Weird Stellenbosch people


Strange students. I wont know about student life because I did not even finish high school, instead i went to a bunch of techs and stuff.

Anyway I am kind of glad, i might of looked like these people. See right there, no smiles. Yep.

Angelina Jolie supports Brad Pitt at Premiere in Tokyo for ‘The Curious case of Benjamin Button’

Angelina Jolie looks much better than she did at the SAG Awards. For one she doesn’t looks so old, she still looked beautiful at the awards but she looked old. Here she is showing some cleavage yippee! At last she realized she should show those beauties off, not hide them. The dress is hugging all her curves if they just could have gotten a better shot, there was even a slit in the dress where I can see a pair of gorgeous shoes.















ANC manifesto 2004, lets see what they did

From the 2004 ANC manifesto:

# Calls for a “people’s contract” – closer co-ordination between the party and civil society, business and other players to buttress the economy, create more jobs and help in the redistribution of wealth while protecting the rights of all irrespective of sex, colour or disabilities.

Did they do this? NO. They dont care about white Afrikaans speaking people, in fact they broke down our monuments, sing songs like “kill the boer, kill the farmer”. So this is a fail.

# Commits to spending more than R100bn on improving infrastructure – roads, rail and air transport as well as telecommunications and energy.

Has South Africa ever had that kind of money? Has that money been spent on what they said it would? I DONT THINK SO. No, the road is full of holes, Koeberg is shut down as time of this post, Telkom is still one of the most expensive in the world.

# Vows to ensure low interest and inflation rates.

Yeah right. Look at the news

# Pledges to spend more than R15b to facilitate broad-based black economic empowerment, targeting young people, women and people with disabilities as well as workers and small businesses. Pledges increased access to credit for entrepreneurs.

Together with the R100bn? I think most people has left the country that had that kind of money. Did they achieve this goal? I dont think so.

# Promises to halve unemployment and poverty by 2014 through new jobs, skills development, a comprehensive welfare system, land reforms and improved household and community assets.

HAHAHA. This is a joke right? No lets blame it on the world economic crash.

# Aims at creating one million jobs over the next five years through an expanded public works programme.


# Targets the completion of the land redistribution programme and speeding up land reform with 30% of the land redistributed by 2014, combined with comprehensive aid to new farmers.

FAIL. This entire take the property from white people and give it to black people is nonsense. They failed anyway.

# Vows to intensify programmes to bring electricity, water and telephones to poor households.

In recent months more poor people have died because of incorrect electricity and “pirate” electricity than in the past.

# Speaks of improved health services and vows to promote awareness on HIV/Aids and provide comprehensive care, management and treatment to battle the pandemic, but does not give any figures or targets.

The Health minister denied aids for years. FAIL

# Promises to deploy more than 150 000 additional police in active duty with more visible policing, better training, better management, including community liason at the police station level.


# Speaks of the introduction of a national health system so that everyone is covered by both the public and private health system which they can afford and speeding up the extension of free health services to the disabled.


# Aims to step up security along borders to stem illegal migration and check cross-border crime.

Total annihilation. FAIL

# Promises a crackdown on corruption, white-collar crime and the setting up of additional special courts to deal with the abuse of women and children.

Another joke is it. Dont even start on this one. Can you think they actually said this?

# On the international level, the ANC aims to intensify economic integration in southern Africa and pledges to devote “time and resources to assist in social normalisation and economic reconstruction” in countries grappling with economic or political tensions or emerging from war such as Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.

I am Afrikaans. No idea what you just said. I bet they failed anyway.

# It also pledges to ensure that the Pan African Parliament and other continental institutions and systems envisaged under the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Nepad) and by the African Union are put in place.

Same as above.

# The party also pledges to work toward preventing and resolving conflicts and to “promote a collective multilateral approach” towards global challenges and work unitedly towards the “democratisation” of the United Nations, the World Bank and its lending arms, the International Monetary Fund, and other global institutions.  


So we see how the people of this country, if they can take this crap for another 4 years or how ever long it is before the next elections. If by then there is anything left of the country.

The purpose of a manifesto is so people can hold the party accountable for not doing what they promise.

Blocking the road, Vensters in Stellenbosch


Vensters is like the initiation of the new students. They all dance on stages and do stupid things. Stellenbosch is like the university hole of South Africa.

Last night was the first time i’ve gone to vensters and it was weird.

Anyway, the police blocked off the entire middle of Stellenbosch. You’ll see why in the other photos.



Whenever I find themes that has this with it, like you may use the theme as GPL but you may not change the footer. Technically that is not GPL and should be released under something else.

Robert Mugabe bows down to the dollar

Crazy Bob has finally been beaten by American and Uk imperialists as he loves to call them.

After months of the Zimbabwe currency falling and now at last its totally worthless, even more worthless than toilet paper the currency on the local streets of Zimbabwe is now $. Yes you seen it right, American dollars, that’s what they are trading with.

Now is a good time for Mad Bob to shove his head down a deep hole, preferably a long drop where he can smell his own crap and realize that it took one crazy person and the UN to do nothing in order to screw up a entire country.

If the ANC wins with a fair vote

If the ANC would win the general elections with a fair non violent vote, I would surely not know what to think. I mean would the same people that have been lied to for years be that ignorant to vote again for the same party that has failed them for 12 years?

It seems they would.

According to News24

The ANC triumphed in 23 of the 27 wards which were contested in six provinces in Wednesday’s by-election, according to the Independent Electoral Commission.

Seems that the ANC would be voted for. I honestly dont think a country can handle 4,8 or 12 years of the same government that we have now. South Africa’s murder rate is more than countries that have war. South Africa’s crime rate is worst than places like Iraq if you can believe that.

So if they do win, i will stop trying to try and convince people that this place is nice, I will pack my bags and leave for somewhere nice and far away from civilization.

If they really win through the vote of the people then its no use to blog about this and show what they are doing to the country.

I guess if they win the elections, they win. Sounds obvious but its not.

Well then.

So people tell you to leave the country if you give them these stats. Well, no. You should not run just because people think if you dont like it here you should leave. Well if you want to go then leave the country and feel free to come back but dont go just because you feel that this is not your country.

Anyway way off topic.