Low flying planes in Cape Town at night time

Reports and emails are coming in of low flying airplanes late at night in Cape Town.

Reports and emails are coming in of low flying airplanes late at night in Cape Town. This could be military planes but what people are also noticing is weird cloud formations that we have not seen in Cape Town before.

While chemtrails might sound like a conspiracy theory the truth is that they do exist even though governments fail to admit it. Is this what is going on in Cape Town? We all know what happened in Ukraine when low flying planes came.

This is highly suspect but so far no answer has been given by authorities.  Another theory someone has is that these are military airplanes mapping out the area for any danger or threats that can take place during the 2010 world cup but then why do they fly late at night?

We at FTO can confirm this since we are based in Cape Town and have seen these planes ourselves.

So what do you think about these airplanes late at night?

If you have photos of recent clouds in Cape Town seeming out of the ordinary you can mail them to us as


(photo used not a airplane from cape town)

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Update: Many celebrities are coming in to Cape Town. Also, the frequency of planes coming into Cape Town probably increased with last night’s FIFA world cup draw.

Although that does not explain this from one of our readers:

I stay in the Constantia area and every night for the last week or so I can clearly see 3\4 low flying planes circling the area for hours on end.
They fly to what I think could be the edge of Strandfontein and then back again, round and round.

They all have flashing red and blue lights, so I’m not sure if they are military planes..
The weirdest thing is we’ve been having strange cloud formations since I noticed the planes and they change \ disappear very quickly.


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