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Sony VAIO P50



The company introduced an update to the Sony line of Ultra small notebook VAIO P. The new model, the index has received P50, originally shipped with the operating system Windows XP, which is suitable for such hilyh (in the computer sense) computers are much more than Vista. Of the other characteristics worth noting 2-gigagertsovy Atom Z550 processor, and can order from 256-gigabaytnym SSD-drive. Unfortunately, the VAIO P50 is only available in Japan at a cost of about 900 dollars.

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Julius Malema threatens a cape blackout

 Cape Town is now under a threat from Julius Malema and the other idiots. They want to flood the Western Cape with black people to show the Western Cape how upset they are for not voting for the ANC.


ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has vowed to reclaim the Western Cape – ruled by his nemesis and DA leader Helen Zille – by flooding the province with "black" youth from the ANC-governed Eastern Cape. The Mercury

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What is wrong with the ANC supporters?

What is wrong with the ANC supporters? They are constantly crying about injustice and freedom for the people when they are stifling others. Since they have kicked Mbeke out of office I have noticed there is something very wrong with ANC supporters. It is almost as if they believe they are the only ones in the country who has rights. For example this whole Helen Zille thing, they are attacking a woman for criticizing the president who is currently Jakub Zuma, they want her fired.

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Google earth has business layer

Today (or yesterday) Google added a business layer to Google Earth


"Today, we added a "Businesses" layer to Google Earth on iPhone, as well as to the "Geographic Web" folder in the desktop Google Earth version. To make them easily discoverable, you’ll see them by default when you start the application next time. You’ll find businesses like restaurants, bars, banks, gas stations, and grocery stores all just a touch away"


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More Cape Town storms coming and cold front

 The Cape Town storms are back, last year was pretty exciting when the waves came over the wall and people couldnt wait for this year to see the massive waves pounding harbour walls around the country. 

There is a cold front heading towards Cape Town and other parts of South Africa that seems to be the first big cold of 2009 and it might bring snow as close as Grabouw. Hopefully this year people wont have to drive from Cape Town to Ceres but will find snow closer to home in the Helderberg area’s mountains. 

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Lyndall Jarvis is Laughing Octopus in Metal Gear Solid

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South Africa enter recession

South Africa is now officially in a recession like some other countries,  sure Trevor Manuel said we are safe but thats his word against that of reality.

This is the first recession in 17 years and many face losing their jobs. 


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