Guy discovers "time traveler" in Charlie Chaplin movie

George Clarke is a collector of all things Charlie Chaplin and upon watching one of the DVD’s he bought of Charlie Chaplin’s "the circus" made in 1928 he discovered something that looks like a woman with a cellphone. Now obviously in those days there were no cellphones but no one seems to be able to explain his find.

If you watch this video you can see the woman is most definitely holding something in her hand and indeed it looks like a cellphone. The best explanation anyone came up with so far is either a "earpiece" or hearing aid of those days, or that she or he was in fact a time traveler if there is going to exist such a thing.

You really cant argue with George Clarke’s theory, the woman is holding something. The hard thing is to figure what exactly that might be.

Indonesia's Mount Merapi facts

The volcano that is about to explode according to scientists is a well known volcano in region of Java, Indonesia. The volcano’s type is a Stratovolcano and the last known eruption was in 2007. The summit is around 2968m or 9737 feet.

Merapi is also one of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes and is in a very densely populated area. The volcano is extensively being monitored by the Merapi Volcano Observatory.

Mount Merapi translates as Gunung Merapi that translates to English as Mountain of Fire. The volcano has erupted regularly since 1548. In 1994 64 people in the town of Muntilan was killed by the volcano.

In 2006 another eruption happened.

The alert level is now once again raised to the highest alert level.

Wikilieaks Julian Assange walked out on CNN interview

Founder of Wikileaks did not like how personal CNN’s journalist Atika Shubert was getting in her questions and walked out of the interview. As seen in the video Julian Assange repeatedly tells Atika what her questioning has to do with the real issue – the death of 109 000 people. He took offence that his personal life was of more interest than the latest announced leak from Wikileaks on the war in Afghanistan.

So far they have published 77 000 US intelligence reports of the war in Afghanistan and just released almost 400 000 US intelligence documents from the Iraq War. There is still 15 000 documents from Afghanistan coming. Wikileaks have learnt they lesson though from their previous large scale release and have removed any confidential or sensitive names and some information and all the information have been approved to be released.

Julian’s anger is understandable as the questioning was irrelevant to what is happening at the moment. Atika even went so far as to look for a previous employee to try and gets some dirt on Julian. Looks like she was ignoring the real important information choosing to concentrate on gossip and speculation.

Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Walks Out of CNN Interview

Miley Cyrus seductive Who Owns My Heart? causes outrage

Television watchdog group Parents Television Council has publicly condemned Miley Cyrus new music video Who Owns My Heart? calling it age inappropriate. While looking at the video some may question why they say so as there are much worse things seen on television today especially music videos. According to Parents Television Council the fact that Miley is still under age (17 years old) and seen writhing on a bed in her underwear singing a very suggestive song. That is their whole issue her age.

If she made the music video in Europe and lived there this would not be a issue, she could have run around naked but in America the legal age of consent is 18 years old and to film a under age girl in such a provocative light is illegal. If this was not Miley Cyrus those producers would have been in serious trouble. But then again this is not the first time Miley has made the headlines because of her flaunting convention.

Her birthday is in November they could have waited till then to release the video, then no one could have made any complaints about ‘age appropriate’. But then again maybe this music video would not have received half the attention it is getting at the moment. I for one would never have watched it. I wonder what they would do for publicity once Miley reaches the age of eighteen and it would no longer be controversial to see her running around seductively and acting twice her age?

Who Owns My Heart? is not the greatest song in the world and the music video makes little sense, I am not going to watch is twice but there are those out there who would.