ANCYL warns South Africa of land grabs, Zimbabwe style here we come

Face it, we all know Zimbabwe styled land grabs are coming to South Africa, its only a matter of time. According to many news sources the ANCYL deputy president Ronald Lamola said this past Friday that “It was only after a forceful mass action by the people of Zimbabwe that Zanu-PF ended up owning up to that role…. It looks like we are going to have that here,”. He was referring to land grabs.
“When the land grab process was starting in Zimbabwe, people ran away,”  “They are going to leave.” talking about white people.

“Who is celebrating ? The white people who own this country,” He was talking about Malema’s expulsion from the ANCYL and the ANC.

So we can clearly see that the ANCYL wants to first of all chase white people away from South Africa and secondly a land grab Zimbabwe style.

Welcome to the banana republic.


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4 thoughts on “ANCYL warns South Africa of land grabs, Zimbabwe style here we come”

  1. The Government has failed in yet another area.
    Our education is a shambles,, Municipalities are forever on strike,, with thriving corruption,
    Tax payers money has been wasted on a corrupt and failing housing scheme,, and the ‘willing-buyer, willing seller’ process of land transfer has failed.
    The willing-buyer, willing seller program was doomed to fail from the outset. Why? Simply because very few people, of any colour, can afford to purchase productive farms in this country, as in many others. The Government did not make a provision for grants or loans for people who could not afford to buy this land. As with everything else here, the Government has once again failed to act responsibly.
    Because of ever-increasing poverty, lack of government provided infrastructure, a culture of corruption and nepotism, they are now blaming 40,000 white farmers in South Africa. The floodgates of bloodshed have now been opened. The Government has vast untouched lands, yet they will take these farms instead. Why not provide communities with Government land and grants first? A simple answer: They wish to steal productive lands which will be turned into small subsistence farms, face erosion, have all their animals slaughtered or simply starved.

  2. Canadas history of Colonization: In 1534, Jacques Cartier planted a cross in the Gaspé Peninsula and claimed the land in the name of Francis.

    Australias history of Colonization: On 13 May 1787, a fleet of 11 ships sailed from England. They reached Botany Bay on 18 January 1788 with 1,530 people, 736 of them convicts.

    New Zealands history of Colonization: First to discover New Zealand in 1642, Abel Tasman annexed the country for Holland under the name of ‘Staten Landt’ (later changed to ‘New Zealand’ by Dutch mapmakers).

    American history of Colonization: “In 1622 the Indians decided to drive out the English settlers. They killed 350 europeans. News of the attack reached England, and King James decided that the colony had not been run well. In 1624, King James took charge of Jamestown”

    South Africas history of Colonization: Colonialism began in South Africa in 1652

    As you can see, we white people have been here for almost the exact same amount of time as the above countries. Just as they have no Ancestral lands to return to, neither do we.

    We have almost identical histories of slavery. However we did not kill off all the ‘natives’ and their population exploded from 1.5 million in 1919 to over 40 million today. Whites numbered around 1.1 million and now are at 5.5 million. Is this population explosion because whites did not provide medical care? No. Yet we are being driven out of lands that we are citizens of. This is a crime against humanity. We are currently listed at the same genocide risk as Serbia. And no-where to go…


    “Forced displacement from their farms has inflicted on the Afrikaner ethnic group conditions of life calculated to bring about its complete or partial physical destruction, an act of genocide also prohibited by the Genocide Convention.

    High-ranking ANC government officials who continuously refer to Whites as “settlers” and “colonialists of a special type” are using racial epithets in a campaign of state-sponsored dehumanization of the White population as a whole. They sanction gang-organized hate crimes against Whites, with the goal of terrorizing Whites through fear of genocidal annihilation.

    What is dehumanization?
    The process of dehumanization has the effect of numbing and decommissioning the moral sentiments of the perpetrator group. Polarization creates the “us vs. them” mentality, in SA the “Indigenous Black People” group versus the “White Settler Colonialist” group.

    ANC leaders publicly incite followers using racial epithets. By dehumanizing the White victim group, members of the perpetrator group exclude the victim group from their circle of moral obligation not to kill its members. Dehumanization is the systematic, organized strategy of leaders to remove the inherent natural human restraints of people not to murder, rape, or torture other human beings. Taking the life of a dehumanized person becomes of no greater consequence than crushing an insect, slaughtering an animal, or killing a pest.

    The ANC denies its genocidal intentions. But the South African Communist Party is more open about its plan to drive Whites out of South Africa. Gugile Nkwinti, South Africa’s Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform has declared that all “colonial struggles are about two things: ‘repossession of the land and the centrality of the indigenous population.’” Mister Nkwinti is confirming the goals of the South African Communist Party’s New Democratic Revolution (NDR) and stating that the colonial struggle is not yet over in post-1994 South Africa. He is saying that Whites are unwelcome “settler colonialists” with no role to play in South Africa’s future.

    The Transvaal Agricultural Union, Freedom Front, Democratic Alliance, IFP, Afriforum and numerous other organizations have on a regular basis called for the South African Government to declare farm murders and rural policing a South African government priority. The President, who should be the guardian of the constitutional rights of all the people, has deliberately ignored these calls for action.

    Former President F. W. De Klerk, on 25 July 2012 during the De Klerk Foundation’s Crossroads conference correctly accused the current generation of ANC leaders of cynically manipulating racial sensitivities for political ends. In our analysis, the current ANC leadership also publicly uses incitement to genocide with the long-term goal of forcibly driving out or annihilating the White population from South Africa.

    This report has explained the rationale for the deliberate inaction of South African government functionaries to prevent, prosecute, or stop the murders of Afrikaner farmers. As a group, Afrikaner farmers stand in the way of the South African Communist Party’s goal to implement their Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist New Democratic Revolution and specifically the confiscation of all rural land belonging to White Afrikaner farmers.

    Genocide Watch is moving South Africa back to Stage 6, the Preparation stage in the genocidal process.”

    Copyright 2012 Leon Parkin & Dr. Gregory H. Stanton

  4. No one is keeping whites here, if they do not like it, they have the money to leave. If you do not want to be govern by africans, work for africans and accept african rule, get out. South Africans should have done what Algerians and Zimbabweans did a long time ago. so what if white south africans go, it will be in the best interest of all parties rather than whites just getting killed.

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