Imagine That – Movie Trailer

imagine_that_poster ‘Imagine That’ looks like another great Eddie Murphy movie, well at least in a while. When I was younger I saw Eddie Murphy as the funniest black actor accept of course for Bill Cosby. But after ‘Daddy daycare’ he made a couple of movies and to be honest I cannot remember any of them. How could I forget the series of Shrek movies where he was donkeys voice. He did an excellent job at that the only entertaining part for me and of course puss in boots is hilarious too.

The plot is about a man whose career has reached a place where he is starting to move backwards instead of forwards. One day he realizes his daughters imaginary world is a window in things happening in the market and how he tries to save his career by trying to use his daughters imagination.

There is obviously drama but it looks like a feel good comedy where the drama leads to a better understanding of life. Plus it helps that the girl is as cute as a button and Eddie is as funny as ever.

Diversity wins Britains got Talent 2009

Here is a surprise I honestly thought it was between Susan Boyle and that 13 year old boy Shaneen even the 11 year old Aiden who can dance better than any grown up I have ever seen. Diversity is good maybe it is because they are group that I did not see them as the winners, it’s easier to overlook a group than a individual getting the camera’s full attention. Simon Cowell said he thought they where going to win and he was right. It is the British peoples choice, it is rather more fun watching them than any of the other acts. Diversity blew the people away but they put humor into their acts I think that is what made the big difference. Plus they truly appeal to a more diverse public from young to old can like them.

Diversity semi final


They killed the whales in Kommetjie

Sure there’s better words for a title but this is really shocking. I do believe there would of been a better solution for the washed up whales but shooting them was not one of them.

All the remaining whales that stranded on Kommetjie beach got shot while people were standing around very close to where they were shot, volunteers and other hopeful people as well as children watched as they shot the whales one by one.

There were some people saying that they could of done it a bit later or monday when there were no children but that would obviously mean the whales would start to really suffer.

They loaded the whales in trucks afterwards. 

Susan Boyle performance in Final of Britain got Talent 2009

I think she did well by singing the song that everyone fell in love with in the first place. I read some of the comments on youtube and was disgusted by what some morons were saying. Susan is a sweet lady who has lead a sheltered life and does not deserve this treatment. It took a lot of guts to enter the competition and if anyone has a problem that she has become so famous shouldn’t take it out on her. I hate it when people are mean without cause, so what if she is a little weird she can sing and that is the whole point. Anyway I think she sings beautifully and would not mind hearing her again ­čÖé

55 Whales stranded on Kommetjie beach still stuck

 They have tried to save the 55 beached whales close to kommetjie beach that washed ashore early Saturday morning. Most of the whales just come back when they enter safety.

No one really knows why they would be doing this. Reports are that they might either be taken to Simons town or be put out. 

SADF, the old South African defense force. Genocide against white people in South Africa

The old South African defense force was the strongest in Africa and probably most other countries as well, they knew what they were doing. Unlike today’s military.

The ANC has a military vets group but I really think South Africa needs a real military vets group that can protect our homeland from the illegal strikes and attacks from the ANC.

Yes i said it, The ANC are terrorists and they will stop at nothing to destroy white people in South Africa. I lived with nigerians in a house in London and they were not nearly as racist as South African black people.

When a group of people and their history and way of living is wiped from the earth its called genocide, that’s exactly what’s happening to South African white people. Now you might say I sound like a racist, well whatever.┬áSay what you want but if you look at the facts you will see white people murdered daily and nothing is said about it. No one does anything to stop this.


Cape Town cold front is here

 A massive cold front is coming in from the west of South Africa and moving over to Cape Town. Not every day that we do Cape Town weather but when it bring along with it 5 meter waves I think its worthy of a mention.

So be on the lookout for great swells and big surfing in Cape Town this weekend.