Shakira's latest music video Loca from new album Sale el Sol

Shakira is releasing her latest album Sale el Sol loosely translated as The Sun Rises on the 19th October 2010. The album will feature Loca (in Spanish crazy) which Shakira has recorded both a English and Spanish. The English version is featuring UK rap artist Dizzee Rascal and the Spanish version Dominican hip-hop artist El Cata

Shakira wanted something different for the Loca music video instead of the usual costly productions. It was done very simply with a hand held camera with Shakira interacting with fans in Barcelona acting ‘crazy’ and just having fun. It starts of with some dancing on the beach then roller scatting as at some point she decides to do a costume change on the street and exchanged her skirt for leather pants. She proceeds to jump on the back of a motorcycle (without helmet) ending the music video in water fountain. Chorus bits are of her dancing on the beach or with Dizzee.

The video is lots of fun and very sexy but according the the Spanish government criminal as Shakira broke numerous laws while shooting it. It could have all easily been avoided if the proper permits was gathered beforehand, the charges are rather lame so lets just assume the organisers just did not think it would be necessary. There are very strict antisocial behaviour laws in Spain, first complaint is public disturbance by stopping traffic, second riding on a motorcycle without a helmet and third is for dancing in a historical water fountain.

Shakira – Loca feat. Dizzee Rascal (Official Music Video Premiere)

Shakira – Loca (Spanish)

After her song for the soccer world cup Waka Waka: It’s time for Africa broke records for most sold world cup song, this album looks promising. The album Sale el Sol will also feature Waka Waka on it’s track list.

Google Instant rolls out in more countries

Google Instant is now in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the Ukraine for signed in users. Google also brought out some enhancements to instant search which you can see in the video beneath.

Unfortunately as far as we can tell Google Instant is not yet in South Africa. Maybe soon.


Google Streetview now on all seven continents

Google Streetview announced that they have successfully mapped out areas in all seven continents of the world. Imagine the fuel bill. With 360-degree panoramic views and much more Google mapped out everything from beaches in Brazil to Antarctica, if you can go there they mapped it.

Google announced in a blog post that:

We introduced Street View back in May 2007, enabling people to explore street-level imagery in five U.S. cities. We were excited to share a virtual reflection of the real world to enable armchair exploration. Since then, we’ve expanded our 360-degree panoramic views to many more places, allowing you to check out a restaurant before dining there, to explore a neighborhood before moving there and to find landmarks along the route of your driving directions.

Three years later, we’re happy to announce that you can now explore Street View imagery on all seven continents, with the addition today of Brazil, Ireland and Antarctica. You can now see images from around the world spanning from the beaches of Brazil, to the moors of Ireland, to the icy terrain in Antarctica.

9 Earthquakes today in Nevada

Nevada had a few earthquakes today. A total number of 9 earthquakes in one day ranging between 2 and 4 magnitude on the Richter scale. The biggest earthquake was 4.3 magnitude. 

The earthquakes did not cause any damage or injury and some people are wondering whether or not this is normal. It is normal earthquakes in that area, maybe not as many in one day.

Some people believe this is just tremors for a big earthquake to hit soon but that theory can not be supported. Twitter is again today busy with people predicting earthquakes but people simply can not normally predict earthquakes.

The 4.3 Magnitude earthquake was at a distance of:

60 km (40 miles) WNW of Beatty, Nevada
65 km (40 miles) SSW of Goldfield, Nevada
225 km (140 miles) WNW of Las Vegas, Nevada
305 km (190 miles) SE of CARSON CITY, Nevada

Stuxnet now in China

The Stuxnet virus is in China as reported by China’s official government media. The worm or virus was earlier in Iran and was blamed earlier on both Israel and the USA but no one really knows the orgin of the worm or virus.

The Stuxnet could wreak havoc at a nuclear power station and could actually cause some real damage.

Stuxnet is named everything from mall ware to virus and was also named a worm by some. Whatever it is, it is designed to disrupt and basically sabotage power plants and similar  systems.

Iran claimed earlier that the "virus" did not cause any real damage to their systems.

A lot of people believe that the Stuxnet is a pretext for a destroyed internet, a false flag as many call it. That remains to be seen.

Another day of useless Neotel South Africa internet

Once again Neotel delivers such slow service and bandwidth that typing a text document and submitting it online takes a few minutes. Neotel does it again, wasting time and sucking money while delivering slow service and crap bandwidth.

Thanks Neotel for giving me another day off work.

Google celebrates the Flintstones with best logo design yet

Of all the Google special day logos (Google Doodle) this one seems to beat them all. Today 50 years ago the Flintstones launched on ABC television, it was produced by Hanna Barbera productions and ran for about 6 years from 1960 to 1966. The show is still watched today by thousands and even a well known movie behind it.

American citizens and ordinary people now treated as terrorists, TSA's new "secure flight"

From November 1 the Department of Homeland Security Administration in the United States will implement "secure flight".

What does that mean?

It means that everyone that might take a flight in the USA, within the USA or coming into the USA will be checked against terrorist lists, no fly lists and other secret governmental lists. This Secure flight program was first recommended by the 9/11 commission. Yes, the same commission that was not really a commission but rather a front to the government and a voice to backup the claims that 9/11 was orchestrated by people in oil rich countries.

There are many reasons your name could be on that list or those lists, simple things like being anti-war activists or anti government could see your name there and that means you might not be able to take your flight. It might also get you in a 10 hour interview in a dark room with unknown "authorities".

In the US everyone is now a suspected terrorist, you are a terrorist until proven innocent. Every time some wackjob decides to strap a bomb to himself and try to board a plane we see more citizens being labeled as terrorists or even "potential" terrorists.

It seems that in the "war on terror" that the terrorists have won, striking fear in the heart of their enemies. That was the goal after all. Who those enemies are still remains to be seen.


Gold hits record heights against dollar

The gold price hit a record price today of $1300 USD/oz. That has raised fears that the dollar is crashing. There is widepsread speculation that when the gold price reaches $1300 USD/oz that the dollar will be finished but what are the real implications of such a high price for gold?

Many believe that the dollar is about to crash on purpose to bring in either the North American currency or the new global currency that will replace the dollar as the leading trade currency.

The price of gold could also be peaking at the moment and then return to normal levels however people are now buying more gold in fear of a US dollar currency collapse.

Whatever the reason or implications, the price of gold is at a high.


Gunman on the loose UT Campus Austin TX

There is a gunman on the run at the University of Texas. Reports say the guy shot himself after shooting 10 shots. It is unknown if there are people injured. It is also unknown exactly what is happening but the sirens went off and some of the buildings in the area is locked.

There was a shooting.

Awaiting more info.


Shooter is dead, confirmed by police.


The shooter killed himself.


As some of you may know, UT Austin Police and other law enforcement agencies are investigating reports of a shooting on the UT Austin campus near 21st and Speedway. The shooting apparently occurred just after 8:00 a.m. today. As usual initial press reports vary in accuracy. We do know that the campus quickly initiated its emergency plan and notification system. Streets in the area have been closed as police continue to investigate the incident. The situation continues to evolve and further updates will be provided as necessary. For now, if you had planned business on campus today , please cancel those plans to be on campus.

Chancellor Cigarroa


A suspected shooter in library is dead. Police are searching for possible second shooter. Lock doors, don’t leave your building.


Second shooter said to be in the field house at UT campus.


There are reports of a Tank on the UT campus grounds.


The campus is on lockdown, police are now searching for the second suspect.


The first suspect that shot himself on the sixth floor of the University of Texas campus Library (Perry-Castaneda Library) was carrying a AK47. There was supposed to be some event tonight at the university about gun debates, this will probably contribute to that meeting.


There were two suspects, one is now dead and the police are still looking for the second suspect. They do not know how this person looks or what they are wearing. There are currently no injuries.

The entire campus is surrounded by police and swat personnel.


There is now a helicopter on campus searching for the second suspect. All classes are now cancelled due to campus shooting.


Emergency statement by the University of Austin Texas

September 28, 2010 at 9:47 am

The university is closed.

A suspected shooter in PCL library is dead. Law enforcement are searching for a second suspect. If you are off campus, STAY AWAY. If you are on campus, lock doors, do not leave your building.

Announced September 28, 2010 at 9:43 am

UPDATE from Campus personal:

Law enforcement still searching for second suspect on campus. STAY AWAY from campus or remain locked in your building!


Gunman could possibly be wearing a tuxido. Unconfirmed.


No one really knows what the second gunman is wearing. More people saying he wore a black shirt and a beanie.

Other people say he is wearing a ski mask and a tuxido. Still not clear what the second gunman is wearing.


Second gunman is said to be barricaded in Calhoun. Not confirmed. Stay safe.


Police say the second suspect has a rifle, he is wearing a blue jean and a black shirt with a black beanie.

Police advise people to stay as far away from the area as possible.

Stay out of the area, if you are there then lock yourself in.


Two police helicopters are now searching the area for the Texas campus shooter. ( The second one) The first suspect killed himself, see earlier updates.


Welch being evacuated, people coming out with their hands in the air by police instruction.


Sirens going off for the 7th time now, second gunman still hiding. 

John Lott to speak at UT tonight on "More Guns, Less Crime". Truly ironic.


Second gunman still hiding. There are no new statements from the University or the police. Buildings are currently being searched. Some buildings are still being evactuated.

Students are being evacuated one by one to make sure the suspect does not get away.

There are now three police helicopters searching for the second suspect.


Calhoun is being searched by what seems to be the army. (green clothing). Unless the swat team is wearing green.

Sirens are now starting for the 9th time.


There are many conflicting reports of how the second suspect looks. Police are now just making sure that there is a second suspect because there might not be a second person involved.

The second person could be the first shooter that got described wrong by some witnesses.

The University is closed and the police are still searching the buildings. IF there is a second suspect he should be found soon, if there is no second suspect the swat teams might take longer to give the all clear.

Bomb-sniffer dogs are also searching the place.

Second suspect? Remains to be seen.


Searching still going on. The only injury is one woman who sprained her ankle and the gunman that took his own life. Witnesses say the first shooter did not shoot directly at people but in the air.


Ambulances arrived and paramedics are entering a building for unknown reasons.


People are now calming down a bit. Police are still searching the campus and the lockdown is still in place. A lot of police activity. The busses are not going today, some students might find it hard to get home.

The second suspect has not been found and there might not be a second suspect at all but police must still search to make sure.


Austin police chief said that they are still searching and reacting to the report of the second suspect "We are safe rather than sorry".

The police are now making sure that there are also no bombs or explosives in the buildings. They are still searching for the second suspect.

The buildings are all connected.


Things are a bit more calm now. As we mentioned earlier, police are still searching for the second suspect, it is still unclear whether there really is a second suspect but police are making sure.


Instructions are now being given inside buildings, some busses are there for students. All clear given but people are unsure what that means. The university remains in lockdown. People that were stuck in offices and class rooms are now being allowed to leave slowly.

Police are looking confident that there is no other shooter, they still need to say it themselves. The danger could still be there but it looks like the investigation has started.

A lot of gun talk going on now. Should people have guns on campus etc.

Campus now getting more live, earlier looked like a ghost town.


The ALL CLEAR was given even though there is confusion about it. The campus area north of the East Mall is released from lock-down.

Some students can return to the buildings but only certain buildings.

UPDATE from the University of Texas at Austin:

September 28, 2010 at 12:20 pm

The university is closed.

Due to the events of today, the campus is closed. Unless you are needed for essential operations, all faculty, staff and students are urged to leave campus. Students who live on campus may return to their residence halls.

Because the area around the Perry Castenada Library (PCL) is an actively investigated crime scene and due to the difficulty of navigating that portion of the campus, it is urged that area be avoided. As you leave the campus, please exit the campus from north exits. Employees who ride buses to work may catch the bus at Dean Keeton or at on 23rd and San Jacinto. If you are in buildings near the PCL, please exit buildings from exits away from PCL.

On time sheets, please list time away from campus today as Emergency Leave. Also, please check the campus Emergency Web site ( ) for additional updates.

All other campus employees are urged to continue at work and to exercise care until the all clear is given.

Please direct any questions to or call 471-HRSC (4772)

Massive landslide in Mexico buries homes

A massive landslide in Mexico in the early hours of the morning buried hundreds of homes in the town of Santa Maria Tlahuitoltepec. The number of victims and the number of missing persons are still unknown and rescue efforts are being hampered by the heavy rains. Authorities in Mexico estimate that there are at least 500 victims in the Oaxaca landslide but it is still unknown as we said.


Los Angeles record temperature, earthquake misinformation on twitter spreads

Los Angeles, USA – Los Angeles experienced their hottest day ever. Parts of Los Angeles recorded a shocking 113 degrees, something like 45 celsius. That is the hottest it has ever been in Los Angeles, ever. Records began somewhere in 1877.

What is worse than the weather in Los Angeles is that somehow someone started a fear on twitter that the soaring heat could cause a earthquake or is somehow related to a massive earthquake coming in Los Angeles or California. This is misinformation because no one can predict an earthquake. There are certain factors one can take in consideration but no one can really predict an earthquake.

If an earthquake happens in the near future in Los Angeles it would seem relevant but that would just be a coincidence.

Cape of Good hope Castle has no hope

The Cape Town Castle museum is ruined. On heritage day we went to take some photos of what was left of the Castle of Good hope museum and there was not much left.

The entire Anglo Boer war part of the museum actually depicts bushmen and other nations that were the main feature of the Anglo Boer war. The few paintings show no white people, there was one however.

The entire museum and Castle has changed, the beautiful display in the main living area of the Castle is now just a few tables and chairs. The walls are even painted a ugly purple and it seems to the average white guy that the city of Cape Town and the South African government went on a mission to remove anything that might support white heritage in South Africa.

The only thing that really still shows the time and how things might of been is the building which surprisingly has not been turned into a shebeen or a shack.

To put it lightly, the Cape of Good Hope Castle is not Dutch anymore, the original museum is destroyed and there is not much to see.

The DA also talked about two other museums recently

Here is what they had to say:

The annual reports, of two major national museums, Robben Island Museum and the Nelson Mandela Museum, reveal a disconcerting state of affairs at two of South Africa’s major national monuments.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) will be calling the management of these entities to appear before the Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture to account for these failures, and see proof that problems are being addressed.

The Robben Island Museum has once again received a qualified audit report as a result of fruitless, wasteful and irregular expenditure amounting to over R2-million, and its failure to present a strategic plan to Parliament. The Auditor-General also noted that the museum’s accounting authorities had failed to implement a fraud prevention policy.

The Nelson Mandela Museum’s annual report also revealed irregular expenditure amounting to R8.7-million. An analysis of the irregular expenditure revealed that no contracts were in place for the provision of security and cleaning services, as well as the non-compliance with supply chain and tendering procedures. Although the Museum has since revealed that corrective action is being taken to remedy these failures, it is still astonishing that this world-renowed institution was being managed without adherence to basic financial management procedures.

The DA regards both these museums as enormously important cultural institutions that need to be preserved for future generations. Robben Island in particular, was declared a world heritage site in 1999 and is a popular destination for tourists. Both these institutions are a significant source of revenue generation and employment creation.

Oprah Winfrey reunites von Trapp family from Sound of Music film

From a era almost forgotten comes the Sound of Music a moving tale of a nun Maria who is sent away to become a governess to widowed navy captain Georg von Trapp’s seven children. She brings new life to the captains household with music. What makes this movie even more extraordinary is that this is all based on fact. Most have seen this movie at least once or at the very least have heard one of it’s songs.

Now on The Oprah Winfrey Show the whole cast will reunite for the first time in 45 years. Julie Andrew’s, who played Maria, at 74 will be there and so will Christopher Plummer 81 who has resented the film for years because since it became so famous he was almost always asked to be cast into similar roles. He has made peace with it, stating that he never hated the movie he just did not like his role in the film. All the children will be there: Gretl Kym Gareth, Martha Debbie Turner, Brigitta Angela Cartwright, Kurt Duane Chase, Louisa Heather Menzies, Friedrich Nicholas Hammond and the eldest Liesl Charmian Carr who played the role of a girl sixteen goin’ on seventeen

Here is a one of the popular songs from Sound of Music : So long, Farewell

This video was chosen because I thought it was appropriate seeing as this series of Oprah is her ‘farewell’ series. Oprah has at last decided it is time to retire from being the worlds biggest talk show host and as the article is on the Sound of Music this song in particular seemed fitting.

Cape Town's Athlone twin towers on Google Earth

The twin towers in Cape Town or Athlone or as some knew it the salt and pepper pots or the normal power station towers that was a big landmark in Cape Town is now gone but you can still see it.

On Google Earth the old imagery is still there so if you are missing the two towers too much then go browse it on Google Earth. Not that anyone would miss it.

The Athlone Power Station was a coal fired power station in Cape Town, built in 1962 it had 6 turbines and a capacity of 180 megawatts and was operated by the City of Cape Town.

The towers are now demolished.

Iran takes on Brazil in friendly soccer game

Iran will for the first time in history play against the former World Cup champions, Brazil. The two countries will face off in a game hosted by the United Arab Emirates. The match will be played at the Mohammad bin Zayed Stadium at Abu Dhabi on October 7th.

Brazil won over North Korea in the FIFA World Cup 2010 and won 2-1. Unfortunately for Brazil they did not win the World Cup this time.

AfriForum plans nation wide protest against ABSA

AfriForum delcared Thursday 30 September a national day of protest against ABSA’s racist interference in sport. On the day customers of Absa will hand in a letter of protest at their own branches demanding that the bank keep their nose out of rugby.

Absa clients will close their accounts unless the bank agree in writing to not interfere in the racial composition of rugby and other sport teams on a political level.

The following is an excerpt from AfriForum’s letter of protest:

“As a client of Absa I am extremely concerned about Absa’s political interference in sport, since this is not part of a bank’s work in my opinion. Sponsorships are a marketing tool, not a political tool. The fact that I have an account with Absa means that I enable Absa to award large sponsorships. However, I am not prepared to help Absa apply political pressure on sports organisations.

I am also extremely concerned about the treatment that Absa’s traditional client base is receiving, as was evidenced by the manner in which the bank dealt with the rugby issue. Absa has a historical connection with Afrikaners which cannot simply be ignored. The story of how Volkskas came into existence is a story of Afrikaners who stood up economically in harsh times. Afrikaners now feel that Absa has a total disregard for them and that Afrikaans is waning in this institution.

I am also concerned about the perception that Absa embraces government ideologies uncritically, which leads to Absa being viewed as a political pawn instead of a bona fide bank. Consequently, Absa has lost its impartiality as a bank and a focus on its clients.

In light of the above I put forth the following conditions to Absa:

  • That Absa undertake in writing to refrain from interfering in the racial composition of rugby or other sports teams on a political level; and
  • that Absa undertake to not disregard its traditional client base and that a process of consultation be initiated with the Solidarity Movement in order to discuss burning issues like the position of Afrikaans in Absa and other problems of the Afrikaner community.

If these conditions are not met, I will inform my branch of my intention to close my account.”

According to Kallie Kriel, executive director of AfriForum, the letter of protest gives Absa an excellent opportunity to show respect for the views of the people who have supported the bank loyally for many years and who are becoming estranged from the bank as a result of its actions.

Kriel also confirmed that should Absa not accept the conditions that will be put to them on Thursday, AfriForum will announce additional protest actions soon. (Afriforum)


6.6 Magnitude earthquake in KEPULAUAN KAI, INDONESIA

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia a few minutes ago. The earthquake happened at a depth of 2km and 140 East of Tual. There were no reports of injury or damage to buildings but we will update as soon as we get information.

There are no Tsunami warnings out because of this earthquake.

Magnitude Mw 6.6
Date time 2010-09-26 12:12:37.7 UTC
Location 5.31 S ; 133.96 E
Depth 2 km
Distances 577 km SE Sorong (pop 125,535 ; local time 21:12 2010-09-26)
140 km E Tual (pop 39,502 ; local time 21:12 2010-09-26)

Police uncover large stockpile of weapons in Ireland

Police in Northern Ireland arrested a man and confiscated a large stockpile of weapons on Friday. The man was also charged with terrorism.
The suspect will appear in court on Monday.
The man also faces other charges including preparing for a terror plot.
Because of this but not only this event officials believe that an attack on Britian is going to happen sooner or later.

The Home Secretary said: "Judgments are based on a broad range of factors, including the intent and capabilities of terrorist groups.

"This is the first time we have published the Irish-related threat assessment to Great Britain. This is in the interests of transparency and to encourage people to remain vigilant. I would urge the public to report any suspicious activity to the police and security services in their continuing efforts to discover, track and disrupt terrorist activities."