White people are being persecuted in South Africa

It’s a big story that a man from South Africa currently living in Canada received refugee status.

According to the Ottawa sun:

An Ottawa man has been granted refugee status after an immigration board panel ruled he would be likely be persecuted if he returned back to his native South Africa — because he is white.A Canadian immigration and refugee board panel ruled Thursday that Brandon Huntley, 31, could stay in Canada because he presented “clear and convincing proof of the state’s inability or unwillingness to protect him.”“I find that the claimant would stand out like a ‘sore thumb’ due to his colour in any part of the country,” tribunal panel chair William Davis said in his decision to grant Huntley refugee status.

So this guy gave them facts and he got refugee status as was fit.

Now the government is upset and they said:

According to News24:

Home Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa said the department had heard about the “baseless allegations against our people and our country”.

So not only does Ronnie call the South African baseless but there was enough evidence to give Brandon Huntley refugee status. This just shows the utter denail and ignorance of the South African government.

Fact is you can walk through any strike in South Africa (if you can make it through) you will see people holding signs saying kill the boer kill the farmer. You will hear on national tv how the black politians call white people foreigners or settlers.

The facts are open for everyone to see, most white South African cant find jobs because of the racist BEE and AA, then we have not even started with the farm attacks against white farmers, where they and their families are murdered for nothing, sometimes only a cellphone gets stolen.

I really hope more white South Africans get refugee status and expose this ignorant government.



Genocide in South Africa, how long do you have to hide

During the Rwanda genocide more than 1 million tutsis were murdered but it didnt happen overnight and the next morning it was over. It happened in a space of three months. Three months of non stop murders, rapes and total chaos.

If one were to get ready for such a event, and we should since we have all these people in government doing what the Hutus did just before the Rwanda genocide started. They are secretly ( or maybe not so secretly) starting to excite the people to murder out white people.

There has been a silent genocide going on in South Africa for a few years now, where white farmers are murdered for nothing but the South African government blames it on crime thereby hiding what is really going on from the outside world.

So, the average time span one has to be prepared to bug out for is about 3 months to 6 months. Can you imagine living that long in a place somewhere in nature where you have to provide for yourself?

I believe the time is coming. Are you ready?

The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) will strike from 1 September

The South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) said they will strike from tomorrow 1 September 2009. They are upset because when Jacob Zuma was not yet president he said he would halt the BRT system until a agreement has been reached. They argue that he basically broke his promise and now they will strike.

The strike intends to realize the “Put on hold” processes as was initially announced by the State President. The nationwide strike is a necessity to express these challenges government has for some unknown reason applied to deliberately frustrate the processes agreed to at the inaugural meeting of July 30, 2009. 

Chitika doubles your pay

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Since this is a South African blog I’m not so sure I would make that much with the traffic I get but it’s worth a shot.

Check it out

Lady Gaga singing Murder My Heart with Michael Bolton on new album

I found this music clip of Lady Gaga’s newest ‘creation’ and honestly I couldn’t hear her sing. I heard Michael Bolton’s voice loud and clear but only now and then I could make out a female voice in the background.

But Lady Gaga and Michael Bolton did record a song together for her new album One World One Love the songs name is Murder My Heart. How these two polar opposites got together I have no idea.

Spring starts 1st of September

Ok before everyone tells me Spring officially only starts 21 September I know that but I guess it’s a tradition in South Africa to celebrate Spring on the 1st of September, when i grew up we usually had a big spring day and i’d like to keep it that way.

Have some fun people.

The Baobab tree

The Baobab tree is probably one of Africa’s greatest natural treasures. The Baobab tree has so many myths and legends attached to it, it has so many uses and is engraved in most African cultures.

Some people call it "the upside down tree" because when you look at the tree it sometimes look as if the roots are on the top and the real tree is buried somewhere under ground, luckily thats not the case.

Apart from having fruit the Baobab tree makes a great camping place since most animals including elephants cant get to the top or push down the tree, it is therefore a great place to setup camp… Inside of the tree.

The Baobab’s fruit is nice and big, about 20cm average. The fruit itself has so many nutritional properties and can be a life saver if you are lost on the bushes, they contain Antidiarrhoeal elements, Anti-inflammatory and Anti viral properties.

When pulling back the bark of the tree water can be found.



Tomorrow is Spring!

Tomorrow spring starts on this part of Africa and it sure is about time. The flu and the cold weather and all that is getting a bit much now. I cant wait to get myself a canoe and go drifting around at the harbour catching some waves, taking the longboard for a few waves and just relaxing with the family on the beach.


The Cape Gooseberry

The name Cape Gooseberries actually comes from Cape Town in South Africa, the berries are actually called Gooseberries was brought to South Africa by the Cape settlers in the 1800’s.

Cape Gooseberries is one of South Africa’s favourite berries, well at least here in the Western Cape where they are mostly found. Some people call the Gooseberry a fruit but i’ll just stick to berries for now.

Cape Gooseberries have antioxidant properties as well as anti inflammitory properties and has also been used for cancer, malaria, asthma, hepatitis, dermatitis and rheumatism

Eskom is dom, rising to new heights…. in debt

 Eskom have known for years that they cant keep sucking the country dry while making their fat pockets richer by not investing their profits back into upgrading resources for future growth.

Back in 1995 they were warned by experts that has probably by now left the country because of South Africa’s racist and white hating BEE and AA programs, where they employ black people that mostly has no experience in what they are doing causing the country thereby to fall further into chaos. They were warned that if they dont upgrade and keep on upgrading the grid or electricity system to put it into simple terms it will overload and do exactly what it did.

They did not plan for growth, they did not expand or upgrade pretty much anything, they ran the ever growing grid (before 1995) until the day (two or three years ago) that it could not handle the capacity that it needs to be at.

So this year they want to rip off the poor citizens of this country even further, not to speak of the already 100% cost they added to some places, they want us to pay their shocking R9.7billion loss of the past year.

Yes you heard it correctly, Eskom lost R9.7billion in the last financial year and they blame it on having to upgrade the grid. 

Remake of Wizard of Oz featuring Dekota Fanning

Warner Brothers has decided they wanted to remake the classic Wizard of Oz. I would normally have said they are ruining another perfectly fine film but they are getting Dekota Fanning to play the lead 🙂 now that made me happy. Dekota are one of those rare stars that can actually act. There is going to be a rather large twist to the plot though it won’t be the original story line. The plot is about Dorothy’s granddaughter but the story line is apparently darker than the first that is bad news. So it means it will probably not be a family movie I can go watch with my children? I will reserve my judgment for a while but I truly hope they do not turn it into a horror sci-phi movie that would be awful.

Swine Flu has been around since 1979

If you did not believe there is a reason not to trust this Swine flu vaccine they want to give everyone, then after these videos most logical people will question it. They cannot rush vaccines.

Then there is another point I wanted to make. Why when the swine flu pandemic started they said it’s a new virus? That they do not have a clue on how it works when clearly this virus has popped up before in the military no less.

Something is up, I don’t know what precisely but I have more questions than answers.

20 Swine flu deaths in South Africa

The number of swine flu deaths in South Africa has risen to 20. The number of people infected with swine flu has risen to 5000. The deaths are mostly pregnant woman in the 3rd term of their pregnancy or those with diabetes or other serious issues or diseases.