South Africans are fed up with crime

Cape Town, South Africa – South Africans are fed up with crime and racism against the white citizens of South Africa.

Cape Town, South Africa – South Africans are fed up with crime and racism against the white citizens of South Africa. Bellow is a comment we received on Fromtheold that shows just how fed up ordinary citizens are.

It follows:

With all the murders, rapes and crime that is happening on a daily base within South Africa, how can we say that we are living in a Democratic country?

My cousin is in ICU after being shot at point blank range with an AK47 because he is white and two days after that friends of mine was hold up in their home, beaten, abused and his wife raped agressively, while their house got plundered by the criminals.

Then you turn on the TV and see how the Police and Metro Police who are suppose to serve and protect our community are involved with crimes and abuse of powers and my question is; what is Democratic about these acts?

This government talks about living in peace, but daily there are whites that are getting killed, raped and abused and our rights of protecting ourselves are getting taken away from us by the same law that is representing free and fairness within society.

With racial restructuring and BEE still dominating the economy, thousands of whites are losing their jobs and aint allowed to get another jobs because of these measures. What is democratic about that? What is it that this government wants? Will it make you happy if all the whites are out of South Africa?

There is no country in the world that is standing up for the rights of white South Africans and there is nowhere for my people to go to. We are like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Is this the price that we must pay for democracy? I hope that the outside world will open their eyes and see what is happening within South Africa. Things can not continue like this.

This government calls for UHURU (The killing and slaughter of all whites), so who are the racists now? You sit in possessions where you are in control, giving orders and enjoying good lives and this at the cost of innocent peoples lives.

You are destroying this country, its people and the values it stands for and you are going against Gods will for this nation.

This government will give recognizing for its actions and for the blood that is on your hands. It is time that the truth will be revealed and that South Africans stand up for the values that we have had fought and died for.

I will no longer pay in suffering because I am white. I have never wronged any black man, but I am seen as a racist and as being previously privileged.

I have never known such privileges and is paying for my skin colour since this democracy was proclaimed within South Africa. Democracy is only to the advantage of some high profiled people within South Africa and to protect their possessions they are hiding behind racism, apartheid and discrimination, while they have no care for no one else but themselves. This needs to stop and very quickly! It is time that South Africa unifies and fight back.a

You cant blame the whites for your failures anymore and all this crime, murders and rapes against my people will stop here!It is time that the international community see the true colours of South Africa. Its not a rainbow nation, but a blood drenched nation that is hampered by crime, corruption, murder, rape and the blood of innocent people. If this is what Democracy represents, then I want no part of it! We gave you the country, but clearly its not enough!What more do you want?

Somewhere a line needs to drawn and I think it is time for people to part with this acceptance of crime, abuse and ethical cleansing and start to fight back. If the criminals want to shoot, then its time to shoot back. We as white South Africans have rights and it is time for this government to acknowledge that! I aint your slave and I will protect my family and the rights of my people. I call on everyone who is tiered of all this crime and empty promises from this government, to make your voices heard. Lets take hands and expose this wrong to the world and get rid of it within South Africa.

Dont kill people like cowards. If its war you want, then call for it and you will have it, but this cowardice acts where defenseless and innocent people is getting killed without any measure of defense has to come to an end. I have served and upheld this law all my life, but what is happening within South Africa aint just nor fair and I had enough of it! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND I HAD ENOUGH! HAVE YOU??



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