Swine flu is under control – NOT!

We’ve heard it when the Xenophobic attacks started, we heard it when the recession came and now we hearing it again from the regime.

Dont worry about Swine flu everything is under control.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaled said swine flu is under control. Times like these i want to giggle. The entire planet has a pandemic and our shores have been infiltrated by this pandemic and our Health minister says not to worry.

Classic South African style, the world is burning but we ok, we live at the bottom where the flames dont come. Yeah right.

Drag your tabs in the new Firefox 3.5

I will be blogging about Firefox 3.5 for a few days i hope.

The first thing I want to mention is the tabs, you know in Safari you can just drag a tab and it will show you the nice and shiny new small window pic which means that you will have that tab in its own window once you leave the mouse button, well the first update or upgrade i want to mention if you havent done the hassle of going through all the new things is the tabs.

Yes, you guessed it. Actually its obvious, you can now drag your tabs like Safari only you dont get the nice little graphic. Still a big move concerning tabs and Firefox, a function i have wanted since I’ve used Safari for the first time.

Make Firefox just that bit cooler than it used to be.

Wonder Girls new music video – Nobody

It is surprising the strong voices coming from such small little women! If I heard the song without seeing the video, I would have had a hard time believing it was sung by an Asian pop group and not one of America’s R&B groups. All I can say is I am not surprised this video is so popular plus the song is very catchy 😉

Will the US make it illegal to sell software that aids to internet censorship?

This came as two surprises to me. Well one big one.

I didnt think much of the entire Nokia Siemens Networks supplying Iran with software to censor the internet. I dont know why i didnt but it was a big deal.

Personally i thought the government of Iran came to the company and asked to design software with a specific function and thats what they did.

It appears that, that was a bigger deal than some would of thought because internet activists are now budging on Barack Obama to make it illegal for companies to sell or supply dictatorships or countries with dictatorships with that kind of software.

The new law called Global Online Freedom Act (Gofa) would also stop these companies making millions from oppressive governments.

Amnesty International also hopes this new bill will come to pass.

Wonder Girls perform first time with Jonas Brothers @ Rose Garden

Queens of Asia pop ‘wonder girls’ performs at America’s own pop royalty the Jonas Brothers Rose Garden concert. These five girls can sure sing 🙂 Jonas Brothers made a good choice in an opening act. It is the first time I have seen the wonder girls perform, even though the video quality is pretty bad I could still make out they’re singing is very good.

Unique phone chargers become a thing of the past, universal phone chargers for the future

This is total awesomeness for any cellphone obsessed geek on the move.

90% of of all European mobile phone makers have decided to make one universal charger.
The new universal phone charger will be a mini USB connection and will be available from 2010.

The companies include Apple (AAPL), LG, Motorola (MOT), Nokia (NOK), Samsung, and Sony Ericsson.

This is a great move which when you get a new phone you will always have a spare charger from your previous phone.

I wonder how this will effect those people standing at the robots selling those annoying plastic chargers. But hey they got to make a living as well.

Bind Hacker gets 30 months in prison for phreaking

Who would of thought that in this day and age you’d still get phone phreakers. What used to be fun turned out to get this blind guy in jail. This dude, a blind swatter was making phone calls to 911 tricking the operators to believe he was somewhere else, he then told the police he was high on drugs and had shot his entire family. The police then sent loads of armed gunmen employed by the government to get this tiny problem out of the way. Miles away this dude was giggling like 5 year old school girl while another house was being emptied but no gunman was insight. Guadalupe Martinez received 30 months in prison for this little useless joke.

The Pirate bay creators create The Video Bay

Blackmailing software companies tired and knocked out from the good old Pirate bay might have a bigger issue on their keyboards and screens because the Pirate Bay that’s currently selling the Pirate Bay to a gaming company, which then we call the creators of the original Pirate Bay has a new plan up their servers.


That plan is called a video site and that video site is called "the Video Bay" Whether it should be a capital t for the can be debated.

Anyway, this new video site we have little info about and it doesnt work at the moment, well not that great anyway. It will however work because we know the Pirate Bay works and if the same people is working on this next big site we can be sure the RIAA will be the first to visit.


The site is coming on great and when it launches i bet there will be a few moaning servers, in the meantime check out this groovy section RECENT


Back to being serious and all that, i think The Video Bay will bury Youtube, for example how many videos you find on this site that says "this video has been removed due to some crap" or something like that. The Video Bay aims to stop those stupid messages with their site and let us all watch our videos in peace.


Firefox 3.5 out and about

Mozilla just released Firefox 3.5 and its a update or upgraded version you need to get. With fancied stuff like Html 5 video support and audio content embedded right on the page it sure is a big update. This is sure one version that will make the entire family jump up and down with geekness.


Back in the beginning of the year they were going to release version 3.1 but the Firefox team thought this was such a big update that they had to call it .5 because generally .5 is just about as big as the full version. Ok maybe a slight bellow but you get the picture.


You can already start downloading it  



How will the new Cellphone law work

 The new cellphone law comes into action tomorrow, i thought it was later today but was wrong, this new law provides way for the government to basically track anyone down. No internet service provider can use it without the written permission from a judge.

Any service provider doing so will have to pay a fine of R2 000 000 or up to 10 years in prison. But just how easy is it to get such a written piece of paper from a judge?

I bet it wont be that hard for the ANC to tap into other opponents phones the next time the elections come around. I bet they want to tap into Zille’ s phone because according to them she’s not doing her job correctly and what better way than to always know where she is by tracking her cellphone.

They can also monitor calls of all political parties with the quick signature of a judge.

Not sure where this is going but it doesnt sound good.

New cellphone laws coming live in South Africa today

 A new draconian law coming into effect today will force anonymous cellphone users to register their phones as well as those that buy new sim cards.

Those currently that have Sim cards and activated sim cards in pay as you go phones will be forces to provide your details to your service providers or face termination of their cell phone numbers.

The new law coming into effect from tomorrow (wednesday) will already force those that are out to buy a new sim card from any cell phone service provider in South Africa to give their proof of address and identity document.

Another law coming into effect this week which allows tapping of phones and intercepting of emails comes into effect which is the base of the registration law.

The Justice Department Spokesperson Tlali Tlali has said that the department will be holding a press conference tomorrow about  the Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-related Information Amendment Act.

Details of how long anonymous users and cellphone holders will have to register will be announced tomorrow.

The new act not only gets the cellphone ISP’s but also the Internet service providers by must archive their customers emails in order for authorities to access them.


England is the worse place in the world to grow up children

 We were in the UK for about 1 year and 1/2 and those kids are bad, i mean they annoying, ugly and just plain bad.

The fact is most of these children are dull ( i dont know how to spell that) children, their parents wanted money, the government gives money to parents without jobs and that’s their way out.

So they get these kids they dont want, then they treat them like crap, they are basically unwanted kids. So by the time they grow up a bit they are rude and well basically left to do whatever they want to do. Like no one cares.

Another problem in England is that it’s illegal to spank the children when they cause crap. There’s no way of trying to get them to be obedient.

So the government gives people money to have children they dont want that gets ignored all their life and its illegal to spank them and now this. Something new is one the brew in England.

Parents of unruly pupils could be taken to court by teachers under plans to be announced by ministers.

Yep, how messed up is that. Even if it’s great parents, they cant spank their kids and teach them manners so the kids turn out like monkeys. Now the same kids they are not allowed to discipline, if they cause crap at school their parents will face the music in court?

That’s just wasted.

Bafana was impressive on Sunday scoring 2 against Spain's 3 goals

 There are a few soccer teams around the world that I like, brazil being one, spain also being one. It’s just in the last few weeks that I have started to like Bafana, but i guess now i’m a big fan as well. 

I thought they would lose far against Spain, at least 3-0 but i was amazed at how hard they played and even more amazed to see them score against Spain, maybe i underestimated the South African soccer players but when 2010 comes I will be cheering for South Africa.


South Africa gets a 8 from FIFA

 I did not know about these ratings until tonight but I heard FIFA gave South Africa a 8. Things lacking are the transport system and the other issue is crime and security.

I dont know if 8 is good or not but I kind of liked watching the soccer even though i’m not even a avid soccer fan.

Lets hope they get these things fixed before the start of the 2010 soccer world cup.