Oprah Winfrey’s school in another sex scandal

oprah_schoolThis might sound shocking that a school that is not even 4years old have had two sex scandals. The first was the Headmistress abusing the girls and now there are some girls who have been accused of bullying and sexual harassment plus abuse. To people who do not live in South Africa might find this shocking and frightening but the fact is that Oprah had no idea the type of people she came to help. South Africans are friendly people most are polite and fun loving. But because of our crime rate the way it is, young people have a hard time to distinguish what is wrong. Bullying is something that can be found in all South African schools especially sexual bullying. Luckily it is an all girl school so Oprah has much less to deal with than what she would have with teenage boys. They are taking the proper measures with the situation. Oprah should not be discouraged this is Africa there might be more bad people than good but every little helps.

Zuma agree with denying the Dalai Lama entrance to South Africa

Jacob Zuma agrees that it was right of the South African government to deny the Dalai Lama a entry visa. Even though the peace conference has been postponed till who knows when, the controversy behind this whole visa mess has not died down.

I don’t know where Zuma got his info but I wonder why the rest of the country was not explained it in this way. Apparently according to Zuma the Dalai Lama cannot come into the country for March because it is the anniversary of the 1969 uprising led by the Dalai Lama. So firstly when that spokesperson said that China had no influence he was lying. Secondly why didn’t they just inform them to move the conference before or after March? Why go to the extreme and deny him the visa? If it really was just about the date they could have just said that, now there are all this negative attention on South Africa as if this whole World cup thing isn’t a farce in the first place. Our ‘brilliant’ government built 6 stadiums, where only one would have worked just fine. Spending money on something that would be used rarely.

I’m of the topic, the fact is every time someone asked: Was it because of China the Dalai Lama was denied, we where told no. Now the ANC party president goes and says yes it is because of China. Who is lying?

Blaming apartheid for the ANC’s failure

As usual the ANC and their finance minister likes to take out the really old things out of the closet, namely apartheid.

Apartheid is now aparently to blame killing the spirit of enterprise. Right. That is the best excuse you could come up with?

Johannesburg – Apartheid destroyed the spirit of enterprise in South Africa, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel said on Sunday.

“We don’t have the spirit of enterprise [because of apartheid], and the feeble who do [choose to be entrepreneurs] rarely survive this,” Manuel said.


Trevor Manuel seems to forget that the ANC has been in power for what like 14 years now? I think you can grow a lot of entrepreneurs in 14 years but no, lets rather blame apartheid for the next 100 years of failure. That way we dont have to do anything, we can just sit around and if anything goes wrong because of our stupidity and mismanagement of the country we can just blame that on Apartheid.

Bright spark that one.

Afrikaans speaking schools is a human right

It is a basic human right to speak your language and also not being forces a language upon. The racist communist ANC government is now going to the courts again to try and take the judgement away that the high court has made that Afrikaans speaking schools or rather Afrikaans only schools should be illegal, this right after the high court said that it is not illegal.

Star Trek – Movie Review 1

For the first time ever Star Trek looks sexy if I can use that word to describe what I saw but I really can’t think of any other word than that. It looks advanced, sleek and hot. Even the outfits doesn’t seem low budget cheazy. Personally I have watched a couple of episodes but could not follow what was going on. I have no idea what the movie holds for us except a whole new overhaul for the sex appeal for trekkies 😉

I am just wondering if they didn’t do a too good of a job trying to update the look and compromising the essence of Star Trek. I’ll wait to see more before I make a judgment but so far it doesn’t resemble the tv series.