Afrikaners under attack

 Afrikaners are now under attack in South Africa, the white descendants of the voortrekkers and the few remaining white Africans are now in a serious threat with brutal and horrific murders happening daily. Not only murders but torturing as well.

From the ANC Youth league, South Africa’s ruling party shouting "kill the boer, kill the farmer" outside the only Afrikaans school in the area to the ANC Youth league leader blaming white South Africans as being out of touch and not caring what goes on in South Africa. South Africa has now become a threat for white Afrikaners living in their own country.

It does not stop there. Last year a town in the Free State’s major decided to plunder Afrikaner voortrekker monuments and now they want to take away one of the last remaining Afrikaans city names in South Africa.

Afrikaners or the Boervolk is under attack, their entire safety, culture and way of living is under attack. Their history is under attack.

Just yesterday Tokyo Sexwale blamed the boers for the millions of black homeless people. He said that the boervolk chased millions of black people from farms.

That is untrue and a true indication that this will probably end up in more farm murders. The genocide continues.

About 1 million white people have left South Africa and the rest are under attack. Where this is going we can only imagine but the future does not look good for white South Africans, especially if you are Afrikaans.

When will the Afrikaners fight back?


White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change

Pretoria, South Africa – The genocide against white Afrikaans speaking people in South Africa is continuing, they are also known as “boers”. Over the past few days a number of people were brutally murdered, some even had nothing stolen as black armed gangs target white people in South Africa.

First of all the ANC wants to change the name of Pretoria to Tswane, Pretoria is one of the last renaming Afrikaans cities in the world. The name Pretoria they say must change to Tswane.

Then there is the case where people from the “young communist league” shouted “kill the boer, kill the farmer” (in their own language) outside Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School. This blatant racism continues in South Africa and some racism goes under the guise of “transformation”.

The biggest hate speech is coming directly from the ANC, namely Julius Malema the ANC youth league leader that almost daily rants out against the minority white people of South Africa.

Recently Julius Malema also recently said the following:

“They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives,”

“… they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed.”

He was referring to white people in South Africa.

So he thinks all white people care about is if they are going to be attacked or robbed, mostly elderly people are tortured to death with hot irons, people are strangled with their own telephone cords and there is a total onslaught against Afrikaans culture and the Afrikaans people of South Africa. They do in fact have a reason to “worry” as evidence shows.

Maybe Julius Malema should starting thinking why white people while being disarmed with new gun laws are afraid of being attacked. That is probably because they are under threat constantly as South Africa slides into the next Zimbabwe.

We ask again Is there a silent Genocide in South Africa?

It appears so






Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer,’ chanted the black protestors from the Young Communist League, who were gathered at the gates of the Bethlehem, Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School on January 28 2010, while ‘handing over a petition’ against the presence of the region’s only remaining Afrikaans-language high school. The chairman of the school’s management committee, Dr Henk Basson, said he was deeply concerned about the hate-speech and the calls for murdering all the whites at the school, and had thus sent the children home early becauses of these threats. “Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,’ he said.




28 January 2010 the principal of Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School had to send his pupils home because protesters outside the school became increasingly threatening. Dr. Henk Basson the chairman fo the schools management committee said that he was deeply concerned about the hate speech and the calls for murder of all the whites at the school he decided that it would be best to send all the students home.

The Young Communist League gathered at the gate of the Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School to hand over a petition against the school for being the last Afrikaans high school left in that region. Dr. Henk Basson also said that despite the calls from Zuma to stop politically motivated protest at schools their school is still being turned into a political playing-ball:

Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,

Protest are a common occurrence in South Africa but this is not a normal protest. This sounds more like ‘ethnic cleansing’. These young black people where chanting outside a school that everyone inside the school should be killed because they are Afrikaans speaking. Chanting things like ‘Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer’ this should not be taken lightly. This on the heals of Julius Malema’s speech that Afrikaners are racist and should be taught a lesson.

When four whites students made a video joking about black people the whole world heard about it. But then again it is not ‘politically correct’ to call black people racist no matter what their actions show.


Cape Town shark attack, was it the legendary "Submarine"?

Cape Town, South Africa – Many dont know about the Urban legend from the 70s and 80s about a great white shark the size of a submarine swimming in and around Cape Town. The shark was given the name “submarine” for obvious reasons.

During the last few years what first started as a hoax by journalists turned out to be more than a hoax as some claim.

Apparently the legend ( of a great white shark the size of a submarine ) started when a group of journalists got together at the also famous “Tavern of the Seas”, when they got in an argument about how easy it would be to fool the average newspaper reader. The story goes that they would post a fake eye witness account of a massive great white shark with a fake eye witness account. They would then see what happens.

After they started the hoax the phone lines were apparently jammed with the sightings of the shark.

While that might sound like the hoax got caught out and the entire event blew over, it is far from over. In the Strand area there was an old legendary photo near the old Rialto where they showed a great white shark that was caught not far out in sea. The shark looks almost like it is two storeys high as it hangs from the cable wire holding the caught shark. It was a true trophy and raised a lot of scares at the time. The exact date we are unsure of but memory recalls it to be in the 1940’s.

After that people started spotting sharks as well almost like the hoax but many claim that there really is the “submarine” dwelling our coasts. The “Submarine” was not the name given to the “Tavern of the Seas” hoax but the name came when a boat got attacked by what the witnesses called “A giant shark”.

Some go as far as to call the legend of the “Submarine” shark a Megalodon shark that could basically swallow people whole. The “Submarine” is not a hoax.

Here is another eye witness account of the “Submarine”

My father tells the story of when he and my uncle went out fishing in a row boat. While out near Seal Island they spotted a dark shadow under the water. The Submarine swam past their little boat right at the surface of the water and my Dad says that once he could no longer see the head, he turned and could not see the end of the tail which was still coming past the boat. Apparently my uncle, out of pure terror, rowed the boat to shore at such a speed that it looked like he had two outboard motors powering the boat! My uncle has not been in the sea since that day (nearly 40 years ago now)!