ANCYL wants to take Lekota to the HRC about something THEY said

Now in the land of worms and frogs this does not make any sense. The ANC youth league wants to sue Terror Lekota for saying that the ANC youth league wants to kill people in which they totally said it themselves did they not?

If someone tells you they going to drive over you with a 10 ton truck and they have the truck, will you not think they are going to drive over you ?

Now here is a little piece of comedy (from news24)

“The ANCYL is fed up by the rantings of Patrick Lekota, who continues to say that he is calling a convention because the ANCYL president promised to kill people who will not vote Zuma.

“He is in essence accusing the ANCYL of an intention to literally kill people and he is violating our rights and freedoms as an organisation,”

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