ANC got their panties in a knot, Max du Preez calls them Mother F**kers

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Apparently Max Du Preez called the ANC “mother f**kers” on his facebook profile, the ANC  Even remarks that “The African National Congress condemns in the strongest terms Max du Preez’s outburst today at 12:00 on a public social space, FaceBook, which is also accessible to children, to curse ANC leaders by calling them: "You motherf*ckers", as totally unacceptable.“

They went on in a statement to blabber a bunch of useless slur about how Du Preez was a journalist and so forth, blablabla. The usual ANC blabber.

I guess saying someone is sleeping with their mother is worse in the ANC’s eyes than one of their leaders calling for the killing of white people and the president of the ANC singing “bring my machine gun”.

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