Cutest small house for sale – Toronto

This is the cutest house I have ever seen. There are houses smaller than this one but it looks livable. It looks like something out of a movie torontos_smallest_house_1where the rest of the buildings change and they usually show this one tiny old house with one exception this is not an old house. It seems to have everything a person would need, that’s if you do not have children. I have no idea of prices of homes in America so to me it looks expensive but apparently it’s not: $ 173 000. But it’s still so cute 🙂 torontos_smallest_house_2torontos_smallest_house_3torontos_smallest_house_4torontos_smallest_house_5torontos_smallest_house_6torontos_smallest_house_7torontos_smallest_house_8torontos_smallest_house_9

Kristen Bell sexy body in bikini

Kristen Bell has the sexiest back side, from behind she looks as good if not better than some super models. She looks just as good from front but those dumb glasses spoils it. Whats up with the woman wearing dumb looking glasses it didn’t work in the 90’s it’s sure not working now. kristen_bell_2_1kristen_bell_2_2kristen_bell_2_3

W.H.O Swine flu level alert raised to level 5

Swine flu levels has now been raised to a level 5. The virus is now imminent accordording to the World Health organization.

They are planning for the worse as this virus can now not be stopped anymore.

What does Swineflu mean for the FIFA Confederations Cup

The FIFA Confederations Cup is just 6 weeks away and fears of confirmed swine flu in South Africa is on the rise after two people are suspectedof having swine flu.

If the test come back positive, since they have to do a DNA test, if they are positive it could mean trouble for South Africa not only in things partaining to the FIFA Confederations Cup but also to the entire African continent.

FIFA said they will only cancel if there’s a real threat.

So all eyes are currently on the two people suspected to have Swineflu

Lindsay Lohan is scaring me, she needs to eat something

Lindsay is 22 and her body looks like it’s a old womans. She needs to eat something. Where has the voluptuous red head gone? I am glad she has returned to her red hair but the rest of her seems starved. She needs help and fast. I have always like Lindsay Lohan. There is just something so tragic about her, like a person who have lived a lifetime and it wasn’t a good life. Her smiles seems so vulnerable and brittle as if she is going to crack. That is the thing she and Britney have in common they both look as if they are going to have a breakdown any minute. And the thing about Lindsay, I believe if she took time of, lets say 2years and come back she would be way better for it, especially if she looks healthy. Plus she would be able to start with a clean slate. So please, Lindsay before you have to start doing porn to earn a living, take a break and get yourself back on track. I know there is not a chance she is reading this but someone should get some sense in the girl. lindsay_lohan_thin10 lindsay_lohan_thin9lindsay_lohan_thin8lindsay_lohan_thin7lindsay_lohan_thin6lindsay_lohan_thin5lindsay_lohan_thin4lindsay_lohan_thin3lindsay_lohan_thin2lindsay_lohan_thin1

Government changes stance on Swineflu quickly

Last night a spokesperson for the government of South Africa said they trust that other countries would take the steps required and they have full trust in other countries that they will screen people.

That means, South Africa basically done nothing to protect its citizens from the Swine flu.


Today though, that stance has been changed and they are now actively trying to do something about swineflu.

Spokesperson Themba Maseko said:

Although no cases have been reported in South Africa, South Africans should neither panic nor become complacent. Our health authorities and all our officials, especially in all ports of entry, are ready to handle any cases of the deadly flu.


But there are now fears of Swineflu after someone close to Pretoria is suspected of having swineflu.


Paintball bullies hit in Gauteng

Daniëlla du Plooy and Celinda Groenewald, Beeld

Johannesburg – At least five pedestrians have been injured over the past four weeks, by unknown assailants who shot at them with paintball guns before speeding away from the scene.

Such incidents have been reported in Krugersdorp, Pretoria and Benoni, among others.

Dbn armed robbery leaves four dead

We have got more clarity on the breaking news story we’ve been telling you about this afternoon. Police say the drama began just after noon when five armed robbers held up staff at an import and exports business in Durban’s Point area.

Unborn baby survives shooting

The unborn baby of Isipingo woman Ntombifuthi Lombeni, who was shot twice in the stomach, was not harmed.

According to health officials on Monday, Lombeni, who is seven months pregnant, is in a stable condition in hospital.

Cops accused of selling drugs denied bail

Four senior police officers arrested for selling seized drugs to the criminal underworld have been denied bail and are due to spend months awaiting trial in custody.

Schoolgirl stabbed 11 times

A 15-year-old Empangeni schoolgirl was attacked and stabbed 11 times by a motorist while on her way to school on Wednesday, paramedics said.

Mounties Ambulance Service spokesperson Joseph Kruger said the girl was walking along Dunn Road when she was accosted by an unidentified motorist.

"She was stabbed repeatedly in her upper body, presumably with a knife."

Durban's bloody shootout

Two police officers were killed and another was wounded in a shootout with robbers in central Durban on Tuesday.

One of the robbers and an innocent truck driver – shot at the wheel, with his truck slamming into a roadside tree – were also killed in the exchange.

Four die in city shootout

Shocked bystanders run for cover as five gangsters try to evade the police

Four people, including two policemen, a suspected robber and a truck driver, died in Durban’s city centre during a shootout between police officers and suspected robbers.

A third police officer and a civilian were injured. Both are in a critical condition in hospital.


South Africans should prepare for Swine flu

As usual we all know how incompetent the South African government is. We can all remember a few months ago Trevor manual saying that the global financial crisis will not come close to South Africa, a few months later it hit South Africa and its still here. Many people have now lost jobs, homes and vehicles.

The point i am trying to make is, dont trust the government. First they said, there’s no need to worry, they trust that the other governments from where people come will do effective screening of people.

Now they are claiming that they will screen people for symptoms of swine flu.

The point i am trying to make is, in such cases as these its always safer not to trust what they say because they might be guessing like they usually do and then the country is in trouble.

Although I personally dont think Swineflu is a big threat yet, it can become one and one should trust yourself to have the precautions for you and your family and not wait for others to plan things for you.