The Rand makes the most traded currrencies in the world list

The rand is one of the most traded forex currencies in the world. Surprisingly it ranks number 18 in the most traded currencies worldwide. Forex trading is a multi trillion dollar industry.


# Currency Country Share of trade (%)
1 US Dollar USA 87.0
2 Euro Europe 33.4
3 Yen Japan 23.0
4 British Pound Great Britain 11.8
5 Aus Dollar Australia 8.6
6 Franc Switzerland 5.2
7 Canadian Dollar Canada 4.6
8 Mexican Peso Mexico 2.5
9 Yuan China 2.2
10 NZ Dollar New Zealand 2.0
11 Krona Sweden 1.8
12 Rouble Russia 1.6
13 HK Dollar Hong Kong 1.4
14 Krone Norway 1.4
15 Singapore Dollar Singapore 1.4
16 Lira Turkey 1.3
17 Won Korea 1.2
18 Rand South Africa 1.1
19 Real Brazil 1.1
20 Rupee India 1.0
Others 6.4

Snow in Helderberg and Table Mountain

Snow fell in Cape Town, especially on Table Mountain and Helderberg Mountains. The entire N2 is blocked due to flooding and its freezing cold outside. Sure is winter.

Lourensford river is almost at the level of flooding. This morning the traffic was absolutely horrible. Check out these photos of the snow on the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland mountains.



Elder scrolls online not to be released until August 2013?

Apparently the Elder Scrolls online will be playable at Gamescon in Germany on the 22nd t0 the 25th of August. Currently the game is in private beta (and i didnt get an invite) and is to be released later this year. However if they are advertising that the game will be playable at Gamescon in August that means most probably that Elderscrolls online will not come out until August. That really sucks.

The even will take place in Cologne, Germany.

Elder Scrolls Online features the entire continent of Tamriel, a 1000 years before the time of Skyrim.