ISS crew sends holiday greetings from space

The International Space Station sent their holiday greeting travelling at 17,500mph just outside the earth’s atmosphere. It does’nt seem like they are moving fast but in that short space they could of gone past the UK.

The ISS Expedition 26 Commander Scott Kelly of NASA and Flight Engineers Cady Coleman of NASA and Paolo Nespoli of the European Space Agency offered Christmas and New Year’s greetings to all people on Earth from the orbital outpost on Dec. 21 as they flew 224 statute miles above. Kelly, Coleman and Nespoli are part of the six-person crew that includes Russian cosmonauts Dmitry Kondratyev, Alexander Kaleri and Oleg Skripochka.


Ron Paul disclose how the Federal Reserve ruined the dollar

Congressman Ron Paul explains how the federal reserve have systematically destroyed the dollar and have manipulated the economy. With the failure of the fed over the past couple of years more and more people are listening to what Ron Paul is saying and realising he is making way more sense than how things are currently being done. One of the surprising and enlightening things about Congressman Ron Paul is that he have been saying these exact things since he first started his political career. On 26 August1988 he did a interview that sounds very similar to the one he had on Freedom watch on the 21st December 2010. That is over twenty years ago and he is still saying the same things, Ron Paul has to be the most consistent politician of our time.

Ron Paul Uncovers the Federal Reserve on Freedom Watch 12/21/10



Ron Paul on the Federal Reserve and Government Deficit Spending



Ron Paul on Fed’s future,monetary policy and Wikileaks

Ron Paul was appointed to the House subcommittee on Monetary Policy. Ron Paul has always been a bit of a loner in the Republican party, many thought his policy beliefs are a bit out there, he even received the nick name Dr. No for continually voting no to the things everyone else seemed to vote yes for. Ron also wrote a book End the Fed, is a strong believer in the constitution and that the government have too much power. So it came as a bit of a surprise that he have been selected to bee on the committee that is there to regulate the Fed.

CNN did a interview with Ron Paul but even before the interview started they tried to discredit him by getting former vice chairmen of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System who states that Ron Paul’s theories are ‘worrying’. Ron Paul was interrupted numerous times during the interview – especially when the anchor, Suzanne Malveaux, did not get the answer she hoped for.  When Suzanne started asking about Wikileaks Ron Paul clearly becomes frustrated with her constant interruptions and sudden change of topic.

During the interview Ron Paul states that the Federal reserve will end itself long before he would ever be able to end it. There was also the topic of Wikileaks about how it put the economy and jobs ‘in danger’ Ron Paul replies that it’s just a excuse to turn of the internet.

Ron Paul : This Is A Deliberate Attempt To Close Down The Internet!

This is not the first time CNN have gone into a interview determined to make the person look bad. One of those examples are Julian Assange who would not stand for it and walked out during the interview refusing to answer their line of questioning.

Here is another interview by CNBC’s anchor Maria Bartiromo with Ron Paul, this is how interview should be held. She only gives necessary information ask straight forward questions and give Ron time to answer. During the interview Ron gives a clear image of what is wrong with the currency and that to bring in competing currency will end the Feds control on the economy.

Ron Paul: End the Fed by Allowing Competing Currencies



15 People injured in Kokstad accident

A bakkie and a truck collided on the N2 outside Kokstad early this morning. When ER24 rescue services got to the scene they found the bakkie crashed into the back of the truck. Both lanes had to be closed.

Fifteen people were injured according to ER24 and the occupants of the bakkie were found lying across the freeway. 14 People were seriously injured whereas 1 person was in critical condition.


US Air Force blocks news websites because of Wikileaks cables

The United States Air Force blocked all their personnel from viewing the New York Times and most other popular news sites and sites that leaked the Wikileaks cables or posted them.

A few days ago the military warned that their personnel should not read leaked cables but now they went further and blocked the sites on military computers.

Military personnel can still access the cables from non military computers but they were already warned not to.

Julian Assange gets bail

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was granted bail today after a hearing at Westminster magistrate’s court in London after he was arrested on December the 7th as a result of Sweden accusing him of raping two woman, one of the woman being closely connected to the CIA. The case is looking made up before the trail.

Assange was granted bail on condition that he finds a permanent UK address and he must be electronically tagged. He will also be under travel restrictions and curfews.

No charges were laid against the political prisoner yet, he was held only for questioning thus far apart from the sexual offenses in Sweden. The arrest was mostly speculated to be under talks with the US government to find Assange guilty of something at all costs in order for the establishment to figure out their next move which will most probably be what they want, to extradite him.

Sudanese police brutally beats woman as she screams while bystanders laugh

Sudanese police got caught on video beating a woman so hard she started shouting for her mother. In the primitave country of Sudan this is nothing new but as the video spreads online people are angry that something like this is happening in the African country.

You can see when the one guy hits her in the face it looks like she lost her strength there. The Muslim country of Sudan is also no newcomer to human rights abuse.

Gay couple in Christian hotel was a setup

It was revealed that the gay couple trying to sue the Christian couple from Cornwall for their “no unmarried people in one bed” policy was a setup. The two gays Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy now want £5,000 in damages from Peter and Hazelmary Bull, they claimed the couple discriminated against them.

Peter and Hazelmary run the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Cornwall and they deny the attack. The court heard that the entire booking by Pretty and Martyn was a setup.

The Christian couple has backup however, they have their legal fees funded by the Christian Institute whereas Martyn and Steven also has legal sponsorship from the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

The ruling will show exactly where Christian businesses stand in a ever threatening British society where religious freedom has to stand down to 1% of the population.

Google/Youtube introduces “YouTube Trends”

Google introduced “Youtube Trends” today. Keeping up with the latest Youtube “fads” are sometimes impossible considering the massive amounts of video uploaded daily.

Google said about the trends “Sometimes waiting for popular new videos to hit your inbox / chat window / wall / feed / mobile / pager / two-way radio can be frustrating. Sometimes keeping up with the latest YouTube fad can be hard to do. Sometimes you want to know more about what’s happening from where it’s happening. Sometimes you just need something to get through the afternoon. ”

So they introduced Youtube Trends a “destination for daily insight into the zeitgeist of the world’s largest video site.”

“The idea for YouTube Trends started with our desire to find new ways of identifying the viral and newsworthy content people love to share and packaging it in an easy to digest format. With over 35 hours of video now uploaded to YouTube every minute, we wanted one place to distill the videos people were sharing and discussing with their friends as well as understand what YouTube could teach us about our culture and current events.”

Japanese go sky-diving with Google Earth

Apart from the fact that the Japanese are sometimes weird people and that the rest of the world might take another 2000 years to fully understand them, they do come up with briliant ideas.

One of those is sky diving on Google Earth. Who would of thought it could be done but the Japanese?

Taking a projector, popcorn and Google Earth they did it, sky-diving on Google Earth.

Hugh Jackman makes spectacular entry, receives medical attention

Hugh Jackman had to receive medical treatment after a stunt went wrong at the Sydney Opera House. The filming was part of the Oprah Winfrey show where Hugh Jackman was supposed to make a spectacular entrance. Unfortunately it was spectacular but not quite a entrance after he hit the wall of the stage at around 80km/h causing something to cut his eye.

While dangling above the stage the only thing he requested was a tissue.

What fascism looks like: UK police drag disabled man out of wheelchair across concrete

London, United Kingdom – A disabled man was dragged over a road after being plucked from his wheelchair by British police during a protest. The man claims he can not use his own wheelchair and needs assistance to use it.

The UK police are well known for killing innocent bystanders such as the case in 2009 when a man was walking through a protesting crowd on his way home,  but in recent days they have gone from using police brutality to being just plain brutal.

Police say that the man has not laid a complaint but the UK police as usual is not easily identifiable because they cover their faces and hide their badges and they also usually refuse to identify themselves during these brutal police crackdowns.

Michelle Obama: childhood obesity is a national security threat

Michelle Obama, America’s first lady said on Monday that childhood obesity is now a national security threat as she signed in “Health, Hunger-Free Kids act of 2010”. She also said it is not only the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids are fed.

The reason she said that obese children are a security threat is because it makes them “unqualified for military service”. Is America that desperate for new soldiers that a food program and act has to be introduced for national security measures?

“Childhood obesity isn’t just a public health threat, it’s not just an economic threat, it’s a national security threat as well.” Michelle Obama said

She obviously said some rational things and made points which make sense but of all the things, the “unqualified for military service” quote is most probably what stood out the most for many.

The truth is that children in the US are obese and becoming fatter by the day, they need some kind of help.