjoyed your post they will click it.

Pay per impression

There are advertisers that pay per impression. Now that does not sound to bad does it. For every single visitor to your site you get paid a small amount. Although the pay per impression affiliate companies are not everywhere, in fact I dont have one at the moment that I use but there are lots of people using these and the do work for certain blogs.

Audio ads

If you want to kill your blog use Audio ads. But if you have a blog that gets traffic where readers are not important as passers by then by all means go for it. I dont know who would have such a blog where you dont really need the readers but have the traffic but I would advise you to use audio ads only at cases where you have no other options. The point is that you can make money from any traffic using these kind of ads.

Get them hooked

Another way to go by is to type the best content on the internet and get them hooked on your blog. This is everyone’s goal but do you really do your readers justice by writing a paragraph a day? To get your readers hooked you need outstanding content which is getting harder now days because everyone has a blog and produces great content. So to get people hooked on your blog you can use "series" of posts. You just better make sure that part 1 is very good. There are probably more ways to get people hooked on your content but this is just the one I can think of now.


No matter what traffic you call useless, most of the time someone will stop and comment on your blog, then its always good to have the " notify me of future comments" . When people comment they usually want to know what they guy after them says, maybe he tells the guy how wrong his comment is. And people know that. So whenever they leave a comment and that option is there, most people take it. Displaying recent comments or top commentators will encourage people to comment even more when they quickly pass by your site. Why is this? Because the top commentator plugin and the recent comments plugin both contain their Blog or website’s url. Not just that but there is something about these two plugins that I will share in a later post that will make you smile. So dont forget to subscribe.


People want to win, whether its a link or another prize, they want to win. Lets say you have entrecard on your site, why not write directly under that, that you have a competition. People known as chain droppers wont all pass by. Entrecarders love competitions as I have come to know. Attracting so called "useless" traffic with competitions will not only increase your comments and readers but it will also increase your backlinks if that is part of your competition resulting in even more traffic. So it might not be "useless" after all.

Link bait

We all know what link bait is. But having linkbait on that certain page you see people enter your site will also increase the chances of them going further into your site instead bouncing.


I have stumbled through many sites and sometimes it’s nothing but the brilliant design of a site that makes me look further. I mean I dont even see the content. I just see theme. I might be a sucker for site designs but if I go further into a site because of the design and layout I bet you there must be more people that will check out a site and not just bounce because of how the site looks. Having a great theme or design will increase your chances of turning that bounce rate into history.

Email and Rss subscribe

The more visible these buttons are for those who only come to your site for one article or a stumble the greater your chances are of getting some subscribers. Once again I would use myself as a example. If I stumble and I read a great article I usually join the rss feed for more great content

Where they came from

Even if there is a high bounce rate you can still see where the users came from. That is a indication that the content you have might be of interest and if you keep on in that direction you can even increase your traffic more by analyzing where users come from.
Where they are going to

Using mybloglog and similar places or tools you can see where users went from your site, what they clicked on. That is a indication of their interest. Knowing the interest of your readers gives you the opportunity to write better content.

People, mybloglog, blogcatalog

Having a bunch of faces on your site might be annoying to regular users but for someone who just bounce your site that might get their attention. As I wrote here on a short post

Tell a secret

Saying something like "10 secrets to more traffic" is always a good idea and placing it where you know the bouncers would see it would also decrease your bounce rate. I guess this is the same as link bait.

Give something away

Offering free wordpress themes around the places people usually bounce from for instance getting Entrecard chain droppers to go further into your site you can put links under your card that says something like "theme of the day" which will attract people to click on it. It works for me. Whenever I visit a site and I seem to be stumbling through or when I used to chain drop while checking out how things work on Entrecard and I see something like that I would click. Free stuff attracts people and especially free wordpress themes. I dont need themes, I cant even design wordpress themes but I still like browsing through them.

Sooo. I hope you found "No traffic is useless traffic" useful and interesting. Please subscribe or be so friendly and Digg or stumble this post.

Leave some comments and tell me if I missed something.

Most Do follow is No follow on Do follow blogs.

What I mean with the title is that after WordPress 2.3.2 most Do follow plugins on WordPress have stopped working. That means if you advertise that your blog follows comments and someone sees in fact that they are not they might get a bad impression from your blog. How exactly and what exactly happens when you upgrade I have no idea but the fact is you should double check if you have a do follow blog. I installed some plugins on Firefox that shows where no follow is and I was really surprised to see on most Dofollow blogs actually have nofollow.

Not using Ubuntu yet? Well I bet you cant do this.

Since dumping Windows I have learned a lot about Linux and Linux productivity. Ubuntu to be specific. You should really try it if you are still using Windows. There must be 100’s of apps I might be missing here which is great. i just wanted to point out these that I really like and did not have in windows as standard or as updates. Except the updates of course which in Windows make you shut down your pc while they waste your time.

Now I am in no way saying other linux distributions cant do this. I am using Ubuntu and that is what I am blogging about.
Window managers

Windows comes with windows. I know that sounds stupid but Ubuntu comes with Gnome and Kde and with the click of a few buttons you can have almost any window manager that suits you. From Kde’s windows look to Gnome’s contrast look. Sure with Windows you can install some stuff that contain the usual spyware, adware and viruses but in Ubuntu you can have all the above window managers each with 100’s of themes. And guess what, this is all free and just takes a click of a few buttons. Anybody can install it if they can read.



Unlike Windows you can update your version of Ubuntu while working on your computer, No upgrades to buy nothing like that. No just a few clicks and you have the brand new version.


Can you install Windows or Mac and within 1/2 run your own server with WordPress installed? Maybe you can download Xampp but its just not the same as Ubuntu where you can just click a few buttons and all is running.

System tray


I bet you cant shut up your Windows system tray, and all those apps that just start when they want to. Its ridiculous. When I first installed Ubuntu and Pclinuxos I was amazed at it. The computer would just start and then its ready. No closing hundreds of questions, kill the antivirus that i dont want anyway, start all the firewalls. No Ubuntu just starts. That’s it. The only time when I have noticed anything bug me in the system tray was when there was updates which I dont mind installing since there is no 100 questions about how legal my OS is. I can just click and go on with my browsing.



I dont know about Windows Vista since I am quite satisfied with my Os at the moment but I know when I used to work with Windows Xp I had constant issues of finding that download program that I was satsified with. And what do you know? When I installed Ubuntu I found Kget.

Sound and Video

Can you say choice? There are so many good video players in Ubuntu and especially in the repositories. You can pick and choose for days. If you dont prefer to go through them you can always use Mplayer and Amarok which by the way Xp is far from. Amarok is the music player everyone should use. I wont even start to explain, maybe I will do a post on Amarok later.



Just one thing. I was a windows user and this is just so great. Maybe all the serious linux users wont think much of this because it might be all old news and stuff but imagine how easy things would of been if you could just load dos and type firefox. That’s it. No c:////windows/crap Just type firefox and it opens. Well that is what terminal is. Just type the name of the program and it opens. No hassle. No need for 100 icons on your desk either. Just a quick launch, type and go.



window size was small that’s why the text is crossing. I had to take a screenshot that fits.

Etherape is a network checker or whatever you call it. It shows you where your computer is connected to. Sometimes it shows you even where people on your network connection is connected. Dont ask me about the technical stuff I just know I can see where my computer is connected to and it rocks. Especially when uploading something to cpanel, one can see when it gets stuck. I have a really slow connection so having a look can tell me what is biting the speed.



As I said I have a relatively slow connection and sometimes I just want to read something and I want to do it fast. Elinks is a text browser but you can see your desktop background which gives it a different feeling than the usual notepad look and feel.



Yes yes, I know you get screenshot apps in windows as well but they are not installed with one or two clicks and neither are they as cool as snapshot. Snapshot is by far my favourite screenshot app.

Thank you for reading please leave some comments. Tell what’s your favorite apps Ubuntu or linux.

Firefox crashing and freezing in Ubuntu. Using Vista problem goes away.

My firefox used to crash and freeze all the time. I could not work for 10 minutes without it freezing or crashing. So when I got a new laptop I got Vista on it preinstalled. Being to lazy to install Ubuntu I started using this Vista stuff that everyone was bitching about. The weird thing is I find it quite brilliant. As soon as you switch off the theme Vista works like a dream.

The Firefox issue i was having is gone now. Strange but true. Even when I was using no plugins in Firefox with ubuntu it used to crash and freeze. What exactly it is I dont now but its fixed now. Vista makes it work.

You can rant in the comments about how much you hate vista. I would be able to read them now that Firefox is actually working .

Split your Firefox window in two or more.

I have two computers and the one is used for checking and keeping an eye on what happens on the internet whilte the other one is there for working.

But today I ran into a problem I want two windows to update automatically using REFRESH every Firefox extension. But I also want to have both equally open at the same time.

The one solution is to just resize the windows. But that sucks.

So I found SPLIT BROWSER plugin for Firefox. What it does it splits your windows in two or more. You can split your window in as many parts as you want.

See the Firefox plugin in action


What to do when you have nothing to blog about

In a world with constant information and anything you want right in front of you, you need ways to keep your readers coming back to your blog. So what if you suddenly have nothing to write about?
It has happened to me that I go for days with no ideas what to write about and sometimes its scary. Because if i don