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Dog fails at Squirrel chase – video

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What does Swineflu mean for the FIFA Confederations Cup

The FIFA Confederations Cup is just 6 weeks away and fears of confirmed swine flu in South Africa is on the rise after two people are suspectedof having swine flu.

If the test come back positive, since they have to do a DNA test, if they are positive it could mean trouble for South Africa not only in things partaining to the FIFA Confederations Cup but also to the entire African continent.

FIFA said they will only cancel if there’s a real threat.

So all eyes are currently on the two people suspected to have Swineflu

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Lindsay Lohan is scaring me, she needs to eat something

Lindsay is 22 and her body looks like it’s a old womans. She needs to eat something. Where has the voluptuous red head gone? I am glad she has returned to her red hair but the rest of her seems starved. She needs help and fast. I have always like Lindsay Lohan. There is just something so tragic about her, like a person who have lived a lifetime and it wasn’t a good life. Her smiles seems so vulnerable and brittle as if she is going to crack. That is the thing she and Britney have in common they both look as if they are going to have a breakdown any minute.

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Government changes stance on Swineflu quickly

Last night a spokesperson for the government of South Africa said they trust that other countries would take the steps required and they have full trust in other countries that they will screen people.

That means, South Africa basically done nothing to protect its citizens from the Swine flu.


Today though, that stance has been changed and they are now actively trying to do something about swineflu.

Spokesperson Themba Maseko said:

Although no cases have been reported in South Africa, South Africans should neither panic nor become complacent. Our health authorities and all our officials, especially in all ports of entry, are ready to handle any cases of the deadly flu.


But there are now fears of Swineflu after someone close to Pretoria is suspected of having swineflu.


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Paintball bullies hit in Gauteng

Daniëlla du Plooy and Celinda Groenewald, Beeld

Johannesburg – At least five pedestrians have been injured over the past four weeks, by unknown assailants who shot at them with paintball guns before speeding away from the scene.

Such incidents have been reported in Krugersdorp, Pretoria and Benoni, among others.

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