Platinum price – Monday 8 January 2018

I’m going to do a daily platinum price prediction and see if i’m correct or wrong at the end of the day.

Today I think the dollar is oversold, the rand is also oversold ( I mean the rand is too strong against the dollar currently).

Platinum is heading for $970, actually that is where its at but this is where I think it will fall.

The resistance at $970 is pretty clear, although i dont really know how strong it is.

I got a couple of nice trades on platinum a few days ago.

I’m actually hoping that it drops to around 920 where I think its a good buy.

Please note. This is not trading advice, only my opinion.


Platinum – How much does it cost, when should you buy?

Ever wondered what the price of platinum costs to extract from the ground?

After searching long and hard I found the answer. The answer is about $900 per ounce. That is how much it costs to extract Platinum.

So, not being clued up as Warren buffet or those people my estimated guess would be Platinum is always a safe buy at $900.

If platinum drops to less than $900 then things become complicated because the companies that extract the ore start having issues.

Such was the case with Lonmin who had to sold their company to Sibanye-Stillwater. Actually was announced in December that Lonmin might have to sell their company Sibanye-Stillwater. I dont actually know if that is what happened yet.

When things like that happen though the price of Platinum shoots up because when the companies that extract the ore become less and the price of platinum stays at around $900 too long giving no profits for the extractors of the ore it means that either there will be less extraction of ore or the companies that obviously extract the ore goes bankrupt.

I’m no rocket scientist but I think i can repeat the theory that Platinum is safe to buy at $900.


RIP SEO and welcome to the trading world, financial markets and other boring things

So. I worked for a year in Cape Town for a online marketing company and I guess that is where my interest and entire career (sort of) in SEO got entirely abandoned.

That was back in 2013 or something and since then i’ve been learning how to trade the financial markets. Being broke and all i did not really have the means to actually trade but recently I got a bit of a break and started trading with actual money. Also have this aspergers thing which stops me from doing some real jobs and all.

So, now i’m going to attempt to become rich and document it on this site.

Follow the category called trading. I suppose.

This blog and 2018

If you’ve ever read this blog between 2006 and 2017 you would of noticed a lot of things about politics and even some posts that didnt make any sense as I targed and tried to test SEO tactics.

In 2010 (i think it was) this blog single handedly broke major news such as tsunamis, earthquakes, shootings in the US and even Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm . Sometime in 2017 more than 10 000 posts were deleted as they were either junk or random crap that didnt matter anyways.

No one actually reads the blog anymore , not that i know of since comments were disabled anyways.

To the point.

From 2018 i’m going to write about crypto currencies, markets, stock market and probably a bit about the rand and trading as a rookie or a “noob”.

Thus from henceforth will be more about trading and a bit of that ancient history stuff i started the site for in the first place.

So if anyone actually reads this. Well i guess happy new year.

(Also, the reason i continue to write even if i have no idea if anyone is reading is because i like it.)

Cyril Ramaphosa wants to take land

Thus the story continues. White owned land will never be left alone in Africa. People can say what they want but the boer genocide continues in South Africa.

Now, when one thinks of genocide you might think of people getting murdered by the hundreds and full blown genocide like what happened in Rwanda but that is not always the case.

A genocide can mean the systematic removal of a race, people or group and their traditions, religions or culture.

In the case of South Africa farmers are however being murdered in crazy numbers, in some cases tortured and mutilated.

The part of genocide I want to talk about currently is property. Farmers in South Africa and their property is in danger especially if those farmers are white.

With Jacob Zuma being gone and the arrival of the new ANC president we have to wonder what exatly is going to happen next and what plans the ANC has for South Africa.

If you read the news today you will see that the new ANC president might not leave the rand at R12 a dollar.

No this president thinks that if you take land away from white South African farmers that it will turn South Africa into the garden of eden… Because you know, that worked out really well for Zimbabwe.

According to News24 he said that only a small portion of “the people” had their land returned to them.

Everyone in South Africa except the Khoi did not originate from here. Only the Khoi originally lived in South Africa before 1652. The people that are here now migrated from other parts of Africa and the world.

So, who exactly is “the people” and what land is he talking about? Of course he means the land must come from white farmers but to say that very few of “the people” got their land back is a punch into thin air.

Interesting to note that whenever members of the ANC and EFF make statements of “the people”, white people are never included. As to say white people are not part of “the people” in South Africa.

This paints the picture clear actually.