Cape Town stadium is a useless waste of space

The Cape Town Stadium in Green Point is a like a dead lepper, no one can use it because it costs to much to rent for a day, the taxpayers dont want clubs and restaurants there because of noise and now some activist wants to demolish the Cape Town Stadium.

In case you wondering that is the stadium that cost Cape Town R4.5000 000 000 to build. What a waste of money.

FIFA is long gone with their cash and cameras and now Cape Town is stuck with this gigantic eye sore of a useless stadium.

Right wing website?

On this blog I try to only post facts. If those facts are wrong or not accurate I’ll delete them. The other day I saw this website call my blog a “right wing” website. What makes this blog a right wing website? I’m not talking mostly about some posts about South Africa i think they refer to.

According to Wikipedia “Inequality is viewed by the Right as inevitable, natuarl, normal or desirable”. Serious? Desirable?

I found a meaning for this “Right wing” that i’m referred of:

The conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system.

So right wing means conservatively political?

More meanings:
right wing

members of a conservative or reactionary political party, or those opposing extensive political reform.
such a political party or a group of such parties.
that part of a political or social organization advocating a conservative or reactionary position: The union’s right wing favored a moderate course of action.


So who then really is “right wing”?

ANCYL warns South Africa of land grabs, Zimbabwe style here we come

Face it, we all know Zimbabwe styled land grabs are coming to South Africa, its only a matter of time. According to many news sources the ANCYL deputy president Ronald Lamola said this past Friday that “It was only after a forceful mass action by the people of Zimbabwe that Zanu-PF ended up owning up to that role…. It looks like we are going to have that here,”. He was referring to land grabs.
“When the land grab process was starting in Zimbabwe, people ran away,”  “They are going to leave.” talking about white people.

“Who is celebrating ? The white people who own this country,” He was talking about Malema’s expulsion from the ANCYL and the ANC.

So we can clearly see that the ANCYL wants to first of all chase white people away from South Africa and secondly a land grab Zimbabwe style.

Welcome to the banana republic.