Spider holster for your camera – Cowboy style


This is classic cowboy style when one would rip out his gun and shoot, except this holster is for your camera. It might be a bit uncomfortable around the hips but choice is great and sometimes carrying the camera around your shoulder is not that great.

I also think you would be able to get to your camera much faster than usual with this holster. 

More info at the site





Rocking bed design

This bed is just great. I can think of so many reason one needs a rocking bed.


 This is a very eye catching bed with a almost japanese style cover and bended wood.





Google earth has business layer

Today (or yesterday) Google added a business layer to Google Earth


"Today, we added a "Businesses" layer to Google Earth on iPhone, as well as to the "Geographic Web" folder in the desktop Google Earth version. To make them easily discoverable, you’ll see them by default when you start the application next time. You’ll find businesses like restaurants, bars, banks, gas stations, and grocery stores all just a touch away"


This is pretty interesting as you will now be able to find the closest shop of that which you need. You can also find the closest businesses and well whatever people add. 




More Cape Town storms coming and cold front

The Cape Town storms are back, last year was pretty exciting when the waves came over the wall and people couldnt wait for this year to see the massive waves pounding harbour walls around the country.

There is a cold front heading towards Cape Town and other parts of South Africa that seems to be the first big cold of 2009 and it might bring snow as close as Grabouw. Hopefully this year people wont have to drive from Cape Town to Ceres but will find snow closer to home in the Helderberg area’s mountains.

Helderberg was covered with snow the year before last and this year might just happen again.

South Africa enter recession

South Africa is now officially in a recession like some other countries,  sure Trevor Manuel said we are safe but thats his word against that of reality.

This is the first recession in 17 years and many face losing their jobs. 


MK Military Veterans' Association (MKMVA) threatens Helen Zille

The MK Military Veterans’ Association (MKMVA) said they are going to march to Helen Zille’s offices on wednesday:


Zille has undermined the highest office in the country, because whatever she said about President Jacob Zuma, it was okay before the elections, but now that president has been elected into the highest office by the people of South Africa, and they see him as a role model


 They are threatening 


Tomorrow [Wednesday] we are coming to give her the attention she wants, but in a very different way. She will never want us at her office again News24.com


So these hooligans are going to march to Helen Zille’s offices and do what? Hand out a paper and beg her to stop calling Zuma a womanizer to which he self admitted that he is one?

I think they will break the place down, cripple the city and the usual hooligan crap. Whatever happened to democracy and free speech in South Africa? They may threaten to kill for Zuma, that white people must leave the country, that if we dont like crime we should just leave and the list goes on.

Helen Zille just says one thing and they want to go all military on her. Something is wrong here

Ben Color Capture application for iphone


From the 1st of June there will be a new application available for your iphone from the Apple store that will make color matching a dream. It’s as easy as zooming in on a image and in the application you’ll see the matching colours.



AutoPager Firefox addons

Firefox Autopager automatically loads the next page when you come to the end of a page, sort of when you scroll down and the plugin sees there’s a next number of the page or a next button (i’m really not sure how it does what it does).

It’s a great plugin for browsing image sites or most blogs. Worth a try.


Download plugin from Firefox

This is one crazy driver


The video’s name is "witchita mall crash" but this doesnt look like a crash to me, more like a drunk maniac that went window shopping