SADF, the old South African defense force. Genocide against white people in South Africa

The old South African defense force was the strongest in Africa and probably most other countries as well, they knew what they were doing. Unlike today’s military.

The ANC has a military vets group but I really think South Africa needs a real military vets group that can protect our homeland from the illegal strikes and attacks from the ANC.

Yes i said it, The ANC are terrorists and they will stop at nothing to destroy white people in South Africa. I lived with nigerians in a house in London and they were not nearly as racist as South African black people.

When a group of people and their history and way of living is wiped from the earth its called genocide, that’s exactly what’s happening to South African white people. Now you might say I sound like a racist, well whatever. Say what you want but if you look at the facts you will see white people murdered daily and nothing is said about it. No one does anything to stop this.


Cape Town cold front is here

 A massive cold front is coming in from the west of South Africa and moving over to Cape Town. Not every day that we do Cape Town weather but when it bring along with it 5 meter waves I think its worthy of a mention.

So be on the lookout for great swells and big surfing in Cape Town this weekend.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol try to arrest EMT

I have gone through all the available links and still I can’t figure out why the highway patrol would stop an ambulance in the first place. And why did he not let them go as soon as he heard there was an patient inside.

Here are two links both are eye witness reports of how the patrol guy was way out of hand. News channel & Witness letter,

This whole thing just shows how much the world is changing where you do not know who can be trusted anymore! Ambulances and the police are meant to be on the same team, not fighting. I know not all cops are like this but the few that are is making enough of an impact to give them a serious bad name. This patrol man could not possibly have a good reason for his behavior and should be dismissed.

Sony VAIO P50



The company introduced an update to the Sony line of Ultra small notebook VAIO P. The new model, the index has received P50, originally shipped with the operating system Windows XP, which is suitable for such hilyh (in the computer sense) computers are much more than Vista. Of the other characteristics worth noting 2-gigagertsovy Atom Z550 processor, and can order from 256-gigabaytnym SSD-drive. Unfortunately, the VAIO P50 is only available in Japan at a cost of about 900 dollars.

Julius Malema threatens a cape blackout

Cape Town is now under a threat from Julius Malema and the other idiots. They want to flood the Western Cape with black people to show the Western Cape how upset they are for not voting for the ANC.


ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has vowed to reclaim the Western Cape – ruled by his nemesis and DA leader Helen Zille – by flooding the province with “black” youth from the ANC-governed Eastern Cape. The Mercury

So he wants to be so spiteful just because the ANC did not win in the Western Cape, in fact the entire ANC is upset because they lost the votes of the Western Cape.

How long will this go on? How long will they illegally threaten to make the Western Cape ungovernable?

Is’nt that like threatening a overthrow of government which is a international crime?

I dont know, but something has to be done to stop the ANC from entirely messing up the Western Cape, they will kill their own people to stay in power, how much more wont they kill others to stay in control of their dictator style democracy


What is wrong with the ANC supporters?

What is wrong with the ANC supporters? They are constantly crying about injustice and freedom for the people when they are stifling others. Since they have kicked Mbeke out of office I have noticed there is something very wrong with ANC supporters. It is almost as if they believe they are the only ones in the country who has rights. For example this whole Helen Zille thing, they are attacking a woman for criticizing the president who is currently Jakub Zuma, they want her fired. Imagine they did this in other countries the parliaments would be empty, that is what politics is about criticizing each other to improve the country. This is the whole point of having a democracy is that we have the freedom to say when we do not agree with those in power. Jakob Zuma is just a man, a very faulty man at that, he may have become president but he is there to serve us as the people of the country we are not there to serve him like in a kingdom. The supporters of Zuma is going to far, they have elevated the man to a status that should not be allowed in such a vulnerable new democratic country such as South Africa. It can become dangerous if these people are left to threaten and disrupt other peoples lives because Zuma has been criticized. Even when Mandela was president his supporters did not act in such a way. I repeat there is something very wrong with the way these people bully the rest of the country to have their way.

I like Helen Zille though I don’t always agree with her I know she is a good woman trying to help a country that needs it. She is far from a racist and these men protesting against her are bigger racist because they call her a white little girl, actually that makes them chauvinist and racist. And the race card has been played to boredom. I was 6 years old when apartheid ended I personally am not racist and have never been racist but those who say us as white people should except defeat? Defeat of what precisely? Clear this up; are we in a war I was not aware of? And why should I except being defeated when I have not done anything to deserve such an remark. It is like sending a child to prison when the parents steels, that would make no sense. Just like these ANC supporters who go to rallies and protest and say all these dumb racist stuff. Making as if they are owed everything this poor me mentality and this dangerous belief that anyone who does not agree should be fired or harmed. If the leadership of the ANC don’t start correcting their zealous supporters, they will have a bigger problem than Xenophobia one of these days.