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Philoxenian version of the Bible

Talk about a bit of history. The Philoxenian version was written by Aksenāyâ Mabûḡāyâ which is probably translated as most people say Philoxenus of Mabbug. This version started in the 5th Century by the above to be a more accurate translation of…

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The Bodmer Papyri

In 1952 the Bodmer Papyri was discovered in Egypt, the names comes from the first owner that purchased the manuscripts (or rather papyri). They contain parts of the Old and New Testament. They are now kept at Bibliotheca Bodmeriana in…

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The One New Man Bible

I dont know a lot about this bible version so i will just quote what the company itself says from their bible version. These are parts i found to be interesting: The One New Man Bible brings a greater understanding of…

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The Byzantine text type

The Byzantine text type actually goes under more names. The Majority Text, the Traditional text, the Ecclesiastical Text, also some call it the Constantinopolitan text, the Antiocheian text and the inaccurately some name it the Syrian text.

Personally I believe the Syrian line is one of its own.

The Byzantine text type is also the underlying text of the Textus Receptus.

A few supposed Byzantine text type manuscripts are Codex Alexandrinus from the 5th century. This one will be discussed later.

Then there is Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus from the 5th century containing the gospels.

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Possible Text types

The most two heard about text types are probably Byzantine text and the Alexandrian text. There are actually many text types, well more than two. So i really shouldnt say many text types. They are: Byzantine text type Alexandrian text…

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Peshitta Primacy

EDIT: These books are not found in the original Peshitta: Revelation, III John, II Peter and Jude   Those who believe in the Peshitta primacy will be shocked to know that the book of Revelation was only added in the 19th…

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