Another farmer murdered, wife gang raped and daughter assaulted in South Africa

Limpopo, South Africa – Another tragedy struck this morning when a gang of 15 men broke into a farmhouse in the early hours of Saturday morning. This is not crime, this is genocide as more and more farmers and Afrikaans speaking people come under attack from vicious genocidal gangs in South Africa.

After the gang of 15 hooligans broke into the house of the farmer they tied him up and started beating him. They beat him to death for no reason. Another white South African farmer dies in cold blood.

His wife was gang raped by the animal like gang of 15, they repeatedly raped her and when they were finished they then started assaulting their four year old daughter.

According to Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe he says that the break in happened just before 4am this morning. Nothing was stolen as usual in these farm attacks. The woman and her child are now in hospital, a wife without a husband and a child without a father.

Sweden: Protest against the genocide in South Africa



The Swedes will protest against the genocide in South Africa on the 17th of April 2010.


 Sweden: Protest against the genocide in South Africa

On Saturday the 17th of April 2010, the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) march to the South African
embassy in Stockholm, housing representatives of the ANC government.
We hold the ANC responsible not only for the murder of Eugéne Terre’Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB),

but also for the ongoing genocide of whites in South Africa.

Eugéne Terre’Blanche dedicated his life to the struggle for his people and a sovereign state for the white Boer people. Tragically his
life ended, just like thousands of other white farmers, brutally murdered by blacks. Several thousands and yet more, are those who
mourn the loss. We shall never forget his sacrifice!

Therefore we march – under the slogan "Stop the Boer genocide!" – in honor and remembrance for the white leader of the AWB.
But we also march to tell the world about the situation for our kindred people in South Africa. We will tell of a government who in silence
support murder, rape and plunder of whites.

Hereby we call upon our brothers and sisters around the globe to take a stand, no longer can we sit and do nothing as the white population
of South Africa is being murdered. What happens in South Africa today, will happen in our nations tomorrow!

The Swedish Resistance Movement march to the South African embassy in Stockholm on Saturday 17th of April, to show the Boer nation
that they are not alone, that we are with them in their struggle for survival.

We urge YOU to do the same, to show the world that the white race is still a force to reckon with, for this our comrades, IS YOUR DUTY!

– Swedish Resistance Movement




American sends adopted child back to Russia alone

Russia wants freeze all adoptions from America until there can be a intergovernmental agreement signed on adoptions. The foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the agreement should also include the conditions under which the Russian authorities can allow and set the obligations of the adoptive parents.

All of this comes after a American women, Torry Hansen of Shelbyville, adopted a 7year old boy, Artyom Savelyev who she named Justin, last September put him on a plane alone and sent him back with a note:

I refuse him …  This child is mentally unstable. He is violent and has severe psychopathic issues, …. I was lied to and misled by the Russian orphanage regarding his mental stability, … After giving my best to this child, I am sorry to say that for the safety of my family, friends, and myself, I no longer wish to parent this child

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has called the actions of the mother monstrous for basically throwing the boy away that she should have seen as her son.

It is a monstrous deed on the part of his adoptive parents, to take the kid and virtually throw him out with the air plane in the opposite direction and to say, ‘I’m sorry I could not cope with it, take everything back’ is not only immoral but also against the law,

Torry Hansen’s mother talked to the press saying that the boy frightened them and made them fear for their lives after he drew a picture of their house burning down with them in it. She also claimed the boy was increasingly violent. A social worker sent there in January to check up on the families progress and found they where coping well. Torry gave up after only six months, instead of contacting someone for help she just sent him back alone.

This has come at a time after two deaths of Russian children adopted by American citizens and has just reinforced their perception that Americans adopt Russian children like people who adopt a puppy over Christmas from a shelter not realising what they are taking on.

This is a result of the glorifying of adoptions in America, they think they can adopt a child then expect him/her to be like a ‘normal’ child. Most of these children come from orphanages and live in a completely different world and some has been traumatized at some point. As pointed out by LaBarbera who specializes in the psychological evaluation of children. She has worked with many Russian children adopted by families from other foreign countries.

Parents enter into it (foreign adoption) with positive motivations but, in a sense, they are a little bit blind sided by their desire to adopt, ….. They’re not prepared to appreciate, psychologically, the kinds of conditions these kids have been exposed to and the effect it has had on them.

It is not always the case there are many thousands of children who end up with families that truly appreciate where they come from and have the patience and resources to cope when the child acts out, as all children do.


The boy has opened up and has revealed that his ‘mother’ put sweets and colouring pens in his rucksack and told him he was going on a excursion. Apparently the day he received a family and was told he was moving to America was the happiest day of his life and he can’t understand why he was sent back.

Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm


Eugene Terreblanche was murdered on his farm today just outside Ventersdorp. He was attacked while sleeping by two workers that worked on the farm. According to the workers they got in a argument earlier upon which they responded with a panga and a “knopkierie”.

The time they attacked Eugene was around 5pm, when police got there he was lying on the bed with serious head wounds and wounds to his upper body. He was still alive but later died in hospital at around 7pm.

According to the workers that attacked him they got in a argument, police said the attack was not politically motivated but that will only be revealed if true during the investigation.
The police arrested the two suspects who confessed to the killing. Eugene did not permanantly live on the farm but slep there once in a while.

While the police say the murder was not politically motivated we as mentioned earlier will only learn the real motive for the attack later.

Social networks are buzzing with many saying that this is because of Julius Malema’s recent “kill the boer” campaign.

Last week Julius Malema was ordered by the court to stop singing the “kill the boer” or “shoot the boer” song.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


Our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche murdered on his farm

It is with shock, dismay, frustration and the greatest of emotional pain that we were informed that our leader, Eugene Terre’Blanche was murdered on his farm Villanna (meaning “Home of Anna”) just outside Ventersdorp called around 17:00 this afternoon.


Details are sketchy, but from reports by people at the scene there was an argument with one of his black farm workers this afternoon. Later, while he was taking an afternoon nap, the farm worker, incited by others, entered his house and hacked him to death with a panga (chopping knife used for clearing bushes).


When police arrived they found our leader on his bed with mortal wounds to his upper body and head. He was declared dead at 7:00pm.


This news comes amidst reports of Julius Malema’s banned song which calls for freedom fighters of the ANC to “Kill the Boer”.


Our leader did not live permanently on the farm, but rather in Ventersdorp. He visits the farm regularly during the week and on weekends.


Eugene Ney Terre’Blance was born on January 31 1941 and was on of the founders of the Afrikaner Weerstadsbeweging. He dedicated the last decades to realising a dream of freedom for our Boer people and the concept of a Volkstaat, a free state where we could rule over ourselves.


We call on all our supporters, friends and members of the AWB to be calm for now as we mourn the passing of our leader.


We will post more information as it becomes available.




2010 04 03 – AfriForum calls on all South Africans to remain calm after murder of Terre’Blanche

In response to the murder of Mr Eugene Terre’Blanche, AfriForum appealed to all South Africans to remain calm.

These events are a call to all South Africans to come to their senses and to be aware of the extremely polarised and violent circumstances presently prevalent in the country.

AfriForum condemned the murder in the strongest possible terms, as all murders in South Arica are condemned. All communities – white, as well as black – should refrain from reckless statements and from romanticising violence.

It is urgent for all to remain calm under circumstances which are very tense and potentially may be destructive.



The murder of Eugene Terreblanche will inevitably polarize and inflame passions in South Africa at a time when tensions are already running high.  This could have tragic consequences and it is essential that all leaders stand together now, and call for calm.  Violence has never been a solution to South Africa’s enormous challenges.   Now, more than ever, we must resist racial polarization, and continue to build the non-racial middle ground of people who want a peaceful and prosperous future for all.

The singing of songs such as “kill the Boer” creates a climate in which violence is seen as an appropriate response to problems, whether personal or collective.  These words have been correctly described by the courts as hate speech.  We urge all South Africans to stand together and reject incitement and threats of violence, that could destroy our capacity to build a shared future.  We all have a responsibility towards one another.  Let us exercise this now more than ever before.


Eugene Terreblanche was murdered today in his sleep on his farm in Ventersdorp.

Eugene Terreblanche was the head and leader of the AWB. Eugene Terreblanche was also one of the biggest fighters for the Boers and desperately wanted independence for the boers.

What would happen next we can only wait and see.

Eugene Ney TerreBlance was born on January 31 1941 and was a Boer Afrikaner the founder of the Afrikaner weerstadsbeweging. His biggest dream was a boer state and he pushed and fighted for that most of his life.

He was murdered about two hours ago according to our sources.

This comes as the song “kill the boers” just got banned and Julius Malema also got gagged and may not sing the song.

Many people on various social networks already started blaming the recent “kill the boer ” campaign by the country’s ruling party the ANC.

We can only say that Eugene Terreblanche loved his country and was a strong fighter in what he believed.


UPDATE: According police Eugene Terreblanche was attacked at 5 to 6 pm on his farm in Ventersdorp. When police got there he was lying on the bed with fatal injuries to his head and upper body, he was still alive but died later.

Police found a panga and a “knopkierrie” at the farm and they arrested two farm workers that was currently working on Eugene’s farm.

According to them they got in a argument with Eugene Terreblance and then killed him.

He died because of his injuries and was declared dead at 7pm.

Eugene did not permanently live on the farm. According to police the murder is said to be not politically motivated (for now at least.)

UPDATE 2: Please note that the police said the murder was not politically motivated but we believe further investigation will reveal whether this is true or not.



Azanian Youth Org says they wont stop singing "kill the boer" song

Today Azayo, the Azanian Youth Organization said in a statement that the song “kill the farmers” was part of their history and that they wont stop singing the song because of “white rightwing groups”.

The song “kill the boers” was said to remind the Azanian Youth Organization of what still needs to be done. In the statement it was also said that “white people are getting away with murder” because of the lack of ownership of “our” land by blacks.

Not only does the ANCYL and the ANC now support the killing of the white minority of South Africa but the Azanian Youth Organization also does by singing the “kill the boer” song.


New police ranks in South Africa, welcome to SAPF

Cape Town, South Africa – From today on the South African police will be known as the South African police force, SAPF. The move was announced earlier this year that will see the South African police return to the ranks of the Apartheid era government.

The move have upset POPCRU and they are threatening to take the issue to court.

The South African police minister said a while back in a statement that the change was to “wage war” against criminals.

National police commissioner General Bheki Cele says the move aims to introduce a sense of discipline among officers

 “We have taken a stance as this government of fighting crime and fighting it tough. The rank changes are therefore in line with our transformation of the Force, not only in terms of a name-change but change in attitude,
thinking and operational duties.”

Here are the changes.

Old rank (1995-2010)

New rank (April 1, 2010)



Deputy National Commissioner


Divisional Commissioner

Provincial Commissioner


Assistant Commissioner




Senior Superintendent



Lieutenant Colonel






Warrant Officer