Schoolgirl stabbed 11 times

A 15-year-old Empangeni schoolgirl was attacked and stabbed 11 times by a motorist while on her way to school on Wednesday, paramedics said.

Mounties Ambulance Service spokesperson Joseph Kruger said the girl was walking along Dunn Road when she was accosted by an unidentified motorist.

"She was stabbed repeatedly in her upper body, presumably with a knife."

Durban’s bloody shootout

Two police officers were killed and another was wounded in a shootout with robbers in central Durban on Tuesday.

One of the robbers and an innocent truck driver – shot at the wheel, with his truck slamming into a roadside tree – were also killed in the exchange.

Four die in city shootout

Shocked bystanders run for cover as five gangsters try to evade the police

Four people, including two policemen, a suspected robber and a truck driver, died in Durban’s city centre during a shootout between police officers and suspected robbers.

A third police officer and a civilian were injured. Both are in a critical condition in hospital.


South Africans should prepare for Swine flu

As usual we all know how incompetent the South African government is. We can all remember a few months ago Trevor manual saying that the global financial crisis will not come close to South Africa, a few months later it hit South Africa and its still here. Many people have now lost jobs, homes and vehicles.

The point i am trying to make is, dont trust the government. First they said, there’s no need to worry, they trust that the other governments from where people come will do effective screening of people.

Now they are claiming that they will screen people for symptoms of swine flu.

The point i am trying to make is, in such cases as these its always safer not to trust what they say because they might be guessing like they usually do and then the country is in trouble.

Although I personally dont think Swineflu is a big threat yet, it can become one and one should trust yourself to have the precautions for you and your family and not wait for others to plan things for you.

What will happen if swine flu comes to Africa?

I am not a doctor and I don’t have any degrees so remember this as you read. This is an article based on things I read, see and think.

Mexico has a very good health system where most medical is for free and they actually have doctors, and the virus is hardly being contained. Africa has some of the best doctors in the world but unfortunately it is also so expensive most people cannot even afford basic medical care. If you go to the local state hospitals most of them are overrun and understaffed as it is.
The virus is fast spreading and is not easy detectable. At the moment it is winter in South Africa so most people already have colds and flu so a couple of extra cases won’t be noticed until it is already far spread. Especially seeing as the only way to be sure if you have it or not is by doing blood test. Africa has the highest HIV and Aids rate in the world and one of the biggest killers are TB. Think about it TB a lung sickness, if a person should start showing signs of increase symptoms I do not think it would be noticed. With the HIV/Aids the people who have it their immune system is already weak so to become sick would hit them the hardest and fastest.
To me it sounds like an disaster. We do not have the capacity to quarantine people and by far we do not have enough vaccines to help those detected. It will be the poor affected the most because lets face it if you have a expensive medical aid and money to back that up you will be helped but with our health system in the state that it is what will the poor do?

The disease would skip from city to city over an 18-to-24 month period, infecting more than a third of the population. World health Organization officials believe as many as 1.5 billion people around the globe would seek medical care and nearly 30 million would seek hospitalization. Based on the last pandemic and current world population, as many as 7 million people could die, epidemiologists said. 

In the past the viruses that came from animals was not able to spread from human to human because in most cases it killed the human before it could become contagious. Meaning capable from spreading from person to person. Swine Virus is not that lethal, which is good for the bearer but that means it can spread as well. So the person won’t necessarily die but the virus can now spread through human contact so it can move from continent to continent. It would not help to kill the pigs like with bird flu where thousands of birds was killed. It is no isolated, farmer touching animal, farmer get sick, that’s it. Swine flu farmer gets sick and so does anyone who comes in contact with him.

The main problem I see with this is our government is not taking this at all seriously enough. It can take one person and it could be a couple of days before anyone knows that person is sick. Then you have to track everyone who was in contact with the person etc. It can become ugly very very fast. The DA has raised it’s concerns that the government should not dismiss it so easily. If USA has stated they have a health crisis what makes them think it would just pass us by.

I think it is time they government started listening to the other parties as well. Panic won’t help this situation, the fact remains when you look at the figures of how fast this can spread and how densely populated South Africa is. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out if/when it comes it would be hard to control.

What would happen if swine flu hits Africa? Honestly I don’t know … the word catastrophe comes to mind.

British Airways employee made Joel Madden cover up his tattoo’s

[Excuse the lack of enthusiasm this is the third time I am typing this article my system keep messing up.]

Joel Madden is known for his music, relationship with Nicole Richie and his tattoo’s. They cover his arms and I am not sure what else. He wanted to board

his flight to London from Chicago and a person working for British Airways would not let him board until he have covered up his tattoo’s. While Madden was contemplating how to handle things he went on twitter:

"Was just told by a british air person I can’t get on the plane till I cover my tatts,…Should I fight the power?"

Apparently after a while he just covered up because he did not want to miss his flight. British Airways when they heard of the report immediately replied stating they do not have any policies supporting what their employee did and he is being reprimanded for his actions:

"we don’t understand why the employee took it upon himself to enforce regulations that don’t exist."

This one of the up sides of twitter and instant access to info. A couple of years ago it would have taken ages before a complaint was filed and the correct action was taken but because of twitter and the internet the whole thing was taken care of as soon as they where in London. My only question why would that person have done it? What was his motivation? Come on Joel’s tattoo’s are kinda scary looking but what is the deal, he paid for a ticket he should not have been stopped.

Why Drupal usage is so important for noobs

I’ve been a Drupal fan now for about two years and undercover most webmasters that know about Drupal, they are fans as well. We all know the "which is best" Joomla vs WordPress debate because it appears that Drupal is to hard to understand.

Well that’s not entire true, if you can read and seach forums then you can use Drupal. After a few months of using it you will become a expert and start building things that look like webpages.

But I speak as a noob, the reason for this is because I dont know coding, html or any of that. I know that if you put br between brackets it makes a space but that’s about as far as it goes.

So as a noob you will often build sites that as time goes by they cant be upgraded, the modules become out dated and after a while the entire site needs to be redone.

The reason the modules are not updated is not because Drupal sucks but its because those noobs like me build sites and just choose any modules off the rack that seems to do the job.

Well, this is not the way to do it. There is a place on Drupal where you can find the "usage" of all the modules, for instance the top modules are views, cck and such, these modules are the safest to use because the more people download and use a certain module, the more people work on that module and the bigger the chances are that module will be upgraded when the time comes.

That’s why one of the most important pages on Drupal is and probably the most important of all to me personally.

2014 General Elections South Africa

8 June 2013

Election panic is in full swing, the ANC is preparing the food packages and putting the promises on paper. Mandela is in hospital and people are worried with comments such as “foreigners should not own land in South Africa”.

The DA is still the biggest competition to the ANC.


23 February 2013

Its been four years since I last wrote on this page. Amazing what time teaches you.  In the last 4 years i’ve realised that the DA is just as pathetic as the ANC if not even worse because they unlike the ANC act like they are the good guys.

The political landscape, sort of like me, has grown a lot and the only thing I can probably now say is that I dont want the ANC or the DA to win the 2014 elections but at this moment this is obviously whats going to happen since there are no real challengers to the either the ANC and then to the DA.

Crime is still a major issue and neither one of those parties can handle it. The DA is too busy chasing after petty offenders and the ANC, well they are still good at what they do. That is being corrupt to the core.

30 September 2010

By the looks of things there might not even be a 2014 elections the way the ANC is going. South Africa is now coming closer to a banana republic and media freedom seems to be next on the list.

The DA and the ID have merged as we wrote earlier and the ANC and the SACP is now a bit more divided on matters.

The voters have now seen that the ANC made empty promises and they are now turning to the DA, especially parts of the Western Cape that did not vote DA.


After my 2009 South African general elections page I have decided to continue that here and see how things go to the 2014 general elections.

My granny used to say “as die Here ons spaar”. So lets see how this page goes, no ordinary person can predict that far but we can write down history as it happens.

Please note the direction of this page is UP. Starting at the bottom is the oldest date to the newer date right on top.


15 August 2010

A step closer to the total realignment of South African politics

Note to editors: the following text accompanies the press conference held today in Kempton Park, in which a political memorandum of understanding was signed by Helen Zille and Patricia de Lille. The first text is that of Helen Zille’s statement; Patricia de Lille’s statement follows after that. A copy of the memorandum of understanding is downloadable here.

Statement by Helen Zille:

Today we announce an historic step in the realignment of South African politics.

This step takes us closer to building a new majority that can win elections across South Africa.

It is a political memorandum of understanding between the ID and the DA to come together and fight elections under the DA’s banner and we plan to implement and honour it.

Our parties accept the principal of joint membership under specific circumstances and today Patricia de Lille, her deputy Agnes Tsamai, and other senior ID leaders will take out membership of the DA.

The Federal Council of the DA and the National Executive Committee of the ID today and yesterday ratified our memorandum, paving the way for complete integration by 2014.

In terms of our memorandum:

The DA will accept ID public representatives as members of the DA. ID councillors will be entitled to hold dual membership until the local government elections due to be held next year. ID Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Legislatures will be entitled to hold dual membership until the general election to be held in 2014.

The DA and the ID will hold joint caucuses in the councils and legislatures where both parties are represented.

The DA and the ID will not compete against each other in by-elections or campaign independently of each other.

An appropriate number of ID members in leadership positions will join the highest decision-making bodies of the DA – the National Management Committee, the Federal Executive and the Federal Council.

Employees of the ID will be integrated into the DA’s operational structures.

This memorandum of the DA and the ID heralds the beginning of a new phase in our journey away from the politics of racial identity, towards the politics of shared values.  These values will form the bedrock of the new majority we are building in South Africa.

The political contest in South Africa is now between the values of openness and opportunities for all envisaged in the Constitution versus the ruling party’s drive to close down the democratic space and limit opportunities to the politically-connected few.

We believe that, working together, we can win this battle of ideas. We look forward to making the South African dream – of one nation united under the Constitution – a reality for all who live in it.

Statement by Patricia de Lille:

Today is an important day for our country’s democracy and it is a day that represents the culmination of a long process for me and the Independent Democrats.

For the Independent Democrats this process began on the 17 May last year with the adoption of a Resolution by the ID National Executive Committee, which gave the party leadership the mandate to enter into exploratory talks with other opposition parties around the issue of consolidating the opposition.

Then, at a Special National Conference of the ID held on 20 March this year, we were given the deadline by our structures to conclude these talks within 180 days.

I am pleased to announce that we have met that deadline and we have done it in a manner that has involved our party structures every step of the way.

This involvement has been crucial to the success of this endeavour.

As I am sure you are aware these types of processes are extremely complex and are fraught with pitfalls on all sides.

Our democracy is unfortunately littered with failed projects of this kind.

This time is different, however, because we have learnt from those experiences and we haven’t taken any shortcuts in the process.

This has not been a process of expedience or jostling for positions, but one in which we have felt each other out and have painstakingly worked through our differences.

Our experience in running municipalities together has also helped in fostering an environment of mutual trust and understanding for each other’s values and desires for the future of our country.

I can therefore proudly state today that this is a marriage that will last, because very importantly it has the blessing of our members.

As in a marriage, both partners bring different life experiences, personalities and approaches to issues.

It is this diversity, however, that will add the spice to the marriage and ensure that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.

We are hoping that this marriage will inspire all South Africans to come together behind a vision that can unlock the true potential of our country.

For this to happen we have to learn to trust each other and to stand up together against the corruption that is robbing our country’s chances of prosperity.

This event today must merely be seen as the first step in the important task of consolidating the opposition and offering the voters a true alternative Government.

In this regard, negotiations with Cope and the UDM will continue once they have received the mandate from their respective conferences.

We will not rest until we have brought all like-minded parties into this broad based initiative.

Our democracy requires it and research has shown that our voters are crying out for it.

As I have said before, if we build it they will vote for it!

I realise that there are some sceptics out there and that there will also be some self-appointed analysts who will find a whole host of reasons why this marriage could end up in a divorce.

Some analysts will point to our different styles, emphases, ideologies, history along with a whole host of other factors and shout about how this can never work.

I am also aware that there are people who have attempted to try and understand my own personal evolution as a political figure in the South African landscape.

Let me now help you understand all of this.

I am still the same person that I was when I made that decision many decades ago to join in the struggle against Apartheid.

I still hold the same political objectives of fighting oppression and building a society that is based on the principles of justice, fairness and equality before the law.

I was very militant during those days of the struggle because the enemy that we faced showed us no mercy in its onslaught.

I am still immensely proud to state that I was part of that broad movement which finally brought political freedom and democracy for all South Africans.

I am also proud that I was part of the multi-party negotiation forum that took place here in Kempton Park from 1992 and produced the Interim Constitution for our country, leading up to the adoption of the final Constitution in 1996.

I have realised though, that political freedom is not enough, when so many South Africans still live in conditions of squalor, without the dignity of a job.

I have also realised that political rhetoric and nice sounding speeches are not enough to tackle the persistent problems of inequality, poverty, unemployment, crime and corruption that have thrown millions of our people into a daily struggle for survival.

I have also seen how a so-called pro-poor ideology of the ANC has often been used to mask the underhand activities of those who are actually stealing from the poor.

Ideology is important, but what has to be our first priority right now is to secure good governance, where public servants actually serve the people who elected them and not their own interests.

Unless we can secure good governance through building political accountability into the system, ideology will be reduced to meaningless slogans.

Questions can rightfully be asked as to who really is the party of the poor in South Africa, because although I have not compromised on my ideals, I have seen too many of my former comrades making a mockery of the values of the struggle.

The time has come to call an end to this charade.

Make no mistake, in this marriage we may sometimes differ, but we will engage with the intention of building a strong political vehicle that can drive forward the much-needed change in South Africa.

Where Government needs to be kicked out of its political comfort zones we will do it, because South Africa is not in a comfort zone and our people are requiring bold political leadership.

We therefore look forward to this next stage in our country’s democracy and we feel proud that we are part of building an alternative political future.

Building a future that we can all be proud of requires bold action and an ability to change what is not working.

The Local Government elections next year will be a chance for all South Africans to contribute to this process of change that we have initiated here today.

The heroes of the struggle, like Nelson Mandela, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Stephen Bantu Biko and others would be proud to know that this marriage aims to protect our democracy and our Constitution, which they have all given their lives for.

I thank you.


27 March 2010

The situation in South Africa is now critical. The PAC wants to shoot Julius Malema, Jacob Zuma has been hit by so many sex scandals. The ANC is talking about getting Zuma out, although these talks are behind closed doors. Jacob Zuma has been a embarresment to the ANC.

Protests are now a daily thing, the promises that were made during the elections are long gone and the ANC is now living in luxury while the rest of South Africa burns.

16 November 2009

The DA is making ready to win more provinces in the 2014 general elections. They recently said they will show the people with action why they should vote for the DA.

28 April 2009

The ANC made some promises and they won the elections, during the next few weeks we will look at some of those promises on this page.

28 June 2009

As usual with these pages, the event is so far away that I dont bother to work on it a lot. A lot has happened since that can influence the 2014 general elections but that is way far away.

Zuma has now been president for a few months and the Unions, organizations and all of those the walked behind him in his run up to the election has now become a bit further away from Zuma.

I think he realized that it’s easier to make promises than it is to actually do those things which he has said during the elections.

I have not even started with the election promises yet but will soon get to that.

21 July 2009

Not much news thus far. There seems to be a new strike weekly. The people voted and got what they wanted but now they are not happy with it. The ANC has made promises that they cant keep, told you so.

26 August 2009

The election of 2009 is now long gone and I am sure Jacob Zuma has forgotten what he said and promised to the white minority, now days there is threats against the white people of South Africa similar to the last stage before the Rwanda genocide started. Why am i mentioning this? Because Zuma acted like he would protect the white people of South Africa, especially promising the Afrikaans boervolk some things.

Jacob Zuma hasnt been out a lot in public but so has the mouthful DA, they’ve been silent the last couple of months.

15 September 2009

Been a while since i’ve updated this page but really doesnt matter. The elections are 4 years away.

The ANC seems to be going through another split, who knows by 2014 there might be more than just Cope that broke away from the ANC. That is if the country is still standing by that time. I personally dont think so but we’ll see what happens i guess.

6 October 2009

There has been much in-figthing in the ANC lately. It seem the party might just split again.



ANC blames failure on racism

Instead of looking at their 15 years of failed promises and lies, not even starting with the general corruption and forgetfullness of who votes for them the ANC has once again let out a statement that shows they can not take responsibility for their failures.

During President Kgalema Motlanthe’s speech on Freedom Day, he said the following:

voting patterns in 2009’s national poll disturbingly reflected our old divided past; which only goes to show that more work still needs to be done to de-racialise our society in all its essentials

So he failes to see any failure in the ANC. It is exactly of that failed "work" that this country is in the situation it is and the exact reason they have lost votes. Rather spending millions on renaming places than feeding the poor, giving million rand contracts to friends, the words of Helen Zille ring in ones ears that all you can think of when you see these people that they are cronies.

15 years has gone by where white people have been basically treated as 2nd class citizens, white people can not take responsibility for any of this because when the NP signed the country away they gave it in working condition, now we dont have that.

No wonder their own people have turned against them.

Google Adsense now intergrated with Analytics

For months now Google Adsense have been inergrated only for some people with Google Analytics but since today (it seems) everyone can now reap the benefits of that new function. This will enable you to check what pages makes most money with google adsense.

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