No news about the Ark

The Ark of the covenant was supposed to be revealed according to some news sources but that news has vanished.

Apparently the translation that was done from Italian to Enligsh was done in error, thereby causing it to sound like the Orthodox church leader from Ethopia was saying that they will reveal the Ark.

What he actually was saying is that they will reveal news about the ark.

Big mishap.

I love you Beth Cooper – Movie Trailer

This looks like another cliche American teenage movie but it also looks really really good. One I like Hayden Panettiere, two I like nerds they are most of the time funny strange and I just like any type of outcasts. ‘I love you Beth Cooper’ is about a high school graduate who is valedictorian making his declaration in front of the whole school setting to motion a roller coaster night. It seems fun and light hearted and very very funny. I found a clip of Hayden singing really badly for the trailer 🙂 enjoy



Hankey is located in the Gamtoos Valley and is one of the three towns that make up the Gumtoos Valley. Hankey reaches until Baviaanskloof are which is a World Heritage site.

Hanky has a few things that makes it famous, one is the grave of Sarah Baartman the other is the biggest Sundial in the entire Africa

Old and New changed South African place names

Kglagadi – Gemsbok

Kglagadi National Transfrontier park use to be Gemsbok Park


Pretoria – Tswane

The regime is trying to change this historical city with the beautiful name of Pretoria to Tswane. Much controversy surounds this move.



Warmbaths – (Bela-Bela)

“Belabela” is a Sesotho word simply meaning “hot spring” or “bubble bubble”, in reference to the hot water springs in this area.


Nylstroom – (Modimolle)

The word literally means “the forefather’s spirit has eaten” (Modimo o lle). According to tradition, it often happened that someone would climb the mountain (known as Kranskop), only to disappear without trace. The Basotho attributed such disappearances to an ancestral spirit that ate (killed) the unfortunate. (See also my brief synopsis below regarding how Nylstroom got its name.)


Naboomspruit – (Mookgophong)

The town was named after the huge candelabra tree (the naboom). The new name of Mookgophong essentially has the same meaning.


Potgietersrus – (Mokopane)

The true meaning is unclear.

The town was supposed to be called Mngombane as the original name of a Northern Ndebele (or BaTlou) king was Mngombane. His name was not Mokopane!


Pietersburg – (Polokwane)

The true meaning also seems unclear. Some sources say that it means “little storage space”, while other sources say it means “place of safety”.


Louis Trichardt

This town was for a short period known as Makhado but has now changed back to Louis Trichardt. (See further details below in this posting.)

More coming.

Fees van die Ganse

‘Fees van die Ganse’ translated as the festival of the geese is the celebration of Gansbaai a small town in the Cape Overberg area. The name originates from the wild geese that flock to that area each year.

The main attraction of the festival is the winter fynbos wildflower show. There will also be a parade of the famous ‘kaapse klopse’ and craft stalls with live music, even a soccer tournament at the Masakhane community. For those who just want to ‘kuier’ can go the beer tent at the harbour overlooking the fishing boats coming in. The adventurers can have some 4×4 fun and there would be boat trips as well.

Futher details call 028 384 1439

The Knysna Oyster Festival

The Oyster Festival has been held every year for the past 25years in Knysna in the Garden Route. The main attraction of course are the oysters over 200 000 of them. The fun and games surrounding it has grown over the years. There are a couple of standing ‘traditions’ such as the Navy band playing in the street parade and many competitions for young and small. There are so many things to do in Knysna and during the Oyster Festival the town comes alive.

If you would like more information on the festival there is a very informative site especially made just for it or you can contact the organizers at

The Ark of the Covenant to be revealed

The Ark of the Covenant is said to be revealed today. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church leader Aba Gebremedhin (aka Aba Diabilos), the illegitimate Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, was in Rome this week to meet with Pope Benedict XVI.

While visiting the Pope he told reporters and the media who was there that the time has come for the Holy Ark to be revealed. The Ark is said to have been there for a bout 2500 years and has not been seen since King Solomon ruled Israel.

The time when Gebremedhin is to reveal the ark of the covenant is June 26, 2pm (3PM Israel time) at a press conference in Rome.

According to a lot of biblical scholars the Ark has been in Axum for years, according to some since the Ark was taken from Israel, whether it was a present or not.

There’s a lot of churches in Ethopia that have copies of the Ark.

The news has a lot of people wondering whether its authentic or just another story that might turn out to be fake but what is fact is that they did claim they will reveal the Ark of the covenant.

Facebook wants to challenge twitter

The facebook that cant seem to make up it’s mind on what it wants and what it wants to do has decided to make a part of that old famous "stream" of unusefulness a bit more annoying by making it public.

Obviously the moaning people that actually use Facebook finds a issue with privacy in this as all other Facebook upgrades so Facebook will provide a way to hide your so called public stream from the rest of the world. 


Buying reading books on a budget – tips

Books are one of those things that have become a rather expensive luxury. I love reading and have noticed that it is becoming more and more popular again. But as with most things these days it is one of the first things normally cut out of the budget. So I thought I would share a couple of ideas how you can still enjoy a good book without spending the weeks grocery money.

Find a good second hand book shop. I have a bookshop I go to in Somerset West. I am the third generation to buy there the same lady that sold books to my grandfather, sells books to me now. I love the little shop. The sweet lady is in her seventies I would guess but looks still in her fifties and it is always an experience. She runs the shop with a passion for books and can tell you what authors are good and she is very good at picking books I would like. The best part of the shop is I can hand in my books I have read she sets it up that a person gets ‘credited’ with that and you can ‘buy’ books with it. I can buy a book there for under R10, which most of the time is almost falling apart or is very very old so old my mother could have read that very same book when she was my age.

Join or start a book club. This is something I have always wanted to do but I only read romance novels and sometimes Sci-phi so it’s hard to find other people who would want to discuss it. It is rather a personal thin. The thing is though if you make a group of friends who all enjoy the same books as you, you can swap and change that way each can buy a book at approximately the same cost and swap it around as you finish.

Read books online. Online reading is my favorite choice. I especially like the sites where everyday people can write short stories. It is very exciting because it is most of the time unedited and truly fantasies. For example there was this one lady who is an nurse she wrote this wonderful period series story each week she would publish a next chapter it was wonderful. By the end of the story a publisher had contacted her and now she is working with them to get her book published.

Buy Books online. Online buying can be more cost affective only looking at the price but here is the catch postage. If you live in America or UK even Europe you do not have the same concern as here in lovely South Africa. I was talking to the bookstore lady asking her what she new about online buying, because I wanted to buy the whole series of my favorite authors books, she told me about a customer who bought books on Amazon and it was ‘lost’ in postage. She was not able to get a refund because it was not the sellers problem that it was lost here in South Africa’s post offices. So you can take the risk but I would rather not too scared I would lose all my money.

Book sales or specials. I love book sales and specials. One of my favorite specials is where you can get a book with a magazine. What a bonus! Magazines for light hearted reading and a normally steamy romance novel attached. Not for ‘serious’ readers but for the lighthearted out there looking for some romance.

Join your local Library. A library card is a handy thing. I have two small children, I can show them the children’s section and mommy can go find something nice to read and daddy can go online, everyone wins in this particular day trip and it is for free! That is a major money saver, not spending any. The only thing about Libraries is some do not have a good variety, especially if you want to read romance literature like me but give it a go as I said before it is free what do have to loose.

Why Nuweland sounds like a bad idea

 I am not referring to Nuweland rugby stadium I am referring to the Nuweland Afrikaans city or whatever it can be called.

The first reason I am saying it will fail is because the guy that plans the entire thing makes it sounds like he wants to make a theme park. He said in his speech last night in Pretoria that when the "white camp" reaches critical mass he then wants to focus on a coloured camp and a tswane camp. 

He also said that this will bring a lot of tourists. So the point of this entire thing is to keep the culture of a community intact or to bring tourists to South Africa?

I’m not getting it.

Then he goes further, he wants everyone to give R50 a month to Ekonomiese Ontwikkelingsforum van Suid-Afrika (Eofsa) so they can see all the support. I have never even heard of Eofsa. 

I support the idea of a state for the descendants of the boers but this sounds a bit like building a disney world where the Afrikaners is a show piece to bring tourists.