Tropical Storm Alex becomes Hurricane – interrupts Gulf Oil spill clean-up

Tropical Storm Alex started forming a little over a week ago. It hit the Yucatan Peninsula and lost some of it’s strength while travelling over land but when it reached the seas it started to gain strength over the warm waters. As of today Alex is officially the first hurricane of the season. At the moment it’s classified as Category 1 hurricane and is the first June hurricane in the Atlantic basin in 15 years, since Allison in 1995.

The biggest concern since Alex was first spotted was that it would hit the oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon rig. Fortunately it will not hit the site directly and is moving towards Mexico and Texas coast but the strong winds and waves generated by the hurricane is interfering with the clean-up process. The booms are the most affected, at the moment, as the waves just push the oil over it and under it, making it useless. People working on the on the clean-up have been evacuated and they have had to stop the controlled burns of the crude oil on the oceans surface and cancel all the flights spraying dispersant chemicals until the weather have cleared. Unfortunately that means the drilling of the relief oil well at the Deepwater Horizon is also put on hold until the winds and water condition have improved.

There is also the concern in the rise of water levels as the oil is pushed unto the coast lines even reaching the roads. Cars have been detoured to avoid the oily water that are splashing onshore. The whole stretch from Southern Louisiana and the Mississippi are being watched for floods as the tides rises. 

In the face of all the extent of the disaster the US State Department has stated that it will accept offers of help from 22 countries one of which is Japan; including two high-speed skimmers and fire containment boom from Japan the department said in a statement.

Pensecola Beach water burning like acid – VIDEO

Florida, United States – The beach is burning, well in Pensecola at least. This video comes from Pcolagregg‘s youtube channel which is really worth checking out. You will see the water coming in boils like it comes directly from a kettle. The sea is boiling with toxins or acids. We cant be sure what it is but obviously BP has something they are not telling us.

What could cause the water to boil like this? You can also sea the damage the Gulf of Mexico oil spill did to the "whitest beach on earth". It basically destroyed the beach.

Check out the video:


NASA adds 700 high quality images on Google Earth as a layer

NASA released more than 700 high quality photos from the Earth Observatory and made it available on Google Earth as a layer. This is also their first "foray" into using Google Earth as a browsing tool.

Over 700 selected images from the Earth Observatory are now available as a layer in Google Earth. We are always experimenting with ways to present the vast array of resources that are in the EO and this is our first foray into using Google Earth as a browse tool. Please let us know what you think.

You can view the layer from the NASA Earth Observatory here on Google Earth

VIDEO – G20 police protect black bloc

Toronto, Canada – Things are getting more obvious by the minute because more footage is being shown where the police protect the black bloc protesters and attack the peaceful protesters.

The black bloc protesters are being protected in this video at around 45 seconds into the video you can see one of them running behind police lines. Clearly they are paid to cause chaos and then for the police to move in and torture the peaceful protesters.

There are many theories coming up why the black bloc protester would go behind police lines but watching the other evidence it becomes obvious. The black bloc are the police.

Army moves into Du Noon because of Xenophobic threats

Cape Town, South Africa – The army was deployed in Du Noon on Tuesday because of the threat of xenophobia that is said to occur right after the 2010 World Cup ends on the 12th or 13th of July.

The xenophobic attacks coming are still rumours. The police said that they could also not tell the public what the fuss is about but they could confirm that the army has been deployed which is obvious when you are there. Why they cant tell the public is another thing to wonder about however, if the army or police confirm these rumours it might point to those that want to attack as evidence that they are more than rumours.

The army also searched some houses which left a few of the residence annoyed and upset but if things are going to be like they were in 2008 then this is not such a bad idea.

South Africa might be in for a rough ride.

Xenophobia threat – Nelson Mandela Foundation warns of Xenophobia after world cup

Cape Town, South Africa – There is a big threat, not just a rumour of Xenophobic attacks when the final whistle blows after the World Cup. Xenophobia or ethnic cleansing is on the rise again and this time it seems to be bigger. At the moment most people call it rumours but rumours have the power to start something even if they are just rumours. Hopefully in this case they will remain rumours.

The Nelson Mandela foundation said they are "concerned" about these rumours against "non-nationals" in South Africa .

As Nelson Mandela once said:

"We cannot blame other people for our troubles. We are not victims to the influx of foreign people into South Africa. We must remember that it was mainly due to the aggressive and hostile policies of the apartheid regime that the economic development of our neighbours was undermined."

Larry King retires

It seems like after 25 years Larry King will retire. In a blog post he wrote that he is finishing off and making ready to spend some time with family and watch "little league" games.

Before I start the show tonight, I want to share some personal news with you. 25 years ago, I sat across this table from New York Governor Mario Cuomo for the first broadcast of Larry King Live.

Now, decades later, I talked to the guys here at CNN and I told them I would like to end Larry King Live, the nightly show, this fall and CNN has graciously accepted, giving me more time for my wife and I to get to the kids’ little league games.

I’ll still be a part of the CNN family, hosting several Larry King specials on major national and international subjects.

I’m incredibly proud that we recently made the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest running show with the same host in the same time slot. With this chapter closing I’m looking forward to the future and what my next chapter will bring, but for now it’s time to hang up my nightly suspenders.

Two earthquakes in the Northern Cape, Two in Johannesburg

Augrabies, South Africa – The small town of Augrabies had an earthquake on Tuesday. There were few people that felt the earthquake but it was felt in Riemvasmaak and Kakemas. The Seismology Unit of the Council for Geoscience confirmed that four earthquakes or tremors did in fact strike South Africa. One was actually a few days ago on June the 25th but the other ones was on Tuesday the 29th of June.

The first earthquake hit at Tuesday, 29 June 2010 at 04:07:07:53 SAST and that was the one in Augrabies, a magnitude 3.3 on the richter scale. Then the second one and the third one was actually in Johannesburg at Far West Rand gold mines, Gauteng Province and they were also 3.0 magnitude earthquakes.

Johannesburg is used to getting earthquakes, Augrabies not that much. Two eartquakes hitting Augrabies in the last 5 days is significant.There were also two earthquakes or tremors in other areas but they are most likely mining related.

The earthquake that hit Augrabies on the 25th of June was a 2.7 Magnitude earthquake.


Technical details:

Date and Time: Friday, 25 June 2010 at 22:40:23:18 SAST
Magnitude: 2.7 (Local Richter)
Depth: 2.0 km (Fixed)
Location: 28.604° South, 20.418° East
Region: Augrabies area, Northern Cape Province
Location quality:

Error estimate: Longitude ± 14.1 km, Latitude ± 12.1 km, Depth fixed by location programme
Quality parameters: RMS = 0.98 sec, Gap = 222°, Six (6)
stations used in epicentral solution.
Source: Seismology Unit of the Council for Geoscience


Date and Time: Tuesday, 29 June 2010 at 04:07:07:53 SAST
Magnitude: 3.3 (Local Richter)
Depth: 5.0 km (Fixed)
Location: 28.677° South, 20.477° East
Region: Augrabies area, Northern Cape Province
Location quality:

Error estimate: Longitude ± 9.6 km, Latitude ± 7.5 km, Depth fixed by location programme
Quality parameters: RMS = 0.87 sec, Gap = 221°, Nine (9)
stations used in epicentral solution.
Source: Seismology Unit of the Council for Geoscience


Tangled: Disney's newest animated film – Movie Trailer

Tangled started out as Rapunzel or Rapunzel Unbraided but Disney decided against those names for fear that it would scare of the boys. The movie itself is lightly based on the classic story Repunzel the German Fairy tale. Only lightly because it’s not just the name that has changed but most of the essentials, as instead of a prince on his white stead the hero is a scoundrel thief on a white horse. And Rapunzel herself is not the demure maiden sitting about ‘knitting’ waiting to be released, she is spunky and lively.  To say they have changed some of the dynamics of the original tale is a understatement but having said that Tangled actually looks better. Being a fan of traditional tales and normally find it annoying that movie makers tend to think they have the right to alter these tales that has meant so much to people, this has come as a surprise.  It will be the 50th animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics and it looks like they wanted to make sure it will be one to remember.

Flynn Rider, voice by Zachary Levi, is a bandit on the run and comes across a secluded tower decide that it was perfect to hide, that is until he realises it is already occupied by Rapunzel, voice by Mandy Moore. Rapunzel was stolen from her parents when she was just a child to be locked up in the tower. Over the years her hair has grown longer and longer containing a magic of it’s own. Soon she realises that Flynn could be her escape from the tower and bring her the adventure she has always longed for.

Tangled will only be released on 24 November 2010. Disney’s aim in Tangled was to appeal to a larger audience than just little girls, I think they have pulled it off.