Alex Jones reveals his true colours, Occupy Wallstreet movement

Alex Jones the famous conspiracy theorist always rants about big corporations, the 1% and the government but now he seems to show his true colours with the occupy movement. No articles appear on the frontpage of Infowars about any occupation (ows). The one article that appears is one against the movement “Poll Shows Most OWS Supporters Drink Establishment’s Political Kool-aid “, yes one article about OWS and it is totally against it.


Great. Now the USA invades Africa

Obama did not call it a war but is sending “miliatary assistance” to countries that most probably do not need to struggle with an occupation right now because they already have enough issues as it is.

The move is apparently to remove Joseph Kony and his “Lord’s Resistance Army” from power.

So this might be a good thing for a moment but once the USA gets their oil filled greedy hands on a country, even if it is just to help them, then they stay and occupy.

Welcome to the newest form of colonialism as we usually hear down here in South Africa.

Container bunker

This is one brilliant idea. Containers are prone to rust if they are not well treated. One can pick up a good container in Cape Town for under R10k and bury it in your yard without anyone ever noticing. Another problem this specific guy might have is that the container does not look that strong from above, if a car drives over the container it might fall in. The best way to ensure a safe container underground is to put beams right across and leave some space between the beams and the container with pressure gauges, that way you can also track the pressure from above and track any changes.

This guy also used 6inches of cement, that might be a bit much but the cement would make it a lot stronger.

BBC hops on the "anti conspiracy" bandwagon

How about that, The BBC hopped on the “dont believe in conspiracies” bandwagon. Trust the “authorities” and dont question anything. Sure, a fire collapsed building 7, a airplane hit the pentagon but NO WRECKAGE was found, its all explainable right. As long as you dont question “authorities”.

Yes, the Khazar empire did not really infiltrate the Jews did they? There are no chemtrails, those are just airplanes blowing smoke, there is not “new world order” is there? Come on, i hope you realize i’m being sarcastic.

ANC lover Max du Preez replies to ANC

He actually said Maaifoedie:

Ho ho ho! The national HQ of the ANC has issued a statement demanding I apologise for calling the ANC ‘motherfuckers’! That after my earlier FB piece explaining the origins (from Malay-Portuguese) of the old Afrikaans word maaifoedie.

Maaifoedie is a perfectably acceptable word in good company, but I explained via an old book on Afrikaans etymology that originally actually meant the same as the American swear word. I did NOT call the ANC ‘motherfuckers’. Has the ANC gone completely and utterly mad?

A few months ago I criticised the ANC for not understanding the history of the descendants of the Khoisan, and they took me to the Press Ombudsman – who laughed them out of court. The ANC really thinks the people of SA are complete imbeciles

Telkom uncapped video

I forgot to put the video in the previous post about some people talking about the uncapped Telkom bandwidth.

Telkom uncapped?

Really, after so many years they realized that what Telkom offers is not real internet. It came as such a shock to those running the corporate fraud called Telkom that they decided that after about 15 years of complaints that it might be a good idea business wise to offer “uncapped” internet.

Actually they are just jealous because Mweb is making things work that they should of done long ago.

Telkom still sucks, even if they offer 10mb uncapped for R200, they still sucks as a company, almost like Google but not sucking at the same level.

Uncapped Internet Products Daytime Restrictions Internet Uncapped Price ADSL Line Price Combined Price Do Uncapped 384kbps
  • 6AM to 6PM: Up to 295kbps
  • 6AM to 10PM: Up to 354kbps
  • 10PM to 6AM: Up to 384kbps
  • No restriction on local traffic
R219 R152 R371 Do Uncapped 1Mbps
  • 6AM to 6PM: Up to 472kbps
  • 6AM to 10PM: Up to 767kbps
  • 10PM to 6AM: Up to 1Mbps
  • No restriction on local traffic
R369 R289 R658 Do Uncapped 4/10Mbps None R2,097 R413 R2,510

ANC got their panties in a knot, Max du Preez calls them Mother F**kers

Apparently Max Du Preez called the ANC “mother f**kers” on his facebook profile, the ANC  Even remarks that “The African National Congress condemns in the strongest terms Max du Preez’s outburst today at 12:00 on a public social space, FaceBook, which is also accessible to children, to curse ANC leaders by calling them: "You motherf*ckers", as totally unacceptable.“

They went on in a statement to blabber a bunch of useless slur about how Du Preez was a journalist and so forth, blablabla. The usual ANC blabber.

I guess saying someone is sleeping with their mother is worse in the ANC’s eyes than one of their leaders calling for the killing of white people and the president of the ANC singing “bring my machine gun”.

South Africa resists giving Dalai Lama visa, he cancels

South Africa resisted until the last moment to give the Dalai Lama a visa, now they are trying to fool everyone into thinking and by saying they were going to give him a visa. Yeah right, wait till he cant come anymore then issue the visa. Some intelligence. The government claims that they were “busy” with his visa and that they did not deny his visa. All of a sudden they were busy? When were they planning on giving him his visa, at the last minute?

This angered everyone, especially the Desmond Tutu, Lama was on his way to Tutu’s birthday bash. Tutu got so angry he said that the ANC government misrepresents us and that “We will pray for the downfall of a government that misrepresents us.