Does Jacob Zuma have Mbeki syndrome?

 Today Jacob Zuma said that the foreign reports portraying South Africa as a country seized with unrest because of the recent protests were unfounded and went further to say in his weekly newsletter that 

"We should not claim these events to be more than they are. At

the same time, it would be unwise to dismiss them, because they do

raise important issues and they do pose particular challenges for

the count."

Now if I remember Thabo Mbeki correctly, possibly the worst president South Africa has seen and the biggest moron on the face of the planet he said while the Xenophobia rages across South Africa killing 60 people that "everything is fine" and that there was no need to worry.

So now we see Jacob Zuma saying once again that everything is fine but it’s not. South Africa is facing the worst chaos ever, white people and specifically Afrikaans white people are being murdered in the 100’s, the streets are a mess because of the protesters breaking down the place. The foreigners are fearing for the lives even sleeping at police stations and there’s probably not one union that has not considered striking.

Jacob Zuma made promises in the election and now that the time has come to deliver he’s on holiday with his other tax money spending friends up in high positions

Swine flu in Somerset West, Helderberg and Stellenbosch

 Swine flu is here in Somerset West and Helderberg and Stellenbosch. People everywhere are starting to get it and it’s moving really fast here in Cape Town.

Universities in Stellenbosch are closing down because apparently yesterday people started coughing and all of a sudden swine flu started spreading.  Yesterday at the shops and all over town people wore masks and the reality is that swine flu has come to Cape Town.

Most people say it’s nothing to worry about, at least for now because this is the first wave of the pandemic, the second one would probably be more dangerous.

But still people should take precaution and rather be safe than pick up a virus that people are still unsure off.

Swine flu attacks your immune system and attacks the weak points of the body.


Swimming pool bleach, Chlorine added to South Africa’s drinking water

The Tshwaing municipality is apparently using swimming pool chlorine in its water and sewerage systems. The pollution is so bad that they are now desperate to stop the Cholera using swimming pool chlorine but it has not been approved by the Government as drinking water.

Willie Spies from Afriforum wrote to the munisipality and claims that they stop using the swimming pool products at once if they dont stop they will be taken to the high court. 


What the heck has the country come to that these bunch of hooligans add poisonous chemicals in our drinking water. Who knows what other parts of the country throws in the drinking water. You surely cant trust the drinking water or any water for that matter in South Africa. If you want to drink water you better boil it first just to be safe. I’m not sure if that will get rid of the chlorine though but it sure is worth the hassle.


Beach House designed by Nathan Good Architect generates own electricity

Beach House designed by Nathan Good Architect generates own electricity actually it generates more electricity than it can use. This energy sufficient home, Cannon Beach Residence is situated at Oregon Beach. Not only does it have magnificent views it is engineered that it uses less energy than what it can generate. To me that is awesome, when I was a little girl I wanted to become an Architect and my goal was to designs home that would be good for the earth. I was just really bad at maths, so seeing designs like this is awesome.

The house has 12 inch thick concrete walls and 5kWh rooftop photovoltaic system. The house was constructed using a lot of recycled materials made to last for generations. There are Solar thermal tubes to provide hot water with a ground source heat pump that works like an air conditioner heating or cooling the air. Even the shape of the house was chosen for energy conservation in mind.