The Dollar is resisting the 90 level

The dollar is falling, some say the dollar is crashing and I myself shorted the dollar.

The dollar however is having none of that. It just wont seem to break the 90 level.

The dollar is going down due to the fact that the BRICS nations namely South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and China wants to form a gold standard on their own.

Not entirely a gold standard but for us uneducated peasants that is the easiest way to understand it.

The way it works is that Gold currently has the price set from a small room somewhere in New York where a bunch of old men with cigars in a dark room decide what they want to be the gold price today. (not really, but this is the best way to imagine it).

So these people manipulate the price of gold and the people that actually have gold are fed up with it. The BRICS nations.

So these nations want Gold to actually be worth what it really is worth. Thus they will form their own way of basically measuring the price of gold.

As far as I know they want the petrodollar gone and if you can use gold you can go around the petrodollar but then gold must be the correct price and not controlled by some dark room in the middle of New York.



Twitter goes silent, censorship is now a thing

If you look on Twitter today thing will look much much different than they did yesterday.

Almost all posts about immigration to Europe are now censored. Only good news about immigration to Europe are seen and the rest is gone.

Twitter got caught out for blatantly shadow banning but it seems that things have taken a turn for the worst. is the new twitter alternative, a much more uncensored social site but remember. If you dont pay them they are making money from your data. So, be careful out there.


Silver almost hits 16.75 on Etoro and people are freaking out

People are raging on etoro today after the price of silver dropped significantly. Some claim however that the price dropped further on etoro than on other platforms.

While its ok to freak out about the a platform messing with the price, you have to make sure that this is the case.

On Plus500 the price of silver did the same

Also on Oanda:

So here you can see, relax. The price of silver is indeed doing strange things today.

This could be due to the dollar that might recover a bit after hitting the critical level of 90 yesterday on the dollar index.

To blame etoro without checking the facts is a bit stupid. Maybe dont trade with x400 leverage. This will be way better for your stress levels.



How to add a startup script in live persistant ubuntu and lubuntu linux

I installed Lubuntu on a stick as my main operating system, used it for about 4 months now maybe less. It works perfectly as a full on operating system. As long as you have hard drives in your computer you can save big files to such as downloads or such then you are fine.

Lubuntu is much faster than Ubuntu linux, which is why i chose it.

Problem is, now you installed your nice Ubuntu or Lubuntu operating system on a stick, you managed to get persistance and everything saves fine now. Thats cool until you run into a problem.

I wanted a persistant linux but I also wanted a custom hosts file so I could block just about everything i dont like on the internet such as Facebook and tracker domains.

Not hard to do this normally but the problem was, everytime I rebooted my hosts file would reset. This was absolutely annoying.

So, to have a custom hosts file on a livecd or persistant usb linux installation I had to modify a few things.

First. I created a script called I placed this file on my desktop because I frequently edit it. You can probably place it wherever you want.

The script on the desktop says the following:


cp /home/evl/Desktop/hosts /etc/

Now I have my custom hosts file on my desktop. This script takes that file and replaces it in my /etc/

The problem is I want that to happen automatically and as root. Everytime I start up Ubuntu I want that script to run as root.

The solution is easy.

In /etc/ I have a file called rc.local and in that file I just go:

#!/bin/sh -e
sh ‘/home/evl/Desktop/’
exit 0

The things in this file runs when you boot your computer. As far as I know they run as root.

Thus, I have a script replacing my hosts file everytime I start my computer.

Day zero is coming and there will be no water

What happens when Cape Town runs out of water? Has this ever happened?

No one knows how Easter island got wiped out although there are many theories. I’m not sure if anyone has ever checked if they had clear nice drinking water.

According to news around the globe, Cape Town will be the first city in the world to run out of water.

Apart from being thirsty I suppose the biggest problem there will be is sanitation. The stink would be unimaginable. The stink in squater camps will be even worse, people living so close to each other and no where for the shit to go.

Then there are the lines of people standing in queues to get water, if the queues get long enough what then? Will there be fights and riots?

Also to note is, it really is easy to go to the shop and just buy a bottle of water. The price might increase and a lot of people would still be able to afford it but then there are those that cant. What will they do?

I’m sure the city of Cape Town puts squaters first, before the tax paying citizens. You know like most disfunctional cities in today’s world does.

Squaters and poor people might suffer the worst though because they cant buy water or cooldrink obviously due to the lack of money and if these people have to stand in the queue for water it would not be because they have to flush their toilets, it would be because mostly probably they are thirsty. Hopefully this type of scenario wont happen but imagine standing in a queue because you can litterally find water nowhere or cant afford a cooldrink.

Then depending on the time of day, when these water queues will be who knows how hot it might be outside.

Sounds like a big mess. 3 days till anarchy is the rule.


Patricia de Lille and the Cape Town drought tax

Sure you might say now we need to have a drought tax for whatever thing you can come with.

Patricia de Lille went directly for the truth of why the city of Cape Town thinks we need to pay more tax. She said

The drought charge is needed to make up the deficit in the City’s revenue which has come about due to residents’ water savings and paying significantly less for water and sanitation.

So, because you use less water the city of Cape Town gets less money and now they have to increase the price to pay their bills.

She continues

The reality is that because of reduced consumption, the City’s Water and Sanitation Department has projected that it will see a deficit in the region of R1,7 billion for 2017/18.

Well then…

This is the fairest way to recover the City’s revenue shortfall by distributing the charge in such a way that those who can afford it will pay an amount based on their properties’ valuation.

Basically. You people that have houses and pay taxes will have to suffer because the city of Cape Town wants to give the shacks and people that come to Cape Town, pay no tax and live here, these people will obviously not pay a cent.
The hard working home owner will just have to pay the extra tax so that the city of Cape Town can continue to be a wellfare system.

Online marketing in South Africa – A company has no face

So, as i mentioned earlier I worked in the online marketing industry in Cape Town and South Africa and what a different world that is. I prefer news but if you are good at something (unlike me at writing) then why not make money from it?

To be honest, 3 years ago things were different. Facebook was just starting to be realised. Blogs were still a thing and video blogs including other types of videos were still in the beginning stages of being just about everywhere.

Today Facebook is a giant and those that took the advantage from the growing troll under the bridge by now must have plenty of followers. I chose not to. I knew depending on Facebook would kill the uniqueness of what blogging used to be. Now, the last time i checked Facebook has like 1/4th of the internet traffic and old time bloggers that used to rely on Google for their traffic is now finely engrained in Facebook.

Yes, blogs used to be a thing (so was my grammar, now not so much). Blogs used to be the starting point to explore greater subjects and the path for businesses to expand. Before Facebook obviously.

Facebook however did a whole lot of magic to mess with how things worked. You know, the blogging thing.

A company today relying on just Google for traffic might have a lot of issues because where expert Googlers were a vast minority the same is not with Facebook. The average Facebook user now can find a business or a company without the help of Google by using the search bar. Facebook already knows everything about them so you know, they will get the results. (never mind privacy issues)

So today, a company that is not basically entirely focussed on Facebook is a company with no face. A company with no big Facebook profile is almost invisible. I still wont use Facebook as it represents a heap of privacy issues.

Those privacy issues might also mean the downfall of Facebook but that is a subject for another day.

Point is, Right now Online marking in Cape Town and South Africa and even the rest of the world is a dead horse, unless you know how to use Facebook or are a real expert in Google.

Not saying I am but you can give me a try.

Crime in South Africa is racist

I thought about how to write the title of this blog post and I came to the best title namely Crime in South Africa is racist because this sums up best what I want to say.

If a black person in South Africa commits a crime against a white person then there is zero media outrage, its not even reported in the news anymore. Everyone would just say this is crime.

Well, fair enough. Lets say that all black on white “crime” stays as such. A crime.

Now, take for example a white person doing a “crime” against a black person. This will instantly be labeled racist. A white person can not do crime against a black person because it will always be called racist.

Every single time a white guy does something that one would consider a crime he is labeled a racist.

Take for instance the other day when a farm worker stole a tractor and eventually he was shot.

The media, the government and all of the social justice warrior twitter hopped on the bandwagon to call the person that shot the thief a racist.

Later on it was discovered that it was not the farmer that shot the tractor thief but someone from a security company. This after certain ministers of the South African government already named the event a racist crime.

If black on white crime is just crime and not racist, then why is every white person that commits a crime instantly a racist as well?

As people would like to point out constantly, its only crime in South Africa, everyone is affected. Sure, then stop calling white people commiting crimes racist. Except of course if there is clear evidence that in fact that they are indeed racist. Which in that case, bring out the pitchforks.


The rand and platinum

Yesterday I said why I think platinum is a good buy at $900 an ounce. I still think that is the case but there is one thing one has to consider when investing in platinum. The rand.

The rand has a big effect on platinum because South Africa is one of the major platinum miners in the world, if not the biggest platinum “producer”. I dont actually have the statistics to prove it on paper, although i’m sure this is the case.

So how does the rand effect platinum?

The mine “producers’ pay their employers in rand while they sell the platinum in dollars (as far as i know). So when they sell their platinum for dollars and the rand is strong that means that one dollar would not pay the same amount of people working for the mining companies as it would when the dollar is worth more against the rand.

So how does this work then? I mean if the rand is strong the price of platinum goes up because it costs more dollars. This also means that when the price goes up it levels the grounds for the mining companies to pay the people working for them.

Now, if the dollar strengthens against the rand which is pretty much the same thing but if the rand falls to a really poor level against the dollar I would say platinum would then be cheaper. I think the theory is obviously people buy in dollars but now they the dolloar they make is less and that also means they have to pay their employees with a dollar that means less.

Producers however can also do something. When the rand gets too strong they can limit production. Thus, i guess, platinum prices go up, usual demand with less of the actual product. Demand drives prices up and thus the story goes.

This is not trading advice, this is me thinking about the price of platinum and what the rand does to it.

Platinum price – Monday 8 January 2018

I’m going to do a daily platinum price prediction and see if i’m correct or wrong at the end of the day.

Today I think the dollar is oversold, the rand is also oversold ( I mean the rand is too strong against the dollar currently).

Platinum is heading for $970, actually that is where its at but this is where I think it will fall.

The resistance at $970 is pretty clear, although i dont really know how strong it is.

I got a couple of nice trades on platinum a few days ago.

I’m actually hoping that it drops to around 920 where I think its a good buy.

Please note. This is not trading advice, only my opinion.


Platinum – How much does it cost, when should you buy?

Ever wondered what the price of platinum costs to extract from the ground?

After searching long and hard I found the answer. The answer is about $900 per ounce. That is how much it costs to extract Platinum.

So, not being clued up as Warren buffet or those people my estimated guess would be Platinum is always a safe buy at $900.

If platinum drops to less than $900 then things become complicated because the companies that extract the ore start having issues.

Such was the case with Lonmin who had to sold their company to Sibanye-Stillwater. Actually was announced in December that Lonmin might have to sell their company Sibanye-Stillwater. I dont actually know if that is what happened yet.

When things like that happen though the price of Platinum shoots up because when the companies that extract the ore become less and the price of platinum stays at around $900 too long giving no profits for the extractors of the ore it means that either there will be less extraction of ore or the companies that obviously extract the ore goes bankrupt.

I’m no rocket scientist but I think i can repeat the theory that Platinum is safe to buy at $900.


RIP SEO and welcome to the trading world, financial markets and other boring things

So. I worked for a year in Cape Town for a online marketing company and I guess that is where my interest and entire career (sort of) in SEO got entirely abandoned.

That was back in 2013 or something and since then i’ve been learning how to trade the financial markets. Being broke and all i did not really have the means to actually trade but recently I got a bit of a break and started trading with actual money. Also have this aspergers thing which stops me from doing some real jobs and all.

So, now i’m going to attempt to become rich and document it on this site.

Follow the category called trading. I suppose.

This blog and 2018

If you’ve ever read this blog between 2006 and 2017 you would of noticed a lot of things about politics and even some posts that didnt make any sense as I targed and tried to test SEO tactics.

In 2010 (i think it was) this blog single handedly broke major news such as tsunamis, earthquakes, shootings in the US and even Eugene Terreblanche murdered on his farm . Sometime in 2017 more than 10 000 posts were deleted as they were either junk or random crap that didnt matter anyways.

No one actually reads the blog anymore , not that i know of since comments were disabled anyways.

To the point.

From 2018 i’m going to write about crypto currencies, markets, stock market and probably a bit about the rand and trading as a rookie or a “noob”.

Thus from henceforth will be more about trading and a bit of that ancient history stuff i started the site for in the first place.

So if anyone actually reads this. Well i guess happy new year.

(Also, the reason i continue to write even if i have no idea if anyone is reading is because i like it.)

Cyril Ramaphosa wants to take land

Thus the story continues. White owned land will never be left alone in Africa. People can say what they want but the boer genocide continues in South Africa.

Now, when one thinks of genocide you might think of people getting murdered by the hundreds and full blown genocide like what happened in Rwanda but that is not always the case.

A genocide can mean the systematic removal of a race, people or group and their traditions, religions or culture.

In the case of South Africa farmers are however being murdered in crazy numbers, in some cases tortured and mutilated.

The part of genocide I want to talk about currently is property. Farmers in South Africa and their property is in danger especially if those farmers are white.

With Jacob Zuma being gone and the arrival of the new ANC president we have to wonder what exatly is going to happen next and what plans the ANC has for South Africa.

If you read the news today you will see that the new ANC president might not leave the rand at R12 a dollar.

No this president thinks that if you take land away from white South African farmers that it will turn South Africa into the garden of eden… Because you know, that worked out really well for Zimbabwe.

According to News24 he said that only a small portion of “the people” had their land returned to them.

Everyone in South Africa except the Khoi did not originate from here. Only the Khoi originally lived in South Africa before 1652. The people that are here now migrated from other parts of Africa and the world.

So, who exactly is “the people” and what land is he talking about? Of course he means the land must come from white farmers but to say that very few of “the people” got their land back is a punch into thin air.

Interesting to note that whenever members of the ANC and EFF make statements of “the people”, white people are never included. As to say white people are not part of “the people” in South Africa.

This paints the picture clear actually.

The Cape Town water crises of the 1850’s

Back in the day, the 1850’s to be exact, Cape Town had about 30 000 residents to give water to. There was a massive drought and according to history peoeple survived on 6 litres of water a day. I couldnt find any good information on this because i’m too lazy to find it atm but someone posted this on facebook.

Poland vs the Europeun Union

No one really talks about this. Maybe because in Europe no one talks about the immigration crises because when they do they are called racist. We in South Africa however are used to be called racists just for being white and I guess most of us dont care anymore after being called racists for years for no apparent reason.

Poland, Czech and Hungary are the countries resisting invasion of muslim and africans and they are not being left alone. The EU is not happy with them and it seems they are starting to talk about leavin the Europeun Union because of it. Will Poland leave the EU because of the refugee crises?

I really do hope Poland wins, or at least stick to their guns but I also hope Poland does not leave the EU because that would be the end of the EU. Poland is the backbone currently of Europe and if they fall away then the Europeun union is lost to islam.

State of emergency in South Africa, Draft regulations drawn up

So here is an interesting story, the ANC government is drawing up draft regulations to declare a state of emergency in South Africa.

Also to remember is that South Africa recently stated it wants to be removed from the International Criminal court. So no more criminal court and then we have the president with the powers to declare a state of emergency.

This also gives the average corrupt policeman or average “law enforcement official” the right to act with their own judgement.

It gives law enforcement the ability to arrest people freely based on their judgement, to search property without search warrents.

You also know how the South African government hates negeative speech or news against it. Well if South Africa were to go in a state of emergency the government can cut the internet and even put of cellphones of areas or the entire country.

So who is in charge of this declaration of the state of emergency you may ask?

The president. Our current president Jacob Zuma has the power to declare a state of emergency. Now, he has not done that yet which is positive but the preperation it could spell bad news for South Africa. Does he want to use it to stay in power?

Only the president can call a state of emergency under current scenarios of invation of another country. He can also call it under a revolt where people turn against the government or if there is a natural disaster.