Genocide drive fueled by Julius Malema

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group

The ANCYL president namely Julius Malema wants to go and learn the “nationalization” in Zimbabwe as many say. Mugabe has a few tips on how to get the white man out of his country and Malema must learn which is also most likely why he is heading to Zimbabwe.

Nationalization in Zimbabwe is basically another word for wiping out the white population, causing full scale famine and genocide and changing from a democracy to a full scale dictatorship supported by South Africa and the president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma. If this was not the case our president would have sorted old Mugabe out long ago but instead of that we see the two clinging onto each other like love birds at every visit.

One ANC minister once said that South Africa will never become the next Zimbabwe, well we welcome you to the next Zimbabwe because it already started. From singing  “kill the boer” to the weekly farm murders, to the police and hospitals treating white people like second hand citizens where some of them die in shacks because there is no one to look after them, unlike black people the white shack dwellers do not have government staff coming to see how things are. Like another minister referred, he said it is “racism to help poor whites”. Now more than a million white people suffer, they cant get government benefits, they cant trust the police.

It does not stop there. The minister of rural development and land reform, Gugile Nkwinti warned that if farmers did not do as they were told that they were to be blamed for South Africa becoming like Zimbabwe. South Africa is heading towards disaster and Julius Malema is fueling the direction along with other ministers.

Julius Malema that most likely never “struggled” a day in his life is now leading the way for genocide to take place in South Africa. Lets first look at the 9 steps to genocide

You can read more about the genocide happening in South Africa here but for now lets cover the 9 steps to genocide:




By singing the “kill the boer song” not only did Malema pass the classification mark but also we’ve heard him say “Children of colonialists” and “White racists”, this divides the two groups between them and us.


As the above, white people are referred to as “colonialists” or “white rapists” by Julius Malema and his song to “kill the boer”


During the elections white people were referred to as snakes and cockroaches by the ANC. (Cope was also referred to as cockroaches)


In 2008 Julius Malema started moving towards a radio station which he did not get. However the ANCYL is a form of a militia, they are already organized and ready to attack, they also said that when Jacob Zuma was on trial where they mentioned the “army” waiting in the trenches.


This is clear and obvious. White people dont wear a symbol on their arm but they are clearly marked by the colour of their skin.

Extremists drive the groups apart, Hate speech gets broadcasted and propoganda like the fake DA pamphlet that is claimed to be designed by the ANC during the elections or even worse, when Caster Semenya came back Malema blamed white people for not being there.


This is where we believe Julius Malema is now. Julius Malema is heading to Zimbabwe, there he will learn how to drive chaos further and look at Mugabe’s example for the “freedom of Africa.”


Do you think it will lead to that?



The picture used in this article is from the boer war where more than 23000 woman and children died in british concentration camps.