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Schoolgirl stabbed 11 times

A 15-year-old Empangeni schoolgirl was attacked and stabbed 11 times by a motorist while on her way to school on Wednesday, paramedics said.

Mounties Ambulance Service spokesperson Joseph Kruger said the girl was walking along Dunn Road when she was accosted by an unidentified motorist.

"She was stabbed repeatedly in her upper body, presumably with a knife."

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Durban’s bloody shootout

Two police officers were killed and another was wounded in a shootout with robbers in central Durban on Tuesday.

One of the robbers and an innocent truck driver – shot at the wheel, with his truck slamming into a roadside tree – were also killed in the exchange.

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Four die in city shootout

Shocked bystanders run for cover as five gangsters try to evade the police

Four people, including two policemen, a suspected robber and a truck driver, died in Durban’s city centre during a shootout between police officers and suspected robbers.

A third police officer and a civilian were injured. Both are in a critical condition in hospital.


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South Africans should prepare for Swine flu

As usual we all know how incompetent the South African government is. We can all remember a few months ago Trevor manual saying that the global financial crisis will not come close to South Africa, a few months later it hit South Africa and its still here. Many people have now lost jobs, homes and vehicles.

The point i am trying to make is, dont trust the government. First they said, there’s no need to worry, they trust that the other governments from where people come will do effective screening of people.

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What will happen if swine flu comes to Africa?

I am not a doctor and I don’t have any degrees so remember this as you read. This is an article based on things I read, see and think.

Mexico has a very good health system where most medical is for free and they actually have doctors, and the virus is hardly being contained. Africa has some of the best doctors in the world but unfortunately it is also so expensive most people cannot even afford basic medical care. If you go to the local state hospitals most of them are overrun and understaffed as it is.

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Why Drupal usage is so important for noobs

I’ve been a Drupal fan now for about two years and undercover most webmasters that know about Drupal, they are fans as well. We all know the "which is best" Joomla vs Wordpress debate because it appears that Drupal is to hard to understand.

Well that’s not entire true, if you can read and seach forums then you can use Drupal. After a few months of using it you will become a expert and start building things that look like webpages.

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ANC blames failure on racism

Instead of looking at their 15 years of failed promises and lies, not even starting with the general corruption and forgetfullness of who votes for them the ANC has once again let out a statement that shows they can not take responsibility for their failures.

During President Kgalema Motlanthe’s speech on Freedom Day, he said the following:

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Google Adsense now intergrated with Analytics

For months now Google Adsense have been inergrated only for some people with Google Analytics but since today (it seems) everyone can now reap the benefits of that new function. This will enable you to check what pages makes most money with google adsense.

It will also enable you to optimize your blog better to make more money.

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