Tinyhomes in South Africa

I’ve always wanted to build a Tiny home. Dont know what a Tiny home is? Well you better start searching since this is probably what most minimalists dream of. A Tiny home can be built on a trailer, some of them are smaller than wendyhouses (not necessary on a trailer). Point is they are small houses, mostly made of wood or brick they contain the minimal space needed and the most basic things and utilities one can live with. In the US some of these homes sell for almost 10 000 dollars. Why would someone spend that kind of money on a Tiny home? Well first of all they dont have to pay their monthly bond payments, they can use that money for something else, secondly maintenance and building standards almost fall away (if its built on wheels).

I might do a project like this soon in one of South Africa’s most beautiful towns, Touwsriver.

More racism against white students

Media freedoms, racist government.. oh the issues South Africans face. After 17 years of “democracy” in South Africa we now have racism against white people.. oh hang on, this has been going on for a while now. It was all over the news that the racist Stellenbosch univeristy actually reverse an application of a prospective student that wanted to study medicne because she is white.

Why in a “free” and equal South Africa do we have a government and education system that discriminates against colour?

The Freedom Front plus sent out a statement:

The racist policy of the government and universities is still after seventeen years marginalising people to only a race and is to the detriment of all South Africans. A black doctor could be seen as only having qualified because of his/her skin colour. Such approach is thus unfair towards black doctors who is competent and did qualify in terms of merit,” Wouter Wessels, national leader of the FF Plus Youth, said.

Wessels reacted to reports of the University of Stellenbosch reversing the approved application of a prospective student to study medicine after discovering that she is white

Wessels added that this type of policy is creating a new generation of aggrieved citizens.  “A child who was born in 1994 is turning 18 years old next year.  This should be a new hopeful generation. Continuous affirmative action policies have a negative effect on the whole of society.  The emphasis is only on race and not on merit – this has a negative impact on the esteem of society.  The negative baggage of the past should not be allowed to further taint the present and the future. The youth demands a better dispensation free of racism and marginalisation.”

Statement issued by Wouter Wessels, FF Plus Youth leader, November 28 2011

Young guy killed at Edwardstreet nightclub in Bellville

Edwards Street is a popular party place for most of Cape Town, no matter which part of Cape Town people live they take the drive to the popular night destination. Unfortunately it is not as safe there as most people think. This weekend a guy by the name of Corne Hale died outside a popular Bellville nightclub after being attacked by 6 or so other party goers. As some people pointed out most of the crowd was drunk or had some alcohol. The Western Cape Education MEC expressed sympathy with the family. He was only 19 years old.

1 Man handed himself in.

I've been playing Minecraft a lot lately

Check out this sunset on Minecraft. Version 1 came out the other day and it rocks. Ok, except for those posts on Reddit about the game being half finished and that it might be a abodoned product most reviews went good. The game actually mostly got very high ratings.

The new features in version 1 also added a bit of extra gaming for those already half bored with it. Anyway, more about that later. For now check out the sunset.

Grabouw Panorama photo

So we drove all the way to Grabouw on this miserable day with barely any sun sticking through the clouds. At least I got this photo and a rabbit out of the drive.

The Karoo is beautiful

The Karoo is the most beautiful piece of land on earth. Rich plant life, the best views in the world and undiscovered places that will take a lifetime to explore.