Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron wins Miss America 2010

Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron won the Miss America title Saturday night, 30 January 2010, in Las Vegas. The pageant started with 53 contestants they went through swimsuit, evening gown, talent and interview competitions and miss Virginia outlasted them all.

22 Year old Cameron is a broadcast journalism student at Virginia Commonwealth University her dream is to become a anchor. She is from Fredicksburg,Va.

During the interview portion of the pageant Cameron was asked what is her views on childhood obesity in America.

We need to get our kids back outside, playing with sticks in the street like I did when I was little,  Expand your mind, go outside and get to see what this world is like.

Crowning Moment


Raw Video: Miss Virginia Crowned Miss America


United Nations and Microsoft’s plan will destroy the internet

The United Nations now wants to destroy the internet as we know it. Just today Rawstory reported that the UN wants driver licenses for the internet. They are using the "terrorism" as a front to now encourage governments around the world to give a sort of "drivers license" for the internet.

Susan Collins, a US Republican senator who sits on several Senate military and home affairs committees, said the prospect of a cyber attack sparking a war is now being considered in the United States.

So this US Republican senator thinks there is some kind of "terrorism" threat on the internet. More freedoms to be taken away in the name of "terrorism" is what this would ring in any person’s ears that loves the though of free speech.

Lets face it, using the internet things like Climategate has been exposed, the US war in Iraq has been exposed and "terrorism" itself has been exposed to be lies and the internet is the last true form of free speech many countries enjoy.

If there is such a big "threat" on the internet why has no body taken advantage of the gaps that there are currently. In my opinion as the person writing this article, I guess all they need now is some false flag event to go off on the internet and it will be the end. Even trend researchers like Gerald Celente believes something will happen this year, he did not say exactly to the internet though.

Just look at the Yemen airplane underwear bomber, one guy tries to blow up his own underpants and a airplane and the entire world has their airport security pushed even further where we know have to face being screened basically naked for bombs in our underwear.

If the UN gets what they want it will basically destroy the internet as a form of free speech as we know it. It will stop people from being able to stand up to tyrannical governments and dictators on the internet and make the world know what is really happening.

According to Rawstory Craig Mundie from Microsoft also said:

"If you want to drive a car you have to have a license to say that you are capable of driving a car, the car has to pass a test to say it is fit to drive and you have to have insurance."

What has driving a car got to do with the internet? Absolutely nothing.

The world has gone mad.

Somali Pirates modern day Robin Hood, donating to Haiti

The Somali Pirates seems to be the modern day Robin Hood as they just said that they are willing to transfer part of what they make through pirating and give it to the Haiti chaos of the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake to help the people of Haiti.

They also blamed the United States and said that the US and European countries does not have the moral authority to control Haiti or the Humanitarian aid since they are the ones guilty of pirating mankind.

The Somali pirates also said that they can get the aid to Haiti without enemy governments detecting where the aid comes from and they have connections in the world to help this  cause and to get the delivery through to the people of Haiti.



South African farmers under attack by Tokyo Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale complained on Thursday that “boers chased black people from their farms”. He said “millions of black people” to be specific.  He went further to say that South Africa is having Haiti daily, every day South Africa goes through what Haiti is going through.

Now lets just look at that for a moment. When South Africa was given away in 1994 it was a working country, there was no lack of anything in fact we were a 1st world country.

When the ANC took control they promised everyone houses, they promised jobs and did the entire Obama thing of making promises but not actually doing them.

Now 16 years later South Africa is in chaos. A working water system is now almost not functioning, Eskom is a disaster and Telkom that once was the best internet in Africa rips the country off like no other telecommunications in the world.

Tokyo Sexwale blamed the boers and farmers while he admits that the ANC is responsible (although he’s not ANC, he’s blaming the wrong people). He said that in 1994 there was around 300 informal settlements and then he continued to say that now there are almost 2600. That says a lot.

Tokyou Sexwale went further, he said that when the government said they will give security of homes to the farm workers that the farmers and boers chased off millions of people from their farms.

Tokyo Sexwale not only encouraged by this more farm murders and hatred towards white farmers but also furthered the genocide in South Africa.

Osama Bin Laden the global warming activist says boycott US dollar and products

Washington, USA – Osama bin Laden has a new blockbuster audio tape wherein he warns the world of global warming and how the United States is destroying the world. He also blamed other countries for global warming.

Osama bin Laden blames none other than the fat country, the USA for bringing climate change into the world and says that the only way to stop climate change is halt the "wheels of the American economy".

Osama bin Laden also said that the world should stop using both products coming from the United States and stop using the dollar to bring the end to the United States fat machine.

While he might be the most wanted "terrorist" in the world he does not have this topic wrong. The US is the most consuming, polluting and destroying war mongering country in the world.

Osama also said that if people would stop using the dollar it would have great consequences and grave ramifications but it is the only way to free humanity from the dependence of the United States.


Katy Perry feeling dirty on American Idols – Los Angelos

Katy Perry really took the whole judging thing seriously and so far has been the best guest judge. She actually gave constructive comments not just yes and no’s like most of the other guest judges have done. Plus she has loads of personality, I loved the bit where she told the one contestant he made her feel dirty, he even made Simon Cowell squirm and he has been doing this for years.

Katy made some valid points like it’s not about the persons story but if they can really sing. Plus it is entertaining how she and Kara kept at each other.


American Idol – Season 9 Auditions – Los Angeles – Chris Golightly

Obama is laughed at when he mentions “global warming science”

In Obama’s state of the union speech the crowds could not hold their laughter. This time however it was not like when Barack Obama got elected, no they were not laughing at his jokes but at him for pointing out that "there are some that disagree with the science behind global warming". It appears as if Barack Obama missed Climategate because he seems oblivious to the fact that the entire science behind global warming is made up.

From India’s ice to Antarctica global warming has been exposed and the plan behind it. Only a American president would mention something that everyone knows is not fact and then call it fact. I bet the recent coldest temperatures in recent history in the Northern Hemisphere can also be attributed to Global warming. Right. Lets watch people laugh at Obama’s "climate change" 

Afrikaners under attack

 Afrikaners are now under attack in South Africa, the white descendants of the voortrekkers and the few remaining white Africans are now in a serious threat with brutal and horrific murders happening daily. Not only murders but torturing as well.

From the ANC Youth league, South Africa’s ruling party shouting "kill the boer, kill the farmer" outside the only Afrikaans school in the area to the ANC Youth league leader blaming white South Africans as being out of touch and not caring what goes on in South Africa. South Africa has now become a threat for white Afrikaners living in their own country.

It does not stop there. Last year a town in the Free State’s major decided to plunder Afrikaner voortrekker monuments and now they want to take away one of the last remaining Afrikaans city names in South Africa.

Afrikaners or the Boervolk is under attack, their entire safety, culture and way of living is under attack. Their history is under attack.

Just yesterday Tokyo Sexwale blamed the boers for the millions of black homeless people. He said that the boervolk chased millions of black people from farms.

That is untrue and a true indication that this will probably end up in more farm murders. The genocide continues.

About 1 million white people have left South Africa and the rest are under attack. Where this is going we can only imagine but the future does not look good for white South Africans, especially if you are Afrikaans.

When will the Afrikaners fight back?


Erica Rhodes: Barney friend adult dominatrix – American Idol audition

Erica Rhodes audition will be remembered for a while. Not just because of the way she sings (nothing wrong with her voice) but rather because of what she wore and accessorized with. For this clean faced, innocent looking young woman who has started her career out as a Barney friend, this is quite a change. Erica went for the shock factor arriving in a dominatrix outfit and a wip, the wip was very distracting, singing ‘Free your mind’.

The judges liked her said she has guts to be who she is. When Simon Cowell asked her why she was there her explanation was that she wanted to show the world: Barney kids grows up too. Erica Rhodes has achieved her goal.

Barney Dominatrix American Idol Erica Rhodes

White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change


Pretoria, South Africa – The genocide against white Afrikaans speaking people in South Africa is continuing, they are also known as “boers”. Over the past few days a number of people were brutally murdered, some even had nothing stolen as black armed gangs target white people in South Africa.

First of all the ANC wants to change the name of Pretoria to Tswane, Pretoria is one of the last renaming Afrikaans cities in the world. The name Pretoria they say must change to Tswane.

Then there is the case where people from the “young communist league” shouted “kill the boer, kill the farmer” (in their own language) outside Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School. This blatant racism continues in South Africa and some racism goes under the guise of “transformation”.

The biggest hate speech is coming directly from the ANC, namely Julius Malema the ANC youth league leader that almost daily rants out against the minority white people of South Africa.

Recently Julius Malema also recently said the following:

“They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives,”

“… they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed.”

He was referring to white people in South Africa.

So he thinks all white people care about is if they are going to be attacked or robbed, mostly elderly people are tortured to death with hot irons, people are strangled with their own telephone cords and there is a total onslaught against Afrikaans culture and the Afrikaans people of South Africa. They do in fact have a reason to “worry” as evidence shows.

Maybe Julius Malema should starting thinking why white people while being disarmed with new gun laws are afraid of being attacked. That is probably because they are under threat constantly as South Africa slides into the next Zimbabwe.

We ask again Is there a silent Genocide in South Africa?

It appears so






Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer,’ chanted the black protestors from the Young Communist League, who were gathered at the gates of the Bethlehem, Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School on January 28 2010, while ‘handing over a petition’ against the presence of the region’s only remaining Afrikaans-language high school. The chairman of the school’s management committee, Dr Henk Basson, said he was deeply concerned about the hate-speech and the calls for murdering all the whites at the school, and had thus sent the children home early becauses of these threats. “Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,’ he said.




28 January 2010 the principal of Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School had to send his pupils home because protesters outside the school became increasingly threatening. Dr. Henk Basson the chairman fo the schools management committee said that he was deeply concerned about the hate speech and the calls for murder of all the whites at the school he decided that it would be best to send all the students home.

The Young Communist League gathered at the gate of the Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School to hand over a petition against the school for being the last Afrikaans high school left in that region. Dr. Henk Basson also said that despite the calls from Zuma to stop politically motivated protest at schools their school is still being turned into a political playing-ball:

Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,

Protest are a common occurrence in South Africa but this is not a normal protest. This sounds more like ‘ethnic cleansing’. These young black people where chanting outside a school that everyone inside the school should be killed because they are Afrikaans speaking. Chanting things like ‘Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer’ this should not be taken lightly. This on the heals of Julius Malema’s speech that Afrikaners are racist and should be taught a lesson.

When four whites students made a video joking about black people the whole world heard about it. But then again it is not ‘politically correct’ to call black people racist no matter what their actions show.


Edge of Darkness – Movie Trailer

Look like Mel Gibson’s back. It is the first time in seven years that Mel Gibson has done a movie and this one looks good. Edge of Darkness is a action thriller with cover ups and loads of mystery. It is a adaption from a 1985 BBC television series.

Thomas Craven, played by Mel Gibson, is a homicide detective for the Boston Police Department but more importantly to him he is a father to Emma Craven, played by Bojana Novakovic.  When his activist daughter comes to visit him she gets killed outside his house, everyone assumes the murderer was actually after Thomas but the reality is far more sinister. A CIA officer Matt Jedburgh, played by Ray Winstone, was sent to cover up the real reason for the murder of Emma. So with nothing left to loose Thomas Craven goes after the men responsible for killing his daughter.

Edge of Darkness – Trailer HD


Opinions have been mixed about the release which is on the 29th of January 2010. Personally, from what I have seen, Mel Gibson looks better than he has in years, older, yes but he can still do a good action with drama in between. Having a baby with a young new partner might have something to do with it.

Mel Gibson (54) arrived with his new lady,Oksana Grigorieva 39, on his arm at the premiere of Edge of Darkness looking very happy. It is the first time Oksana has accompanied Mel to a opening of a movie he stars in. Oksana gave birth to a baby girl Lucia on 30 October 2009, she looks pretty good for a mother of a 3 month old.

Apple announces Apple tablet – the IPAD

"We will be shipping these in 60 days. 3G models will ship in 90 days."

 Apple just announced the Apple Tablet pc. The Apple tablet will be used and designed mostly for Browsing, Email, Photos, Video, Music, Games and Ebooks according to Steve Jobs at the Apple latest creation event.

Swiping works like the iPhone, Steve Jobs is currently browsing some sites and showing people at the "creation event" how the Tablet works.

The name of the long rumored and now announced Applet Tablet is the "iPad". Weird name but very few people expected that to be the name.

iPhoto is clean as usual but with added places where you see photos on a world map when they are tagged with country names.

The device is also cross platform, meaning you can get your files and photos from Windows.



Apple Ipad Specifications:

0.5 inches thick

1.5 pounds

9.7 inch IPS display

Full Capacitive multi-touch


1GHZ Apple A4 Chip

16-64 GB Flash storage

Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR

WiFi 802.11n

Accelerometer & Compass

Speaker, Microphone, 30-pin Connector

10 hours battery life and over a month standby

Applications can be run in Fullscreen with pixel double enabled.






"So all of the iPhone apps will run on this. In fact when you buy it, download all the apps you have right onto the iPad. Now if the developer spends some time modifying their app, they can take full advantage of this display."


The iPad can also sync with your iMac, you can sync Photos, Music, Tv Shows, Movies, Contacts, Calendars, bookmarks, Applications.


The cost of the iPad is $499

The Ipad will also have a dock with and you can use your iMac keyboard with the iPad which is brilliant.


Google Reader can now track any website for updates

Google announced recently that they can now track any website even without a Rss feed. Sometimes you want to track a website for changes but it might not have a rss feed, now Google reader will enable you to add the website to Google Reader and it should track the website’s updates without problems. The updates do not however show the entire website but rather a specific page that you want to track, for instance one page anywhere without a rss feed.

These custom feeds are most useful if you want to be alerted whenever a specific page has been updated. For example, if you wanted to follow Google.org’s latest products, just type "http://www.google.org/products.html" into Reader’s "Add a subscription" field. Click "create a feed", and Reader will periodically visit the page and publish any significant changes it finds as items in a custom feed created just for that page.

According to Google any webmaster can opt out of this.