Wikileaks – De Klerk's big announcement that changed South Africa

The released files by Wikileaks shows us the planned De Klerk speech that changed South Africa and paved the way for Nelson Mandela to be released from prison.

The title of the part of the document reads:

Mandela release will be announced February 2 in Parliament.

The planned speech was outlined as following:

“Mandela made it quite clear that he full expects ..(break in text).. President FW De Klerk to make several major announcements in his February 2 speech at the opening of parliament.

De Klerk will announce:




Wikileaks – Nelson Mandela speaks of 1 man 1 vote

Part of the Wikileaks release files released yesterday we see talk about "one man one vote" long before the end of apartheid. One of the issues Nelson Mandela had and wanted to define was the definition of one man one vote.

The famous words when Nelson Mandela came out of prison was just that and his plan all along had come to pass. The document also mentions a issue with the SACP but it does not elaborate to say what that issue was.

(edit: The issue was "white fears". White people feared the relationship between the SACP and the ANC as the document indicates.)

Wikileaks – Files of Nelson Mandela prison release talk

The massive wikileaks files was released last night but so far only 220 out of more than 250 000 files were released. What the holdup is no one knows but it sure is going to reveal some interesting things about history and maybe about South Africa.

One of the 220 files released speaks of Nelson Mandela being sure that he was going to be set free along with other prisoners.

At one part of the document it also says that Mandela told visitors “He has a good opinion of De Klerk as a sincere individual even though he regards him as still the leader of the national party and not more than that.”

The document also speaks of Essa Moosa that spoke with Mandela where Mandela talks about his release from prison, the unbanning of the ANC and the lifting of the state of emergency.

The Fighter – Movie Trailer

The Fighter is like one of those unfortunate trailers that makes you want to watch the movie in the first minute but the trailer just keep on showing more scenes giving away integral parts of the story. Trailers are there to entice people to watch a film not to show the whole film in three minutes. If you do not like to know the whole plot of a film before you watch the movie then do not watch this trailer.

The Fighter is a biography film about the life of a boxer ‘Irish’ Mickey Ward and his older brother Dickie Eklund. Mickey Ward (played by Mark Wahlberg) is a professional boxer who dreams of making it big. Everything he knows he was taught by his big brother Dickie Eklund (played by Christian Bale) who was a champion who lost his title and then lost his way. Mickey meets Charlene (played by Amy Adams) when he realises his brother is more a hindrance than help. His ever present determined family and Charlene fight over what is for the best for Mickey until they all realise the only way Mickey will ever be more than a small town boxer is if they work together.

Trailer for The Fighter.

The Fighter will be released on 10 December 2010

UK police brutality – Riot Police "Kettle" Pen Children

Police were left red faced in the UK after they denied that mounted police officers sped into crowds of protesters at Trafalgar Square on Wednesday night.

The police went full force into a crowd and almost injured a pregnant woman. Among the protesters were also obvious agent provocateurs.

Previously in the day police forced students to stay in a blocked area without water or food and without toilets or any means of leaving the area.

The Met spokesperson police horses where there but “did not involve charging the crowd”.

The UK police has made a name for themselves for being some of the most brutal in Europe.

Last year they killed a innocent bystander. Ian Tomlinson was on his way from work and he walked through the area where people were protesting the G20. The police attacked him from behind.

Check out the mounted horses charging students:


Is the US getting ready to cease domains that publish Wikileaks files?

Last week the US Department of Homeland Security ceased more than 76 domains because of “Copyright-infringment”. These were mostly torrent sites but it shows where things are heading.

The domains were ceased on the eve of a massive Wikileaks file release and that could mean that the US government is showing that they will cease domains without court orders or without the owners being found guilty of anything.

It is almost as if the DHS is getting ready to blame all sites that post or share the Wikileaks files and (or) label them as “infringing copyright” (or illegal). That is just speculation but one wont be too surprised if that is in fact going to happen.


The internet is in danger

ICANN is the people that watches over domain names and decides what happens. Unfortunately for the rest of the world ICANN is also in the US and under the power of the US.

The US government is on a mission to censor the internet, lock up law abiding citizens in concentration camps, invade countries that have oil and to strip their citizens of their rights.

The one most people in other countries should be worried about is the first point. This week the US government ceased and censored 76 domains. These domains were mostly torrent sites but it shows the direction the US is heading.

Does that mean the rest of the internet is in danger?

As usual the US is forcing their views upon the rest of the world.

Just like the “war on terror” started by taking the aim at real terrorists and then turned that war on law abiding US citizens the same will happen with the internet. They will first go for the so called copyright infringers to test the ground. Then they will change their game to take over any domain that is against the US and that disagrees with the policies of the US, like activists, political groups or anyone that can expose or take power from the government.

The internet is in danger because it depends on a fascist government to be free and uncensored.



North Korea's missile launch pad on Google Earth

North Korea has bunkers on some of the small islands surrounding North Korea on the side of the Yellow sea. Today North Korea prepared the surface to surface missiles in the Yellow Sea on those small islands.

The Military drills between South Korea and the United States also started.

China said that it would later today give an urgent message.

We spotted one of the missile pads on Google Earth, this is believed to be one of them but obviously we cant prove it.

See the file in Google Earth.

All Journalists told to leave Yeonpyeong

All Journalists were told to leave Yeonpyeong by the end of Sunday because no one knows what is about to happen next. The Ministry of National Defense in South Korea announced that it is unpredictable what kind of provocative action North Korea will use against the US joint drills as a justification.

So most journalists will have to leave for mainland South Korea and report from there.

Will America be surprised by China yet again?

Sad that it had to come to this that America can be labeled cowards. They invade and occupy countries the size of islands but when it comes to real wars they fake it. Hollywood’s movies makes us think that the US can showdown any country but in fact they have more mouth than boot. The US cant take on China or their allies.

In 2007 American military was dumbfounded when they had a military and navy drill in the Pacific, the USS Kitty Hawk was there and a submarine along with other vehicles and warships.

So they were having their drill when suddenly a 160ft Song class diesel submarine surfaced right there in the middle of of their exercise. To their shock the submarine was so close if China wanted it could of sunk a warship with a few torpedoes.

The US was surely shocked, afraid and humiliated but as with other “terrorist” countries they cant take on China for obvious reasons. They just left it right there, no action was taken.

Will China do a surprise greeting again?

Domain name ceasing next attack on the internet

The internet is the thorn in the foot of the global elite trying to overthrow democracy and replace it with a fake freedom and safety government system where safety comes above common sense and the government is the law.

In the UK police could soon legally take your domain if they think that the domain is associated with any criminal activity, under new proposals..The Serious and Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) is planning just that, to take your domain if they have “reasonable” grounds to do so.

Obviously it is up to them to also decide what is “reasonable”. We can all see where this is heading.

Now whenever you see the UK and the US working together you know that those that plan a one world government is behind it and as expected the US government is also now ceasing domain names. The Homeland Security Department ceased more than 70 domains becaue they are related to “copyright-infringing”.

Shockingly, websites are now shut down without court orders both in the US and in the UK.

North Korea has military drill

North Korea staged a military drill on Friday using artillery rounds. The drill was 7km away from the Island that North Korea bombed earlier this week. The area is now on the brink of war.

South Korea is in a panic, especially on Yeonpyeong island where the bombs fell earlier this week killing 4 people.

China also warned today against the US and South Korean joint military drill this coming Sunday. If things go the same way as when North Korea warned South Korea and then bombed them when they didnt listen, then we can expect a war to start.

Petrol price increase before long holiday in South Africa

The long school holidays start soon and the government has decided to increase the retail price of petrol from this coming Wednesday by 13 cents per litre.

The wholesale price of diesel also rise with 0.05 cents a litre. That means more money spend on getting places this Christmas holiday season and less for those Christmas gifts.


Tensions are high in the Yellow sea

China has warned the US and South Korea against any military actions in the area of North and South Korea. The USS George Washington is on the way to the Yellow sea.

China said they "oppose any unilateral military" acts conducted in China’s economic zone.

Yesterday North Korea also warned South Korea that if they continue with "reckless military provocation" that North Korea will again attack South Korea.

The worst of warnings making the rounds is that North Korea threatened to wipe out the United States.

This coming Sunday South Korea and the United States will hold their military drill. That could see tensions at its highest in recent times.

Baba Vanga's claim: World War 3 will start in November 2010

Baba Vanga 31 January 1911 – 11 August 1996 was a famous mystic that lived somewhere in Bulgaria’s mountains that predicted some events accurately.

Back in the day when she still lived she predicted a few things, one of them was that WW3 would begin in November 2010.

She is also well known for things she predicted that already came true.

People that learned and read her prophecies claim she predicted 9/11 back in 1989

“Horror, horror! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”

They also believe she predicted the Russian disaster in 1980:

"At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it."

 To be honest she made some seriously crazy claims as well. 

The claim or "prophecy" that might be relevant today is what she said before her death.

She claimed that World War 3 will start in November 2010 and that it will grow worse than just missiles and guns.

Check it out:

“The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and
chemical weapons”.

2011 – “Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere – no animals or plants wil be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive”.

Ron Paul: Only way to stop TSA – civil disobedience

Freedom Watch Part 1 – Ron Paul Calls For Civil Disobedience 11/22/2010

Congressman Ron Paul is increasingly in the limelight as the freedom fighter against Americans whose rights are being violated by the TSA extreme safety searches. This week there was one particular shocking incident when a young boy of six was told to remove all his clothes till the waist then searched by a complete stranger. A little rebellion is in order, as Ron Paul stated in a radio interview on Tuesday

Government being so bold as to maul us in public and say they’re doing it for our interests. If we tolerate this, there’s something wrong with us.


Seattle Traffic vs snowstorm

Seattle, USA – Seattle traffic came to a standstill this week because of heavy snow on the roads. The people in this video handle the road pretty well until the bus comes along and messed up the day for everyone. The firebrigade seems to know the drill and makes a perfect drive down the hill.