ANC lover Max du Preez replies to ANC

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He actually said Maaifoedie:

Ho ho ho! The national HQ of the ANC has issued a statement demanding I apologise for calling the ANC ‘motherfuckers’! That after my earlier FB piece explaining the origins (from Malay-Portuguese) of the old Afrikaans word maaifoedie.

Maaifoedie is a perfectably acceptable word in good company, but I explained via an old book on Afrikaans etymology that originally actually meant the same as the American swear word. I did NOT call the ANC ‘motherfuckers’. Has the ANC gone completely and utterly mad?

A few months ago I criticised the ANC for not understanding the history of the descendants of the Khoisan, and they took me to the Press Ombudsman – who laughed them out of court. The ANC really thinks the people of SA are complete imbeciles

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