British Culture Secretary Andy Burnham wants to filter your internet.

The British Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has purposed that the US and the UK stand together (like they did with iraq and messed it up) to filter the internet.

Now this turd wants to decide for you, what exactly you may or may not watch.

First of all he used the smoke screen that children need to be protected while they are left on their own for hours. That point is just as stupid as the idea itself. For instance. Would you leave your child in the road unattended? Would you leave your child in a city unattended? No you wont, just like the internet. Its not called the communication highway mr turd Andy Burnham.

Filtering the internet with a movie style rating system is FAIL. Yes, you cant slap a sticker on a site and give it a rating that some pommy decides this shit is bad for your mother or your UNATTENDED child as you mentioned.

I have a idea, why dont you mr Andy Burham first go read about this thing called the internet. You might learn a few things. One of which the internet is one of the best tools in the world to protect civilization from idiots like you.

In case you dont know what I am talking about you can read here:

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By Andrew Heining | 12.30.08 Would Facebook

War between Israel and Gaza

hamas_rocketsI do not understand why everyone is concentrating on the fact that Israel attacked Gaza. Think carefully if this was for example the United states of America and Mexico kept shooting missiles over the border and sending in suicide bombers, there would be a wall up in a week and they would declare war on Mexico. Same could be said for any country.

So why is Israel being blamed for trying to defend it’s people? Hamas do not want to share Israel, they want it under Muslim rule, they want to own the whole country. It’s not like they give Israelis a choice. Hamas will not stop they are determined that Israel must once again be a Muslim nation. And that can never be done because if that would happen the whole of Israel would be destroyed.

Think about what happened to those Buddhist statues that was blown up because according to Muslim law such things should be destroyed. Israel will defend itself until the last Israeli and Hamas would do the same Hamas’s law prohibit that they share the land with Jews and Christians, this is not about Gaza being sectioned of from Israel. They where separated because they kept blowing up people and bringing terror into Israel. Not because Israel is racist and mean. There would be no peace in that part of the world for a long time, the rest of the world should just leave it be.

How alcohol works, scary

This is really messed up. I never knew the stages of how alcohol affects a person’s body.

If you have seen someone who has had too much to drink, you’ve probably noticed definite changes in that person’s performance and behavior. The body responds to alcohol in stages, which correspond to an increase in BAC:

Islands between Brazil and South Africa

Islands between Brazil and South Africa

I have not noticed these islands before. They are between South Africa and Brazil, The one island Tristan Da Cunha looks like a volcanic Island with the two smaller Islands Nigthingale Island and Inaccessable Island. Not sure that is the name, would be a rather weird name for a Island.

2009 South African general elections will be most important

With even Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela saying they will not campaign for any parties you can clearly see this is not just a ordinary election. As things usually go here in Africa in election times, things are starting to stick their heads out now.

The ANC has a two thirds majority, which means that if they want something they dont need the vote of the people, they just get it. This is actually more dangerous than some think but now with Congress of the People in the picture it means they might not get a 2/3 majority vote and that ultimately means a new free South Africa.

The things is that the ANC calls everyone that it does not like “counter revolutionaries” or something that is being portrayed as racist and anti freedom.

The ANC is still going full steam for their revolution and that revolution was not freedom from apartheid but communist rule with a iron fist over all South Africa.

Now the upcoming general elections in 2009 will prove just how democratic this country really is, or if it has been stolen by a secret communist government that wont allow democracy to take its course.

I am not sucking this out of my thumb, Jacob Zuma himself said they will rule till Jesus comes.

Well all the Congress of the people has to get is 25% of the votes and there will be a no more 2/3rd rule by the ANC.

takara tomy xiao camera


Meet Takara Tomy’s new XIAO digital camera / printer hybrid drives the point home that the pocket size camera can output its own tiny photo prints.

But the way it prints them are a bit different than normal printers. You’ll see why in the videos