Jim Carrey proud Grandad at 47

Jim Carrey’s daughter Jane, 22, gave birth to a son on Friday. Jim Carrey posted a picture of the him on Twitter saying:

Jackson Riley Santana, My Grandson, Born today! This is what 7lbs.11oz. of California dynamite looks like!

Both mother and baby is doing well in a Los Angeles hospital yesterday. Jim Carrey’s partner Jenny McCartney was just as proud in sharing the young couples joy as Jim also seeing herself as ‘grandmother’ as well, posting on twitter:

Yes, I’m a grandma! Beautiful healthy baby boy. Dr jay Gordon is the paediatrician. Thank god! Jackson is in great hands.’

Jane, singer writer, married Alex Santana, lead singer of the metal band Blood Money, last November. Jackson is their first child. He has a wonderful platform for fame one day (if he wishes to head that way) with a whole family of stars in the entertainment industry.


Cape Town weather – Heatwaves expected, on high alert for fires

According to the weather officials the temperatures are set to soar today in Cape Town as the summer weather keeps on coming. Some places in Cape Town as well as outside Cape Town might get temperatures above 40 degrees today.

Usually this time of year is when the big fires start, last year the Cape Town fires that caused the most havoc also started close to the end of February.

Cape Town is now on a high fire alert and as we found out the fire brigade is ready and waiting.

So most of Cape Town will probably be a traffic jam today as most people will be heading to the beaches.

Remember the sunscreen.



Israel statement on Chile earthquake

The Israel Foreign Ministry said that they stand with the people of Chile in the face of this devasting earthquake.:

Israel stands by the side of the government and the people of Chile, in the face of the devastating earthquake that has befallen their country.

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson) Israel stands by the side of the government and the people of Chile, and expresses its solidarity with them in the face of the devastating earthquake that has befallen their country. Israel wishes to send its condolences to the bereaved families and to express its support to all the citizens of Chile in this time of trial. Israel and Chile share a relation of deep friendship and mutual appreciation. Israel’s ambassador in Santiago is maintaining contact with local authorities in order to get an updated appraisal of the situation and to evaluate possible needs.

Precious star Gabourey Sidibe wins big at NAACP awards

I cannot think of another actress more worthy of receiving the reward for best actress award at the NAACP awards. Gabourey Sidibe is new to the acting scene and went to the audition on a whim not truly believing that she could be a actress. To say she is a big girl is a understatement, Gabourey is a really big girl and not ashamed of it.

The reason this was the best choice is because this had to be one of the hardest roles to play. Gabourey played Precious in the movie Precious : about a abused and neglected sixteen year old girl who is pregnant with her second child, that is the result of abuse/incest, she has HIV and cannot read.

This role takes guts and strength, Gabourey Sidibe real life is a far cry from the role she played. She is a confident young woman who grew up in a loving supporting family both parents in the entertainment business. This is a award truly deserved. Her acceptance speech Gabourey gave a emotional shout out to

all the Precious girls everywhere. This is for you

Precious the movie went on to win 5 more awards (total six) at the 41st National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s annual Image Awards in Los Angeles. Some of the awards where Best Independent Movie and Best Movie and of course Best Actress. 

The director Lee Daniels, who won Best Director award, made a slip up during the acceptance speech. Much to Gabourney’s embarrassment, making it sound as if he was revealing Gabourey’s weight when in truth he was actually referring to the character Precious’s weight from the book. How it came up, he was describing how difficult it was for him to find a Hollywood studio willing to take on the film.

No-one wanted to see a movie about a 350-pound black girl who is struggling and who has HIV

The success of the film has proved the critics all wrong.

Estimated time of impact for Hawaii Tsunami

Hawaii – Here are the estimated impact times when the Tsunami will strike Hawaii.

11:00 Hilo

11:15 Maui

11:35 Oahu

11:45 Kauai

Reports of traffic jams in low lying areas as well as some petrol stations being crowded. Viewpoints throughout Hawaii is packed with people wanting to see the Tsunamis coming in. Please not that those are viewpoints on high grounds, mountains and hills that are currently viewed from, not low lying areas which are in danger of flooding at the moment

LT Chuck Anthony of Hawaii National guard says dont judge local by looking elsewhere

LT Chuck Anthony of the Hawaii National Guard gave out a great piece of information by saying people should not look any other place to determine how exactly it will be where you are.

Hawaii sports also came to a stand still as most sport games have been cancelled.

Hawaii is preparing for the Tsunami heading that way, it should hit Hawaii within a few hours.

Two hours to be exact, the first waves are expected in Hawaii.

People should also wait for the waves to finish, just because the first few ways are not that big does not mean you can go down and it is safe. Big waves can come last and bring the biggest destruction.

For surfers the "Surf is not up"

Tsunami has hit French Polynesia

The Tsunami reached the French Polynesia but there were no damages recorded or reported thus far. The wave that came in was about 6ft or about 2meters.

There were also no injuries.

In the meantime Hawaii is preparing for the worst and most people are still unsure just how dangerous or how big this Tsunami will be.

Hawaii Tsunami warning alarms and sirens started

Hawaii – Sirens have started ringing to warn the residents of the islands of Hawaii of the coming tsunami. The sirens were set to start at 6am local time, the tsunami is said to be on its way to Hawaii and all coasts around the small islands are in danger of being flooded.

Even though it cant be said that the waves will cause a lot of destruction they are on their way and people are warned and advised to head inland to higher grounds.

“Residents will be advised by their respective country civil defense or emergency management agencies to evacuate coastal areas,” the local Civil Defense Division said in a statement.

Looting and deaths increase in Chile

Chile – Looting started in Chile today after the massive 8.8 magnitude earthquake. Some pharmacies as well as food supplies were stolen.

122 people are confirmed to have died in the earthquake. There’s now Tsunami warnings everywhere around the world and places like the Pacific atols are especially in danger.