There are two main reasons you should not fly with SAA

I’m sure you’ve heard of the whole “no white pilots in SAA” embarrassment, well if you did then this is my opinion.

1. As it was revealed this week, they are purely a racist company. I’d say in my opinion that employing people on base of race is pretty racist. Its like the rest of South Africa but what makes this just a bit worse is no .2

2. Would you like to fly in a airplane where the pilot was or is employed based on his race? Should’nt qualifications come above race in any common sense work environment? So next time you fly SAA, remember that the pilot flying the plane might only be flying the plane because he is black and not because he is actually the best person for the job.

3. Oh and here is another one, I wont fly SAA ever again if i can help it. They might be able to employ only black people and be racist like that but guess what, white people has money as well and in the end, if no one flies SAA they will come to nothing with their racist policies.