Lebanon fires at Israel jets

Lebanon – Israeli jets flying over the Southern part of Lebanon were fired at as tensions rise between the two countries. According to a statement the Lebanese military shot at four planes flying over southern Lebanon but did not strike the jets although the jets then flew to a higher altitude.

According to the Lebanese this happens daily but they usaully dont fire at the jets.

Israel has a strong air defence and military system and that is also the strongest part of the Israeli army.

Many illegal aliens working for airports in the US

New York, USA – Americans are shocked to find out that dozens of illegal immigrants works at sensitive areas in the biggest airports in the US. The illegal aliens all have security badges approved by the Transportation Security Administration that was created after the 2001 terrorist attacks to protect the airlines.

This shows how flawed airport security is in the US. The Transportation Security Administration also failed to detect fake Social Security numbers and other fake documents provided by the illegal immigrants.

It was also discovered in a recent probe that people handling the cargo did not receive background checks.


Taiwan wants to ban U.S beef imports

The Deputy United States Trade representative Demetrios Marantis and Jim Miller from Undersecretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services has released a statement saying that the steps taken by Taiwan is unwarranted and unnecessary because there is nothing wrong with American beef exports. And the United States have stated that they are disappointing in the steps Taiwan is taking to have their exports barred:

“We are deeply concerned and disappointed by reports that Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan has taken initial steps toward the passage of an amendment to the Food Sanitation Act that contains provisions that would unjustifiably bar the import of certain U.S. beef and beef products.

“This amendment’s provisions do not have a basis in science or fact and thus in no way serve to protect Taiwan’s food supply. If passed, this amendment would represent a new barrier to U.S. beef exports to Taiwan, and would constitute a unilateral abrogation of a bilateral agreement concluded in good faith by the United States with Taiwan just two months ago. The Taiwan authorities should consider very carefully the impact that passage of the amendment in its current form would have on Taiwan’s reputation as a reliable trading partner and responsible member of the international community. Science and facts – not politics or hyperbole – should govern our trade and economic relations.

“The United States has implemented a comprehensive set of measures, regulations, and practices that are science-based, consistent with the guidelines of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) for minimizing the risk posed by BSE. The OIE is recognized by the World Trade Organization (WTO) as the relevant standard-setting body for regulations relating to animal health. These measures allow us to ensure consumers in the United States, Taiwan and elsewhere that U.S. beef and beef products –including offals and ground beef — are safe, and millions of American families enjoy these products every day.

“We have worked closely with Taiwan to provide all information necessary for Taiwan to fully evaluate these measures in the preparation of the Department of Health’s final risk assessment, which determined that U.S. beef and beef products are safe. In the interests of science-based trade with Taiwan, the United States has provided research, data, scientific experts, technical assistance, as well as detailed information regarding U.S. risk mitigation measures, all of which have underscored the safety of the relevant U.S. beef and beef products.

“After over two years of extensive negotiations and scientific and technical exchanges, we concluded an agreement, the “Protocol of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE)-Related Measures for the Importation of Beef and Beef Products for Human Consumption from the Territory of the Authorities Represented by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT),” on expanded market access for U.S. beef and beef products. The Protocol is science-based, consistent with the OIE guidelines, the domestic legal obligations of both sides, as well as the findings of Taiwan’s own risk assessment. The Protocol thus provides further assurances that U.S. beef and beef products to be exported to Taiwan – which are the same products that are consumed by Americans at home – are safe.

“This is a serious matter that concerns us greatly and we are monitoring the legislative process very closely.”


New report shows flaws in GM seeds

A new report by the Organic Center shows us that the amount of herbicides used on GM ( genetically engineered) crops went up dramtically in the last 10 years as weeds seem to adapt to Roundup and Glyphosate. The new report found that more and more herbicides are needed.

Genetically-engineered corn, soybeans, and cotton now account for the majority of acres planted to these three crops. A model was developed that utilizes official, U.S. Department of Agriculture pesticide use data to estimate the differences in the average pounds of pesticides applied on GE crop acres, compared to acres planted to conventional, non-GE varieties.

The basic finding is that compared to pesticide use in the absence of GE crops, farmers applied 318 million more pounds of pesticides over the last 13 years as a result of planting GE seeds. This difference represents an average increase of about 0.25 pound for each acre planted to a GE trait.

GE crops are pushing pesticide use upward at a rapidly accelerating pace. In 2008, GE crop acres required over 26% more pounds of pesticides per acre than acres planted to conventional varieties. The report projects that this trend will continue as a result of the rapid spread of glyphosate-resistant weeds.

Data from the Department of Agriculture in the US was used.

The study also found that not only did presticide use go up but the use of Roundup also increased. Many farmers now decide to switch back to conventional seeds since the GM seeds are resistant to weeds. In the past Roundup killed all weeds, now they only kill some weeds and where farmers could only use Roundup they now also use more toxic chemicals.

The Full report can be found here

Obama’s ‘declassification center’ , documents that dont matter

Washington, USA –  In a new move to keep the people happy Barack Obama releases over 400 million documents that stretches back to World War 2. In a statement on the White House website they said the following:

President Obama has issued a new executive order on “Classified National Security Information” (the Order) that addresses the problem of over-classification in numerous ways and will allow researchers to gain timelier access to formerly classified records.  

  • It establishes a National Declassification Center at the National Archives to enable agency reviewers to perform collaborative declassification in accordance with priorities developed by the Archivist with input from the general public.
  • For the first time, it establishes the principle that no records may remain classified indefinitely and provides enforceable deadlines for declassifying information exempted from automatic declassification at 25 years.
  • For the first time, it requires agencies to conduct fundamental classification guidance reviews to ensure that classification guides are up-to-date and that they do not require unnecessary classification.
  • It eliminates an Intelligence Community veto of certain decisions by the Interagency Security Classification Appeals Panel that was introduced in the Bush order.

They want to promote Openness according to the White House but this is far from openness because these documents dont matter. The real documents that should be released is things like the Copyright treaty in which Obama classified as top secret and was leaked on the internet.

While they "promote" openness on one side that does not matter Barack Obama signs executive orders to keep much more important things away from the public eye.



Israel recalls all diplomats for conference

The biggest official conference is taking place in Israel during December 27-31. They have recalled all their diplomats to attend the conference, they say, over global challenges that is facing Israel in the upcoming New Year. This is the first time in Israels history that they have done this.

There has also been reports that Israels top nuclear officials was in attendance.

It is really big that Israel has done this so soon after Iran has started their nuclear programs and there is civil unrest all over Iran. Israel has always held their cards close it is hard to believe they would botch up the ‘surprise’ element by arranging such large and public meeting if they are planning a attack.

Everyone knows a united front is the best way to go and Israel always strives for the best. So the fact that they are recalling all diplomats might just be them trying to pan out what they are going to say to the whole world and that all of their people know what’s going on.

But like most people who read and heard about the meeting and that all their diplomats had to be there, alarm bells went off and believe Israel is planning something big. We can only speculate what Israel is planning that’s if they are planning something. Seeing as Russia and China is threatening third world war, any decisions Israel will be making will effect all of us.I

US can find Sadam Hussein in a hole but cant stop a warned about “terrorist”

New York, USA – The American forces could find Sadam Hussein in a hole in the middle of now where but they could not find a supposed terrorist that they were warned about by his own father. That says clearly that something is wrong with this picture.

If the US was so on a mission to stop terrorism why did this Nigerian bomber get through their radar?

More and more evidence comes to front that the "terrorism" attack was staged. The Nigerian bomber was assisted by well dress Indian man that assisted him to the airplane without a passport..

There is no way this man should of got on the plane and there is no way he could of gone on the plane if he was not assisted. Just a few weeks ago we heard about a 2 year old baby that got stopped because of his surname. How then is it possible for this Nigerian bomber to get this far?

It is believed that the US wants to use this as a front to invade Yemen and from there on set Saudi Arabia against Iran.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: the Zionists and the Americans are the commissioners of these plays (protests)

Tehran, Iran – The President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the US and Israel of causing the protests that happened this Sunday that is also marked by some Iranians as “bloody Sunday” where 15 people is said to have died. According to information we have however the number comes close to 38 people that have died on Sunday.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that “Iranians have seen more of such plays, the Zionists and the Americans who are the commissioners of these plays would be the sole audience.” He referred to Israel when he said “Zionists”.

1000 people have been arrested in Sunday and because of Sunday’s protests against the Iranian government.


Two tectonic earthquakes hit Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – Two massive tectonic earthquakes rocked the province of Surigao del Sur in the Phlippines this morning according to the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

The first earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 struck at around 6:14am and was traced to 122 Kilometers from Tandag municipality.

Then about 20 minutes later at 6:35am the second one struck just 118 kilometers away from the same place and measured at 5 on the ricther scale.

US, Yemen government cant seem to pick their target

Marib, Yemen – The new US hyped up war after Friday’s Nigerian failed bombing attack is heading quickly to bombings of the Yemen country.

A new problem came up though, it seem that the US cant find a place to bomb in the country of Yemen so they have to work with Yemeni forces and government officials to seek a relevant place to bomb next. They also think it would be a great idea to find a place they can bomb that is linked to the Nigerian bomber somehow. This might sound like something someone sucked out of their thumb but this is the reality of the US rushed Yemen war.

There are even plans for unmanned drones where the US can terrorize the Yemen population from US soil like they do with some other occupied countries. All they need is the permission of the Yemen government.

Earlier this month the US blew up a "suspected Al-Qaeda" hideout thereby killing several innocent civilians. According to facts it was Obama that gave the word to go ahead with the bombing.

So as we wrote earlier, Yemen is the next target to extend the "war on terror" for the US. They just need to find something worthy to blow up.

Yemen is currently facing civil war, they are in the middle of a civil war in fact.


Where will the US find Al-Qaida next? One Nigerian bomber, another war

Marib, Yemen – What will it take for the US to bring "freedom" to any country? It almost seems all it takes for the US to invade a country is one guy to hop on a plane and try to ignite some fireworks.

The war is now extending to Yemen and we can see the smoke rising in Nigeria as well. The US is still in Iraq and they also want to bomb Iran now. Not only that they are heading into Africa to bring "democracy" here as well with Africom.

Back in the US however things are not going as they would like them to appear, people have no rights because of "terrorism" and everyone seems to be a terrorist.

Iraq faces countless bombings and murders daily, most of which we never hear about.

The question comes to mind, how much does it take for the US to invade a country? Surely it does not only take a underpants bomber.. or does it?

The US had their eyes on Yemen for some time now, they first bombed the place a few days ago in December but to get the "support" for war and their sheep society to follow them blindly into another war something had to happen on American soil, otherwise who would support a new war if it really does not affect anyone from the US.

The fact is Yeminis now fear that because of one bomber and Al-Qaida, the group that always appears at the right time the US wants another country claims the "terror" attack that the US will target their country next in their "war on terror".

It really is convenient that these countries where there is no big voice in the world to speak for the population of that country that the convenience of bringing democracy to those countries suddenly give them a voice. That however is just a front.

Just like the US got "outvoted" with the Iraq oil contracts this month but i guess we wont cover that today.

The point is, Yeminis now fear for their lives because of one bomber and a group that seems to be everywhere when the US wants them.

Just who seems to be the terrorists?

By looking at the word we soon see for ourselves.

terrorist (a radical who employs terror as a political weapon; usually organizes with other terrorists in small cells; often uses religion as a cover for terrorist activities)


Venezuela president: Colombia will use propoganda to attack fake guerilla bases

Colombia – The President of Venezuela believes that Colombia is about to attack his country. He said they will attack because Colombia believes there are guerilla bases in the Venezuela territory.

He believes the Colombian government will use propoganda by planting guns, weapons and tents in Venezuela.

He went further to say that the government of Venezuela wont permit other armed forces in their country except as he said "our glorious Bolivarian Armed Forces.

Iran will have nuclear weapons ready by 2011 says Israel minister of defense

The Defense Minister of Israel Ehud Barak said over the radio this week that Iran will have the technology to build a nucler bomb within one year from now and that it might be finished by 2011.

Israel still maintains their stance that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons and their nuclear hunger is not for peace but for war. Israel also wants tough sanctions against Iran and has warned a few times already that they will take action against Iran.