Sarah Palin: Julian Assange is un-American

Sarah Palin has a huge following, amazingly. She makes comments like “Julian Assange is unamerican”, actually she said that today. Today she revealed that she thinks Australian born Julian Assange is “Un-American”, it seem that most Australians are Un American, in fact the entire world outside of America is Un American but that does not stop Sarah Palin from making comments which has the entire Twitter laughing at her.

Sarah Palin previously this year also said that the burning of the quaran was un-American and then there was the Obama event, Obama was also labeled by Palin as “un-American”.

  • bacardimo: dear Sarah Palin, of course Assange’s actions were unamerican. He isn’t an american

  • prazg: RT @jimmyblake: RT @seanbonner: Funny that Sarah Palin keeps calling Assange “unAmerican“? I mean, you know, since he’s Australian.

  • drusellers: RT @seanbonner: Am I the only one who thinks it’s hilarious that Sarah Palin keeps calling Assange “unAmerican“? I mean, you know, sinc …

  • marie__ryan: RT @jboyded: Sarah Palin re #Assange He;s ‘unamerican‘ That’s a compliment in some parts of Australia.

  • RichardFrisch: RT @HappySinger: Stating the obvious Sarah Palin called Australian Julian Assange ‘unamerican‘? Can’t refudiate that.

  • dnchance: RT @colinismyname: RT @wfaler: Sarah Palin calls Assange “unAmerican“. Yeah, being Aussie probably makes a person less concerned with A …

  • RobertMonteux: RT @ChrisCavs: RT @burnsy06: Sarah Palin calls Assange “unAmerican“. Yeah, being Aussie probably makes a person less concerned with Ame …

  • nathantwright: RT @clairecelsi: Sarah Palin is finally right! Julian Assange IS “UnAmerican.” He’s Australian.

  • asifkhan000: RT @Imz92: Would like to thank Sarah #Palin for letting us now that #Assange, an Aus citizen, is “UnAmerican“.Us mere mortals wouldn’t …

  • jboydedSarah Palin re #Assange He;s ‘unamerican‘ That’s a compliment in some parts of Australia.


US agenda to censor internet

The US is getting ready to censor the internet and they are using the Wikileaks event as a pretext to do so. The US government has been looking for a way to hide the truth from their citizens for a while now and this might just be what they were looking for.

Wayne Madison in this tv interview explains exactly why Wikileaks is the planned pretext to censor the internet and bring about a new “patriot act” for the internet, a well thought out long awaited plan.

The internet “is under worse attack in this administration than it was than in the previous administration”.

Twitter suspends "operation payback" account

The account used to promote Anonymous’s doing was suspended by twitter this morning. It is unkown if that really is the twitter account but it had a lot of followers and it seemed to be the real Anonymous.

The account is now suspended.

When going to the account it only says:

Hold up!

Sorry, the profile you are trying to view has been suspended.

Twitter explains why Wikileaks does not trend

Twitter is standing up for itself against the accusations that the social networking site is censoring the tag #Wikileaks and that they are somehow pushed by the US government to censor the tag as well as a few others related to Wikileaks.

Here is what they said on their blog

Given the widespread confusion about #wikileaks, we’d like to offer a longer explanation of how we measure Trends on Twitter, and why some popular topics may not make the list.

What is a Trend?
Twitter Trends are automatically generated by an algorithm that attempts to identify topics that are being talked about more right now than they were previously. The Trends list is designed to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ breaking news from across the world, in real-time. The Trends list captures the hottest emerging topics, not just what’s most popular. Put another way, Twitter favors novelty over popularity (as BuzzFeed noted in a great article & infographic earlier this week).

What makes a trend a Trend?
Twitter users now send more than 95 million Tweets a day, on just about every topic imaginable. We track the volume of terms mentioned on Twitter on an ongoing basis. Topics break into the Trends list when the volume of Tweets about that topic at a given moment dramatically increases.

Sometimes a topic doesn’t break into the Trends list because its popularity isn’t as widespread as people believe. And, sometimes, popular terms don’t make the Trends list because the velocity of conversation isn’t increasing quickly enough, relative to the baseline level of conversation happening on an average day; this is what happened with #wikileaks this week.

Paypal caves in to pressure from US government and DDoS attack

The places we trust with our money is showing some serious flaws. Paypal just released the funds of Juliun Assange’s account but said they will not enable the account again.

This comes after the internet fought back against Paypal with a massive DDoS attack that brought the site to a standstill. Although denial from most of the companies that stored money for Wikileaks , the US government involvement in the shutting down of his accounts it still remain obvious.

Paypal however is now singing almost the same song that Juliun Assange’s previous bank sang, they claim that they “reviewed” their policies regarding Wikileaks because of the US government saying Wikileaks might be in possession of documents that is in violation of US law.

“PayPal was not contacted by any government organization in the U.S. or abroad. We restricted the account based on our Acceptable Use Policy review,” writes PayPal’s General Counsel John Muller.


Arthur Christmas – Movie trailer

It is a bit silly that they have decided to release the trailer and promote the film just before Christmas 2010 – when it will only be released in November 2011.  Arthur Christmas is the perfect family film just a pity we will have to wait a year, there are the obvious fun aspect for the children and then also humour for that adults will also enjoy. Directed by Sarah Smith and Barry Cook  and some of the voices are done by James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, Imelda Staunton, Ashely Jensen. The movie will be released in both 2D and 3D on the 23 November 2011.

Ever asked the question: How does Santa deliver all those presents in one night? Arthur will show you, who is Arthur? He is Santa’a son and this year he needs to go on  a urgent mission that has to be completed on the morning of Christmas or there will be no Christmas.

Official ARTHUR CHRISTMAS Trailer — In Theatres November 2011

Britain prepares for protests

Britain is getting read for "a day of action" with thousands of stuends and teachers going to the streets to protest tuition fees rising.

The National Union of Students as well as the University and College Union organized the event and a mass rally at London’s Victoria Embankment on Thursday.

Sally Hunt the general secretary of the UCU said "we’ve been overwhelmed by support from people across the country"

Tonight the rallies are planned and the studens in Wolverhampton plan another all night sit up of debates.

In London protests are already underway.

Lew Rockwell interviews Ron Paul – economic collapse will end occupation

In a interview by Lew Rockwell, Ron Paul basically states that when the money runs out and the dollar crash the United States of America will be forced to end it’s wars/occupation on foreign soil. They also continue to talk about the USA track record of the government deceive it’s people to fund it’s wars and occupation of numerous places. Ron Paul says that economic reality will force the government to bring the troops home.

Ron Paul: Collapse will end U.S. occupations (Iraq, Afghanistan)

Anonymous takes down Mastercard

Mastercard is under a heavy DDOS attack at the moment as "anonymous" takes out Operation Payback on those that attempt to censor Wikileaks. A few other websites are also under attack. Paypal is one of them. Paypal recently took down Juliun Assange’s account after saying they do not permit "illegal" actions on Paypal.

Anonymous is now fighting and waging war against what they name "internet censorship".

Here is video made by the group "Anonymous". No one knows who they are but they have some people power behind them in order to take down big sites like Mastercard.


Democratic Alliance "deplores" comments by Steve Hofmeyr

The Democratic Alliance “deplores the deeply racialist comments” by Steve Hofmeyr the party said in a statement.

The DA is specifically talking about the part where Hofmeyr spoke about the “Suck up the propaganda of entitlement”.

The DA said in their statement  “Hofmeyr’s statement that black South Africans “suck up the propaganda of entitlement” in order to “justify their brutality” is profoundly repugnant. It demonstrates deep-seated prejudiced views that are completely inconsistent with the values that inform our constitutional state, it lowers the standard of constructive political and social debate, and it sets back efforts to build a truly nonracial, compassionate South African society.”

“Regrettably, this statement shows there are still South Africans who are severely detached from the values of modern South African society, and who hold prejudicial views about their fellow citizens. Every South African who is committed to building a compassionate society should reject Hofmeyr’s comments. They are more reminiscent of a bygone era of racial domination under Apartheid than the kind of conversation one expects to hear in a multiracial democracy in 2010.”

"Oh the hypocrisy", United States will hold World Press Freedom day

"Oh the hypocrisy" is what is on the minds of many people browsing the Internet, reading the news and tweeting today as it was announced that the United States will host the "World Press Freedom Day" in Washington DC.

The event will be held in May 2011. U.S state department spokesperson P.J Crowley turned up the "hypocrisy" a bit more by saying that the United States would prove their commitment to expand press freedom".

Just this week the FCC basically said they want to push for full control of the news.

See this video where the FCC Commissioner describes how they want the news:

To add to the injury the recent censorship of Wikileaks by the US government is speaking volumes on their "transparency". The military and the navy warned their people not to view, browse or talk about the Wikileaks cable released files thereby not only the news but also free speech.


The FCC is trying to hijack the internet

The FCC is trying to control and take over the internet, that way they can control the news and work on a licence basis for news publishers. The US based FCC is in fact trying to hijack the internet by first making people think that they have authority over the internet.

Once the FCC gets the chance they will take over the internet and then US government propaganda like Fox news will be the only news people would be able to get.

Read the details on Natural News

Essentially, once the FCC has gained power and authority over the internet, it will use that power to push a Big Government / Big Business agenda that censors the truth, keeps people trapped in a system of disinformation, and silences anyone who challenges the status quo.

Mysterious object or planet moves over the sun on SOHO imagery

NASA has no explanation or announcements on what this could be so we can only guess that this is another planet moving past the SOHO imagery. The question is what planet could this be? Is it a astroid,  Venus or Mercury maybe?

Something did move past the sun, people online believe it could everything from the “nibiru” / planet x theory to a camera anomaly but no one has come out with an official answer yet.

That planet scientists talked about a few days ago, throwing ice bullets and causing chaos on earth, maybe he came for a visit.

The imagery is from 2010/12/06

What could this be?

Update: You might want to look at around 10 second into the video, it happens fast because the video is actually in fast forward mode,not real time. You can see the “object” coming in from the right side at around 10 or 11 seconds into the video.

Update: Could it be our moon?

Earlier this year NASA posted a few pictures and said the following:

This was a first for SDO and it was visually engaging too. On October 7, 2010, SDO observed its first lunar transit when the new Moon passed directly between the spacecraft (in its geosynchronous orbit) and the Sun. With SDO watching the Sun in a wavelength of extreme ultraviolet light, the dark Moon created a partial eclipse of the Sun.

These images, while unusual and cool to see, have practical value to the SDO science team. Karel Schrijver of Lockheed-Martin’s Solar and Astrophysics Lab explains: “The very sharp edge of the lunar limb allows us to measure the in-orbit characteristics of the telescope e.g., light diffraction on optics and filter support grids. Once these are characterized, we can use that information to correct our data for instrumental effects and sharpen up the images to even more detail.”

The images below show both a full disk version and a close-up of the event.

Update: The moon did not pass between the earth and the sun as shown in the video above at that time when the video was taken

Cant be the moon, what is it?

Afriforum: ANC's condemnation of Potgieter murders lack credibility

Afriforum said that the ANC’s condemnation of murders such as the case where the three year old Willemien Potgieter and her parents got executed lacks credibility and will lack credibility as long as the ANC tries to justify and sing songs about killing and “shoot the boer”.

Afriforum’s Kallie Kriel said the murders of the Potgieter family makes people even more bitter, the same week the ANC went to court to continue singing their genocide song, the same week an entire family is brutally murdered. “People are literally being killed on farms and efforts by the ANC to justify ‘shoot the Boer’ are absurd,” Kriel added.

Kallie Kriel also called on Julius Malema, the ANC youth league leader to put an end to the use of “slogals that propagate violance”.

In a statement Afriforum said that “Kriel stated that because of the ANC’s refusal to desist from the use of the “Shoot the Boer” slogan, AfriForum will go ahead with its legal action to oppose the ANC’s appeal against the prohibition of this slogan. AfriForum will also persist with its hate speech case in the Equality Court in Johannesburg against the ANC Youth League leader, Julius Malema. AfriForum’s case against Malema will be heard in court during April 2011.”

They also said that “AfriForum once again indicated that it intends stepping up its protest actions at courts where murder suspects appear.”

SOHO celebrates 15 years in space

The European Space Agency and NASA is celebrating the 15th year of SOHO being in space. The Solar Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) launched exactly 15 years ago this month. SOHO is the first solar observatory that watches the sun 24 hours a day and changed the way we look at out sun today.

SOHO also helps scientists and engineers to prepare for space weather, something that was not possible without the information SOHO provides. 

According to NASA "Fifteen years ago this month, the European Space Agency and NASA launched a satellite that fundamentally changed our understanding of the Sun and how it affects our planet. The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) became the first solar observatory to watch the sun 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It launched a revolution in the study of “space weather,” or how electromagnetic activity on the Sun disturbs and distorts technology on Earth."


Amazing satellite image of Klyuchevskaya volcano in Russia erupting

Klyuchevskaya Sopka, also konwn as only Klyuchevskaya is a stratovolcano and is the highest mountain on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. The volcano is a very active volcano and the first eruption recorded was back in 1697.

The volcano is no known for being violent but has killed a few climbers back in 1931 when it erupted.

After being silent for less than a month Klyuchevskaya volcano erupted in November and the ash plumes reached 7.9km above sea level. On December the 4th NASA took this image with the Earth Observing satellite.


NASA Earth Observatory image by Jesse Allen & Robert Simmon, using ALI data from the NASA EO-1 team. Caption by Robert Simmon.

ANC's double messages when it comes to farm murders

The ANC went to court to fight to keep their "shoot the boer" song. A majority, ruling party goes to court to sing about killing a minority that happens to be a different race. The ANC believes the recent murder as usual has nothing to do with their chanting and various hate speeches.

Today the ANC finally said something about the murder of the Potgieter family wherein a 3 year old girl was executed. The suspects are black and their victims are all white but that does not ring a bell with most of the ruling party.

Today the ANC spokesperson said that "We would like to reaffirm our position of fighting crime wherever it takes place and regardless of who it affects,". Once again a brutal farm murder, not only one but an entire family’s murder is blamed on "crime". What if the Potgieter family was black and the suspects white? Would we of seen a different reaction from the ANC?


Julian Assange's bank that shut his account, Switzerland Post Finance taken out by hackers

The bank that freezed Julian Assange’s account in Switzerland was taken down by hackers or more likely "anonymous", the online group that wages war for various causes. No one knows who "anonymous" is but they have some people power behind them.

This week the bank said Julian Assange does not have the bank account by legal means because he does not own property and is not a Swiss resident, they therefore closed down the bank account.

Many suspect that this was really under pressure from the United States government but no one will really know the truth.

The suspected attack is a DDOS since the domain is not functioning at all.

Anonymous named the operation "operation payback" claiming responsibility they said on twitter:

Operation Payback

@Anon_Operation The Internet

Operation: Payback is an ongoing campaign by Anonymous against major anti-piracy groups.

Some people mostly would label "conspiracy theorists" believes that Wikileaks is a cover for the US government to implement full blown internet censorship while others believe that the US government wants use Wikileaks to somehow get the censorship thing going.