Getting rid of Google

Google is now officially the most evil company on the internet, well Google and Facebook is seeing who can mess up your internet the fastest by taking complete control of what you do.  They track who your friends are, your phone number, where you live, what you ate this morning then they sell those details to large corporations and in the end you become the product. Almost like slavery.

Google Analytics just revealed that they released a premium version of their most famous analytics. Helping webmasters to track their site visitors and Google to use your data at your own request.

Now days you log on to the internet and you find yourself checking your gmail, then you head of to webmaster tools and check out your stats along with Analytics. After that you go do socializing with Google+ and Facebook because if you don’t go to Google+ then Google might just kill off your site because your site has no +1’s, just like preprimary school. If don’t obey the teacher you get no star for your work.

Now, lets get rid of that big lice called Google and then maybe we can focus on Facebook.

First of all, get rid of Analytics and control your own data, your own search results and you keep your own stats. Sure the evil Google has a way of tracking you with cookies and other means but at least you starting somewhere.

Google Analytics can easily be replaced with open source software, namely Piwik Analytics. This is the Google Analytics alternative and once you learn how to use it you wont head back to GA.



You can find Piwik right here

Using Google is like someone stabbing you in the arm with a steak knife but you continue using it because the knife apparently works great.

Oh, once you track all your sites with Piwik remember to do a lice scan and remove Google Analytics from your sites, otherwise those friendly people with their colourful logo will continue using you as the product.


Now, Lets move on to the Google Adsense. Yep, that is the main income of Google as far as I know. Lets cut off Achilles’ heel. Remove Adsense from your sites is the biggest step in knocking out Goliath with that small stone. There are loads of other ways to make money on the internet, especially local advertisers that if you write good content are more than willing to advertise and guess what. If you get a real person to advertise you wont have those annoying “no one really works at Google” problems because you will have a real person to speak to.

The best advertising for your site is a local sponsor and if you cant get a local sponsor your blog is not the quality yet it should be.


Gtalk. Google talk is easy to setup, easy to use but guess what. Google owns it and if they own it that means you are the product. Its free after all and when a product is free then you are the product, except off course if it is open source and I am not sure but I really don’t think Gtalk is open source.

Next up is Gmail. The big one because most people use gmail, once again easy to setup, free, you are the product they sell. Get yourself a email program like Outlook express or even better, Thunderbird might not have all the functions but its free, free as in pigeon poo. Use Thunderbird and get yourself another email address. Setup gmail to also come in and every time you see a email come in from gmail you have to find out where you signed up with that email and change it to your new email.

Slowly but surely over time you will free yourself from Google.

There are loads of ways to get rid of the evil Google but we’ll just start with these few tips.

Even more stupid laws from the ANC

Well here is another stupid idea, how about banning anything that could be used as a weapon. The ANC wants to pass a new law that makes it illegal to carry “dangerous object”. Many newspapers today report a new law that might make it through parliament, most probably because the ANC has most of the say.

As I understand it, people can get a three year jail sentence for carrying things like a Swiss army knife? That is just ridiculous.

The Freedom Front Plus’s MP Pieter Groenewald said the bill sounds unconstitutional because it removes a person’s right to defend themselves.

This also removes even more defense from people legally owing such things, the criminals are still free to do what they want though.

So this is Elenin

A few days ago I posted on why this could not be Elenin, it turns out that a year ago Mercury moved passed the same place. Hence I thought this was Mercury and so did a lot of other people.

Mr Cometwatch has some interesting videos and he explains why this is not Mercury. He has some good points as well.



Elenin or Mercury?

Some people believe this is Elenin. You got Pleiades on the left there in the upper right corner of the circle. The theory of the giant plate near the sun is that it is Elenin. This is also where Mercury is supposed to be. So which is it?

Update: Ok, someone said this is actually Venus. So the many theories of this being Elenin is probably wrong. Venus then or Mercury.