History is lost

History is lost. Archaeologists today are not true to history, neither to themselves.

When someone studies at major universities around the world they are taught what history their professors believe, the history that has an agenda, the history where students don’t get good reports unless they agree with history that is spoon fed to them by hard neck professors who refuse to change.

In the old days new theories stood a chance where people were still scientific and open to new theories. Today as soon as someone has a new theory they are seen as someone with a fringe theory or pseudo scientific.

I believe the reason for this is money and pride. So much money is invested in history and the already existing theories, text books, books and other things based on the theories of modern science and history. So many people have degrees and have received awards they cant go back now and say maybe history is different.

History is stuck.

A few examples of this is the Atlantis theory. People use all kinds of information from Plato but this one example they choose not to take it as fact. Or maybe the theory where there was an advanced civilization that got wiped out and they spread around the earth as refugees.

There should be room for other theories. I’m not saying people should believe in flat earth but the total disrespect for opposing views on things that are not supported by the mainstream history should worry anyone that has any interest in history and where that history is stuck in the old way where no new theories are welcomed.

I’m trying to get a point across here but I think i might fail in that since I am not even sure how to put these words.






Wget everything

Wget is a linux application for downloading anything. You can download websites, files, directories and even bypass robots.txt if you want to.

With wget you can download any file in linux using wget filename.url

Its as easy as that, if you want to download a website you can use wget website.com

Those are the two really easy methods of downloading something but once you learn more commands wget becomes a very powerful downloading tool which you can use to even mirror entire websites.

The first command you can use is m

for example wget  -m wikipedia.org

That will download the entire wikipedia, the m in the command stands for -mirror, you can also use –mirror instead of m.

-A This is a command to download something specific of a website or a certain type of file for instance wget -a