The Cape Town water crises of the 1850’s

Back in the day, the 1850’s to be exact, Cape Town had about 30 000 residents to give water to. There was a massive drought and according to history peoeple survived on 6 litres of water a day. I couldnt find any good information on this because i’m too lazy to find it atm but someone posted this on facebook.

Poland vs the Europeun Union

No one really talks about this. Maybe because in Europe no one talks about the immigration crises because when they do they are called racist. We in South Africa however are used to be called racists just for being white and I guess most of us dont care anymore after being called racists for years for no apparent reason.

Poland, Czech and Hungary are the countries resisting invasion of muslim and africans and they are not being left alone. The EU is not happy with them and it seems they are starting to talk about leavin the Europeun Union because of it. Will Poland leave the EU because of the refugee crises?

I really do hope Poland wins, or at least stick to their guns but I also hope Poland does not leave the EU because that would be the end of the EU. Poland is the backbone currently of Europe and if they fall away then the Europeun union is lost to islam.